Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection

This Way Back Wed Style Recap is of a slanted styled cornrow into a pony tail design :) This style was done in Dec 2010 and i was rather pleased at how it turned out :)

I just randomly started sectioning rows at an angle and decided i would put the back into a pony.

This was definitely an experimental doo and the above pictured were of the fresh style :) It took about 3 hours :/...  I decided after two days to re-do the style and change up the cornrows and add a few more :) I also needed to do an accessory color change because Diva R wanted to wear pink for a few days.

SO here is the switch up :)

I am much more pleased with the style switch up results :) I found that since her hair is so thin i have to braid smaller sectioned cornrows in order for the parting and cornrows to be full and aligned neatly.

I used Jam at this time as well and it liked to try and build up on this design...GRR but nothing a little spritz water cant fix :)

The bead sizes that i have in Diva R's hair are the BGP Beads or the "Chubbies" and the Large Barrell Beads, along side of the clips, i got these from a local beauty supply :)

I am not afraid to pot my beginner pics :) I do this for a few reasons, to INSPIRE and show you that EVERYONE starts off as a beginner and has to go through some less than perfect styles repeatedly before your skills are to your liking. Its all about how YOU like your artwork and of course your Diva or Prince.  It is possible for everyone to learn how to do hair.

Just have to have that drive!

Happy Styling

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Kandy said...

I love the Bumble Bee colored beads!

Bettina C. said...

I love this style, im still practicing cornrowing hopefully one day they will look like this :o)