Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We Would Like To Welcome Our Newest Sponsor!!! Susie from Hair Holders!!

Welcome aboard Susie from Hair Holders. We are so blessed and thankful to announce and welcome our newest blog sponsor!!!! It has been a pleasure buying, receiving and reviewing our many packages of Sidewinder Hair Holders. These have become a ever lasting huge hit in our household and they are fun to put in and Diva R loves the uniqueness to them. 

Susie has an amazing company and there is nothing better than being a part of a safer way to accessorizing our little ones hair with :)

We have tons of Sidewinders in many different colors and we cant wait to create more styles with these amazing little corkscrews! Diva R LOVES these better than beads and i must say I'm partial as well!

Here is our newest package of Sidewinders...

Welcome Welcome! It is a blessing to have partnered with you Susie!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

*Hair Style and Outfit from Little Bro Z's 2nd Birthday Party* Pig Tails with Double Knotted Braids

Little Bro Z had turned 2 and since we were all festively participating i had even less time for hair then planned. So i opted for a simple and quick style with a textured look and of course her spidey bows. 

I freshly washed her hair and conditioned it right before styling.
I began with our distilled water spritz and lightly covered her hair to the point where it was damp but not wet. Then i applied our Darcys Botanicals Shea Butter Curl Moisturizing Cream from nearly down to her roots throughout her ends. I then separated her hair in two sections straight down the middle and put each side into a pony tail so i had some piggy tails to work with.  

I then got this idea to knot her "tails" so i grabbed our Original Moxie Just Gel and slicked her tails with it and i began on the left side by splitting the tail in two sections and "tieing" a knot such as you would tie the first knot in a shoe. I followed this initial knot by tieing a second knot exactly like i did the first. Then i rubber banded the two ends together and finger curled the end.

I moved over to the right side and repeated all of the above steps.

Here are the results.

 I topped it off with our Bee Mine Juicy Spritz, added her festive pig tail spidey bows and 20 minutes later we were done and ready to party!

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Half Cornrows and Pig Tails with Sidewinders

I LOVE the fall season! I seem to be overly inspired and just on the go with not a fret in place.  Needless to say the fall season seems to be the most busy and active for us! We are lovers of the weather being in the 70's. I am big on keeping Diva R's hair nice and styled or neatly kept while we are out especially as i have found this makes a huge impact on her and others. I think we are in a huge natural hair care awareness revolution! It seems lately we have been the center of attention, questions, oogling, inquiries and more with the styles I've been doing on her or her curl health in general :)

This tells me the word is getting spread! Which motivates me beyond expression. Its great that people are in search of and finding successfully information on how to properly care for their hair! 

So inspired by all of this i decided to alter a few previous styles I've done and create this one using some new Sidewinder's we received.  


I LOVE combination styles and ones that have such a cute look and more than one thing going on. I decided to do a half cornrow and half pig tail style. These styles prove to be quicker and easier than most for us.  I simply parted an even part from above her left ear to above her right ear going across which ended up being perfectly divided having a top section and a bottom section. 

I applied our distilled water spritz evenly through her hair so that it was drizzled with natures purest moisture. Then i smoothed some Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter on the bottom section from root to tips. I began with cornrowing the bottom section going downwards. I used my trusty rat tail comb and parted rows as i went and ended them in our cherished 2 inch Sidewinder's in white, clear, grape and princess pink.

I chose matching color small pony beads to secure the Sidewinders in place and then wrapped a rubber band upwards a few times on each. I LOVE how the Sidewinders sit so lightly and with such cute and uniquely looking design they surely grab attention every tie she wears them. 

Then i split the top section of her hair right down the middle creating two sections for me to pig tail with our color coordinating pony tails. I made sure i generously applied the Curly Butter through each section and used our Tangle Teezer to help mold her hair gently into place.  When her hair was pig tailed i finger curled the remaining hair on each side and the Curly Butter i put on already really helps to make the curls hold and pop into their bouncy place.

 Then 3 spray's later of our Bee Mine Juicy Spritz  we were finished.  This style took about 45 minutes from beginning to end. This is the type of style that you can switch up amongst a hand full of consecutive days creating a new style easily each day.  We have grown to be addicted to these amazing Sidewinders and there isn't a look that cannot incorporate these lovely accessories!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Braid Out On Mommy

Here is a recent Mommy Braid Out... Not much to this style at all.

This time around i washed and conditioned my hair with my Vo5 shampoo and Bee Mine Deep Conditioner, rinsed and just grabbed random sections and finger parted my desired size sections which were small/medium sized. I applied my Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter from beginning of each section through the ends and then braided each section. I left these in over night and took them down the following morning. 

 I spritzed my hair lightly following the take down of the braids with our trusty Bee Mine Juicy Daily Spritz. I made sure i finely finger separated each section as my hair is prone to staying parted in random areas when i do these braid outs.  

I usually throw my hair in a side or messy pony tail and the crimp adds a nice textured look and it is quite versatile too!

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Little Bro Z Turned 2!!

This passed month Little Bro Z turned 2!!! So on the morning of, we had to go balloon crazy like we did with Diva R's last few birthday's. This time we blew up 140 balloons. <3

These were all blew up and placed in Little Bro Z's room for him to wake to in the morning.  During the placing of the balloons Diva R woke up and asked what we were doing LOL Luckily she was half asleep and konked right out or our plan would have been ruined :P

Here came the morning time and i went in with the camera and video recorder singing "Happy Birthday" to Z until he woke up.  As he woke he sat up and rubbed his eyes and then noticed me singing before he noticed the balloons.  Sister told Z to look at all the balloons and he jumped right into them! Happy as a lark!

After just a few minutes of thrashing in the balloons, squealing with joy and playing his heart out he was burried in this monsoon of balloons! He knew they were just for him and little did we know how long these balloons were going to remain floating around our house lol

So then we traveled downstairs to eat and of course the Birthday Boy gets his choice in breakfast! What would any two year old child choose if they had a choice between a cupcake or cereal?

CUPCAKE of course! This picture was of him smashing his cupcake after i put candles in it and we sang Happy Birthday to him.

So then the rest of the day had to be spent preparing for his big super hero bash. Z got to live up the prep time by playing his heart out and making tremendous piles of all the toys he chose to play with at once with Daddy and Sister while Mommy and Uncle J set up his party.

*This party took 8 hours to set up*

 We had a great turn out and all the time put into set up was worth every second. The party was like a wonderland especially for all the little ones in attendance. We tend not to set budgets for our children's birthday parties because memories such as these are priceless. Z wanted a super hero themed party, it is the theme that stuck out to him everywhere. He LOVES super hero's and his "guys" which he calls his actions figures.

Big boy!!! He did so good with the cake. We were so surprised :)

Gotta get some play time in at the party!

Little Bro Z and Diva R's Outfits...

Here is a glimpse of the shirts Daddy and I wore...

 Here is the Diva on Little Bro Z's Birthday ready to party!

We had such a super party and he LOVED every moment of it, this is one thing he will never forget. The amount of gifts he got was beyond placement LOL We just recently popped some remaining balloons from his party morning. Look forward to another post related to Little Bro Z's Bday!

Diva R & Little Bro Z's Mommy

Monday, September 26, 2011

Winner's Circle!!!! Our Cherished Custom Creations Giveaway By Rebecca Lopez Has Concluded

Here is the awaited Winners Announcement!! Sorry for the delay there was an emergency in Rebecca's family and now she is back open for business and ready to create!

Our Cherished Custom Creations Giveaway has ended and we are proud to announce the 2 winners of each their very own custom bow of choice from CCC!!!!

Click here to reflect on the main giveaway posting.

The first winner selected via is...

Who Said:

"jianette said...

Discussion commented

The second winner chosen via is...

 Who Said:

"Michelle G said...
Shared on FB:

Congrats LADIES! Please email me for further instructions on how to choose and redeem your winnings at

We send a HUGE  Thank you out to Rebecca Lopez from Cherished Custom Creations for blessing our readers with this giveaway and the TWO WINNERS choice's of one custom bow each where they get to create their own bow of choice from the colors, themes, design, size, clip type etc... YOU ROCK REBECCA!

There will be more giveaways in the future, THANK YOU to all of you who entered shared and participated! We appreciate everyone very much and love the conversations and pictures we receive &lt;3 Keep them coming!

God Bless.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Current Times: Hair Tool's of Ours Including Big Hair Accessory's

Here is a glimpse of what we use on a regular basis as far as tools and our bigger accessories are concerned.  

Nothing extravagant but these specific tools are must haves in everyone's house hold no matter the hair type, texture or density. There are tons of variations of these items mentioned as well.

From left to right are the...

Hair Pik, Wide Tooth Comb, 2 Rat Tail Combs, GREAT Hair Clips, Bottle Tip Applicator, and The Original Tangle Teezer.

These tools are what i use mainly to create all the styles that i do on the Diva.

Below from left to right are the...

Clear Multi Colored Rubber Bands, Orthodontic Rubber Bands, Hair Pins, Rubber Bands, and 3 Beaders.

(I so need about 10 Beaders LOL) I swear by the Ortho Bands over all. I will be stock piling these soon.

Below are the...

Big Flexi-Rods, Small Flexi-Rods, and Magic Leverage Curlers with Hook.

Below is the second newest addition to our collection the...

Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot

Here is the newest addition to our collection...

Satin Sleep Bonnet

Were always looking for something new or better so i will add to this as i go.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Three Strand Twist Out

To attempt another twist out or not? Was the question i asked myself, i asked myself this question because the twist outs of the past were epic fails. Ive tried two strand twist outs previously so i figured if i gave it a whirl again i would opt out of the two strand twists which i know do not work on Diva R's hair.  I gave in and decided that i would try a three strand twist out.

I simply spritzed her hair (which was washed and conditioned the day before) with our trusty distilled water generously, applied our Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter to each section as i went and began grabbing random medium sized sections (not worrying about perfect parting) one at a time. As i grabbed each section i split it in three even parts and twisted the three strands around each other left most over right most until i reached the ends. (If your not careful you will begin braiding, as the hand/finger technique resembles braiding very closely.) I did this until her whole head was done. I didn't take pictures of the actual twists but as you can imagine they looked like a twisted lolly pop...

I secured each twist with rubber bands because twists as well as braids and any other types of style do not stay unless they are secured in Diva R's hair.

Here are the results from this three strand twist out which stayed in over night and were taken down the following morning. 

As you can see some parts look better and more defined than others and ultimately her natural curls fought through the twist out so you can see lots of her natural curls peeking throughout as well.  I am over all pleased with the three strand twist out results, as this is the better resulting style that we have ever achieved doing twist outs.  Three strand twists stay better in Diva Rs hair but even after i freshly do them they want to unravel even with rubber bands securing them.

I attribute her curls stubbornness to the fact that they are FIGHTERS and nothing will mess with their shape LOL They scream "Over MY CURLY BODY" to some of the styles and ideas I've tried... So with this being known i will continue to experiment with the different types of twists and see if we can find something to work consistently for us because i LOVE the 3 dimensional look of twists. 
I also learned throughout this trial that throughout her whole head her curls turn and curve in many different ways and have different shapes so this may be why some parts look "normal" even though they were twisted just the same as the others.

This twist out style took about 20 minutes to do and it lasted a whole day. Not bad for a curly head which styles only last a matter of hours in generally on upwards of a few days max. I must say all of the twist styles Ive done on coarser and thicker hair types have turned our marvelous and lasted weeks on end! If you have coarse hair chances are you will have amazing twist outs!!!

Anyone have tips for fine/thin haired children when it comes to doing all types of twists?

God Bless.
Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot Review

Back a while ago we had won a giveaway over at Mommy Rantings. We had won the Tangle Teezer Magic Flower Pot from Tangle Teezer. This  we both were beyond stoked about because from the beginning of our hair time we have sought after the Magic Flower Pot and have entered tons of giveaways in efforts to snag this amazing little flower pot that we are unable to buy locally. To no surprise it took forever it seems but it was our time to be blessed with one! (Thank you to Bethany over at Mommy Rantings for hosting this amazing giveaway!!!!)  We already have the traditional black Tangle Teezer and love it so we figured this one would be loved just a little more since it is "special" for the Diva and uniquely hers &lt;3

So when i got the package in the mail i rushed over to Diva R and asked her if she knew what was in the box.... I had previously told her about the Flower Pot that we had won but alot of time passed in between so she had slightly forgot about it.  The element of surprise was lurking the whole time because we were unsure as to what color Diva R was going to get and she was really hoping for the PINK one so when i opened the package the Divas face was filled with pure bliss! The Magic Flower Pot was PINK!!!! At this point Diva R had forgot about the super long wait and couldn't wait to use her Flower Pot :)

So i opened it and checked it out...

Our Review

Color: Pink and yellow
          Size: Approx. dimensions 112mm(D) x 112mm(W) x 85mm(H)
Construction:Plastic Shell/Flower Top
Cost: Around $14.00 Each

Above is the top of the flower and it is the part of the Tangle Teezer Flower Pot that you hold in the palm of your hand. Below is the actual "bristle" having element of the "brush". See the varying layers of "bristles", this is the factor in how the Tangle Teezer "de-tangles" the hair as it passes through the "brush".

Below is what the compartment looks like after you remove the "brush" from the top of the pot.  The "brush" actually sits perfectly on top of the base.

The first idea's i got about what to put in the compartment part of the flower pot for storage, were maybe rubber bands or her bigger hair bands:) Then before i could get to that thought the kids had other ideas in mind LOL They played with it as if it were a "Cup Cake", that is what it looks like to the kids.

As with everything we get/try i always experiment on my hair before i move on to the kids. Below is what it looked like gliding through my hair. I could tell automatically that compared to the original version of the TT, this one was smaller in diameter and perfect for little hands as well as little heads but still as effective as the original &lt;3

My hair is silky in texture anyways so to no surprise it slid through my hair like a warm knife through butter. LOVED IT! Of course i will stick to using the bigger one for me because it covers more area and is made to fit an adult hand shape with ease.

So as i was able to finally break the "cup cake" free from the busy grasps of the kids i went to town on the Diva's curls. Below is a sequenced set of pictures of the flower brush gliding through Diva R's dry hair.

 Notice the staggered-ness of the bristles as i brush through Diva R's hair? I can visually see the bristles working through her hair fight free, tangle free, and the need for my corrective finger combing after wards wasn't necessary. Her hair takes very well to the Tangle Teezer and despite all of the mixed reviews i have read i don't believe that this Tangle Teezer is damaging by any means. I actually think that this is the best and safest brush alternative created! Nothing is softer than the bristles on this "brush" and to put another myth to rest, the bristles between the Flower Pot and the Original Tangle Teezer are no different. The softness is exactly the same, the bristles are arranged in the same jagged type of pattern and overall they are the same "brushes" just different in diameter.

The diameter of this detangling children's brush is just right for little hands! This is a great tool when your little ones begins to want to hep take care of their hair. For my Diva R in particular she LOVES being able to hold this flower top in her hand and brush her own hair! It is just right in every way and not to mention it doesn't get hung up in her sometimes stubborn hair. It glides right through with maximum ease and when it does come across knots it teases them into shape! Diva R has never had nor been forced to yank through knots with this TT Flower Pot Brush. 

There hasn't been a knot that this Tangle Teezer cant conquer and it works great in every fashion. I DO NOT use any other type of brush and after meeting this wonderful Flower Pot's acquaintance there is no need to look any further!

Here is a glimpse of a new style I did with using the Tangle Teezer Flower Pot as our "tamer" tool and brush.

Here is an important note to keep in mind when looking to purchase one of the Tangle Teezer brushes. If your purchasing it for a young girl she more than likely would LOVE the Flower Pot over the original one. If you are looking to purchase it for use on a little boy, one of the original ones would probably be best since boys don't take to flowers very well :). Either way you decide to go the brushes will provide the same results and the only differences amongst them all are the shapes....  There aren't many stores that sell these either so through my searching Amazon and some online beauty supply stores sell them for a better price than the original UK retailer and me personally i prefer to shop in the United States for things because international shipping is usually very high and shipping times are very long.

We are so happy to have been able to review this awesome detangling brush that we have been asked about by many of our readers as to what our opinions are on it.  The only thing i would have changed about this whole experience would have been the amount of time it took to get here. Other than that we are completely thrilled and this Flower Pot will be a staple addition to Diva R's hair regime. We all love and use the Tangle Teezers religiously in our household. No other brush is in existence here!!

**THIS REVIEW WAS CONDUCTED FOR OVER A MONTH CONSISTENTLY** The review above are my gathered thoughts and elements over the whole length of our using this... Not to mention we have been using the original Tangle Teezer for several months now...

What are YOUR thoughts on the Tangle Teezer Family of Brushes?

Diva R's Mommy-Kim