Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome to Our First Annual Hair Show!!!

(This was supposed to be published yesterday but i got super busy)

Welcome to our Hair Show! This is where we will show case our friends, family, fellow bloggers, and our interviews that we conduct as well will be in our Hair Show Case. We love to share the love and blessing its always good to see new faces and share the mic with our community :) So here goes!
Introducing a blogger friend of ours, who is also the phenominal crafter and stylist over at Diva Do's & Everything in Between!!! Meet Tiffany :)

Bio: My name is Tiffany I am a wife and mother of two kids (boy, girl), my hair type is a mix between 3b and 3c I would say but I don't really know I think there is some 2c mixed in too those charts are hard to , I am creole and black. My dad is creole (a mix of Black, French, Indian) for those who don't know his family is from Lousiana and my mom is black.
Here is her Curly Wash and Go Style

Here is the Side view of Tiffany's Curly Wash and Go Style

How and when you got started styling hair
I took over the reigns of styling my hair once I turned 14 and hit high school. Maybe I was a late bloomer ha! but my mom still did my hair through middle school, simple styles, like one ponytail or a bun or something. Although I just began to recently take an interest in making sure I am using the right method's and right products for my hair type

Here are her results from a Twist Out

Top view of Twist Out

Hair care routine
This is ever changing but for now I wash my hair once a week usually on Saturdays using Curl's Shampoo and Conditioner (this will be changing very soon though) I do co-washes about 2 times a week using my VO5 Moisture Milks Peach Smoothie Conditioner with some EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) mixed in. I detangle my hair while wet in the shower using a wide tooth comb, I wash and condition my hair in four sections, then I wrap each section into a ball with a ponytail holder and squeeze out the excess water, I don't use a towel at all anymore. I found that the towel caused frizzing and dried my hair out too much. I clarify my hair once a month with Eluence Volumizing Clarifying Shampoo and follow with a Deep Conditioner that I leave in my hair for 30 min with a plastic cap on. I usually style my hair in braid outs, twist outs, buns, or ponytails with the curls hanging free :) I use Eco Style Gel, Lock & Twist Gel (for twist outs and braid outs) Darcy's Botanicals Organic Coconut Hibiscus Conditioning Oil and I am still searching for a moisturizer.

This is Tiffany Rockin' Straight Hair

Likes/dislikes regarding hair/products/accessories

 I don't use any hair accessories except bobby pins, Goodies Ouchless ponytail holders with no metal, but even then I find where those connect they still can snag my hair so I have to be careful, banana clips are my fav hair accessory!

Favorite family activities/hobbies/interests

My interests include reading, crocheting, making hair accessories,scrap booking, making crafts, watching my son play basketball and my daughter dance, and spending quality time with my hubby!

Diva Do's and Everything in Between
Thank you so much Tiffany for taking part in our Hair Show :) It was a pleasure getting to know more about you and your family. Your such a talented artist and your hair flowers and accessories are just lovely! I as well as Diva R are beyond pleased with the flowers that you made for her they are some of the best we have yet.  Your blog is awesome as well its always nice seeing your new creations and lovely Mommy and Daughter styles. We both have a Diva for a daughter as well :)
(Here are the hair flowers we bought from Diva Do's & Everything in Between, these are handcrafted by Tiffany herself! Aren't they amazing!!!)

This was so exciting and we are so blessed to be able to introduce our friend Tiffany and kick off our Hair Show :) Thanks again Tiffany.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

So who would like to be on our next hair show airing every Monday??


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Thanks Kim for having me! It came out amazing! :)

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Thank you Tiffany for participating!!!!