Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cute School Hair Style for Girls- Faux Hawk and Natural Curls

This is a style that we did for the Divas first day of school this year. It is a combination style including a Half- Faux Hawk with Cornrows, Natural Curls and Faux Cornrows.  This type of style is a versatile style that can be transformed over a week or so time frame. I'm playing catch up on my posts that I've had piling up so i do not have the products i used jotted down for this style. So if nothing else here is my hair-spiration which took about an hour to do (parting occupied most of the time).

Alot of people have a hard time comprehending how to part for a faux hawk but in reality there isnt a set way to do these and thats the fun aspect of it because you can be creative and make your parts any way youd like. I usually split the hair in two parts straight down the middle of her head and i clip the one side off then i work on the other braiding or twisting toward the mid line.  The advice i can give is to "pre-plan" as with any style and if you have to draw it out even on paper before you start parting it can help you get the mental picture better.  Sometimes as i braid i find myself creating a new part or adjusting my parting as i go deviating from my original plan.  I usually go with the flow when creating styles.

Since i started using completely natural and organic products back in 2010 the Divas hair has grown incredibly.  When we started off she had a puff fro as i call it which is a tuft of curls that went in every direction and were roundly placed around her head.
The Diva was 5 in the above picture.

God Bless and Happy Styling
Diva R's Mommy- Kim