Monday, May 23, 2011

Soft Sheen-Carson Lets Jam Shining & Conditioning Gel

Let's Jam Shining & Conditioning Gel - Reg. 14oz.

Product Description

A shining and conditioning gel gives your style extra hold while hair remains supple with moisture.
Absolutely NO flaking, NO drying and NO alcohol!
Use it every day to condition your hair while hold Excellent for holding sides, waves and fades, conditions and protects your hair
Soft Sheen Let’s Jam Gels are pure excitement for your hair. Let’s Jam Gels give your hair super shine and control with no wax, grease or alcohol. Provides a regular hold for molds, wraps, or sleek styles.
Water Aqua , Mineral Oil Paraffinum Liquidum , OLETH-5 , Glycerin , PEG-24 Hydrogenated Lanolin , PEG-12 , OLETH-20 , Cetyl Acetate , Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol , POLYQUATERNIUM-6 , PPG-5 CETETH-10 Phosphate , PEG-75 , Tocopherol Acetate , Triethanolamine , Imidazolidinyl Urea , Butylparaben , D&C Yellow No. 11 CI 47000 , D&C Red No. 17 CI 26100 , Fragrance Parfum

Smooth gel onto surface of wet hair. Style as usual

Our Review

Cost: Under $4.00

Scent: Poorly fragranced/Yucky

Texture/Consistency: Like a medium firm gelatin and greasy

I must say that this was the first hold product/styling gel that i bought for Diva R. This one i had many recommendations to get by all blended race people that i had come across. So i figured to give it a whirl and my initial goal was to find a product that would provide good hold during styling as well as a good slicker gel to help me with those stubborn baby hairs!

This jar that i bought was the 4oz size jar. Green cap.

I began using this as a slicker, i wasn't in favor of the scent nor texture of this gel. It did function well on Diva R's hair type but the coarser hair that i used to braid using this, it wasn't good at all, it was gunky and almost like slapping greasy jello in the hair!

Back to Diva R and those mighty fighters of baby hairs she has, i used this gel in tiny pea sized amounts each big section of her baby hairs i would grab and just slick it downward, just enough so that her curly ends pop up a little across her forehead.

In this picture below i am highlighting her baby hairs at a long stage when i was using the jam as her sicker of choice.

 The object here wasn't to stick them to her head with a ton of gel because if i did that then they would be touching her eye brows and that would irritate the Diva as well as looking tacky.  I always liked to slick her baby hairs minorly so that they were slicked yet have popping end curls since they always grew out so long.  This shining and conditioning gel is for more of a shine effect than hold product in particular in my opinion. I liked the texture that this provided to the hair and it never got gunky on Diva R. I also branched out and started doing the pony tail styles all over her head with ballies and the whole 9 using this Lets Jam Gel to style with. I used it for about 2 years and had used it in many different styles for a shining agent, slicker, light hold gel and for braiding/twisting. 

Overall i wouldn't buy this product again because it is loaded with bad ingredients and we are a natural/organic product loving family. Were not a fan of greases nor mineral oils, This may be a good product for others with finer hair possibly but i wouldn't recommend it based off of its ingredients alone. The texture left a sticky residue on my hands, not in her hair thankfully and surprisingly. One the only good side of the spectrum, the same jar lasted several months!

Click here to see what information the EWG has provided based off of research about this Lets Jam Gel.

It was a semi versatile product and it stayed in our use until i found out nearly all of the ingredients in it were harmful!! This product is heavy in parabens, formaldehyde preservatives, and mineral oils to say the least.  But as if said many times about my first bought products is that trial and error got me to the point that i am now full of knowledge and highly educated and interested in natural hair care :) I'm thankful that we were able to try these different "bad" products so that we can provide information and help others to be aware so they don't make those same mistake decisions from lack of knowledge like i did.

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

*Anyone else fall victim to this gel?*

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jianette said...

Im really afraid of using gel on my daughters hair. I have used paul mitchell sculpting lotion though. it has conditioner in it and doesnt leave a crunchy feel.