Hair Show/Shoplight's

This is the section of my blog that involves our readers participating in our blog... :)

This is what you would normally call the "Spotlight" or "Participate" section...
We would like to showcase YOU and/or your bab(ies), Toddler(s), Children, Tweens/Teens in our weekly Hair Show. This is open to both children and adults (you don't have to have curlee hair to be in our showcase, your post doesn't even have to be hair relate, nor do you have to be biracial.) There are no specific requirements needing to be met to participate besides the following...

1. If you would like to be featured on our Hair Show feel free to send me an email with the SUBJECT Hair Show.  If you would like your business to be featured on our blog you must send me an email with the SUBJECT Shoplight (after reading the below section). If you would like to write a topic for discussion, article, or something equivalent please send me an email SUBJECT titled CCC (after reading the below section).

* You must submit an email to including some of the following...

*If you want a personalized interview created for you please indicate so.

OR Feel free to create your own feature post if you wish and i will show case all of what you formulate! You could write an article, create an informative post, share a review, share styles, etc...:)

* Please include a min of 2 pictures but no more than 8 pictures (face shots not required). Collages count as 1 photo.

2. We also have a Curly Conversation Corner which is a spotlight that is for our readers to submit topic discussions, stories, HELP ME'S!, guest information posts (these could include researches/studies done in the hair care realm, articles, hair care tips, or anything pertinent to families or misc that you found, created or came upon but please do submit credit to the author/founder also if you are not the creator.

We love to pass the mic onto our cherished fam members <3.

3. Here is the opportunity to be featured in our "Shoplight" as well :)

This is where we showcase FAV stores, boutiques, websites and the like that we come across whom we've had GREAT experiences with as well as have been blessed with items from their shops to review. OR those that come across us. I created this in thought of our network of families and believe that its a good thing to read reviews and ask around before shopping with online places especially :) This is a helpful tool when dealing with new shops, shops with questionable reviews or elements about their businesses, over seas businesses, or just shopping PERIOD. There are so many variations of stores out there now and its hard to choose between thousands of different ones to shop know HOPING you make a good decision and that the shop is honest.

I will only showcase businesses that we love here whether they are local to my home or online, in hopes of benefiting others and helping people find that great experience and/or safe shopping experiences that i come across :) I will also showcase those interested who are willing to exchange for feature and review. I will use my discretion on all companies.

I am open to being contacted, if you are interested in any of our feature elements please email within.

I am open to additions and alterations:)


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