Saturday, March 31, 2012

Curly Zebra Chullo Satin Lined Hat in Ladybugs 'n Clovers

We have had the blessed opportunity to receive and review a Satin Lined Chullo Hat by Curly Zebra <3 After seeing Key from Keyative Styles sporting a hat from Curly Zebra we had to see what all the hype as about... Where we live it is cold/chilly at least 7-8 months out of the year so caps are a must here!!!  I remember way back when, when i began looking for a satin lined cap and had not a stitch of luck and so eventually i just gave up searching as the only place i could find that sold these hats of the quality we required was out of the country and they were way over priced at that...

Boy was i glad that Curly Zebra surfaced because we were so tired of those itchy scratchy ill fitting hats of the norm that we only had a choice of liking or lumping.  It was kind of hard to make sure we got the right size for the Diva because her head is of a larger size and she cannot wear child size anything on her head as it is. BUT we got it right and the hat that we got for her is an adult small.

We chose the Ladybugs N Clovers Chullo Hat and couldn't have made a better one...

I LOVE how this cute and girly trapper like hat fits and looks not to mention how soft it is and alongside the adorable pattern it all out ROCKED <3  The day that we got the hat Diva R's hair was styled in random parted pony tails with ballies and pony tails so her style was a bit bulkier in nature.  This was the perfect day to test out the hat as well since most of the time i would take off her hats and find a newly messy or frizzy style that wasn't that way before i put the cotton/knit hat on her destroying time well spent creating a style. It was also very cold outside...

As you can see her cap just slid right over the style not pulling or disturbing the ponies all over...

With her curls being down the after math is comparable to it being styled and unde rthe hat... Not a bit of disturbance in sight and her hair remains well kept and full of its health pre-hat.
This is what the hat looks like top to bottom, don't forget it is handmade to perfection and with this being so one could never tell by looking at the fine details <3

The inside is seriously 100% satin and is as soft as silk and the outside is like a baby soft fleece material but not the kind that ever so quickly gathers those yucky fuzz balls.

Here is a glimpse of the inside liner and the super cutesy Curly Zebra logo...

My sweet Diva LOVES this hat beyond explanation and it has since replaced all other winter hats in our household.  She is equally as thrilled today about this hat as the day she received it months ago.  I have washed it a couple times now and there is not a bit of wear showing...

This hat is very cost efficient, shipping is fair and Curly Zebra also has a special going on currently where you buy 3 or more hats you get FREE SHIPPING <3 Click here to check out the Curly Zebra web shop...

I give a huge Kudos and Hug to Vicki from Curly Zebra for blessing my Diva with this amazing hat and for creating such an amazing line of satin lined hats... I know for all future tense we will be customers hands down!!! God Bless and guess what Curly Zebra even makes hats for BOYS so no little mans curls will be deprived of winters traditional hats<3

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Z" is for Zebra Hair-Style

Here is a style from a bit back that we did for a special Zebra week at Diva R's school... I didn't have many ideas how to incorporated festive Zebra-ness into her hair style so i said hmmm the phonics letter happens to be Z so why not try braiding a Z in her hair??

I googled myself crazy and i could not find any tutorials on the letter Z so i decided to just freestyle it and see how it turns out. I really wanted the Z to be evident so i figured that i would do it in the middle back of her head and do some pig tail to separate the hair evenly making the Z pop.
I first parted her hair into pig tails and clipped off the bottom half of her hair so i could part out the top part of the Z in its correct fashion. I used my rat tail comb to draw/part out the letter Z in her hair and though it looks complicated it was as simple as drawing a Z on the paper. Its like creating bubble letters to explain simplistically.

Then i clipped off both side sections so that i could cornrow the Z without interference. Then i rubber banded the very ending of the Z shaped cornrow so that the "tail" ending of the Z would blend in with her pig tails. Then i just braided each piggy tail into regular braids, rubber banded the mids and finger curled the ends.
Here is a front view... This is clearly another spin off of the foundated pig tail set with some intermediate flare.
This style took about 35 minutes to complete and lasted a few days with minor touch up to the pig tails.
God Bless
Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Pig Tail Braided Braids

Here is a simple and quick posting as this girly hair style is so easy and self explanatory, not much explanation is needed <3 I called this style the Pig Tail Braided Braids style because as you can see that's all there is to it...  I added our normal products and put her hair in two pig tails with a center line parting and secured each with butterfly ballies.  I detangled her pig tails and dampened it with some of our distilled water spritz as her hair likes to dry up quickly.  I then finger parted three even sections from one pig tail as pictured below...

Then i braided the rightmost section into a regular 3 strand braid and rubber banded the ending.  Then i braided the three sections together into one regular three strand braid (hence the braided braid name)... Which resulted in the cutesy eye popping style pictured below...

Here is a close up and this style is so easy that anyone can do it and there is no skill required.  This is a simple and quick style which took 15 minutes from beginning to end to complete and we were off to begin our day.

This style is a style which paves the way to add creativity and flare to the already traditional pig tails so that by using the simple pig tail foundation and building on to it you can have your Diva sport them with her own edge incorporated.

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Years Giveaway Bash Week 8 Giveaway's


Welcome to our Week 8 giveaways during our New Years Giveaway Bash!!!!!  Featuring Love Your Girls Biracial Curls & Cute N Curly Bowtique.
My portion of this week 8 giveaway will be conducted through my Face Book Fan Page which you MUST officially "Like" and follow the simple rule which i will be disclosing ON MY Fan Page Wall for your entries to count...

For clarification i have a friend page and fan page and my FAN PAGE is the one which you "like" not the actual admin friend page which i use normally.  The above picture is what my main picture is on my FAN Page :)

On to Cute N Curly Bowtique's generously amazing giveaways!!!

Amanda from Cute N Curly Bowtique has offered to bless three of our cherished readers with some of her hand created Hair Bows &lt;3 The bows that will be in these sets that she is giving away are pre-made and each winner will be able to choose their clip preferences. The prizes are as follows...
This lovely Puppy Paw Print Bow is about 5 inches in diameter and will be gifted to the 1st place winner...
This adorable Pink Piggy Bow is about 3 inches in diameter and will be gifted to the 2nd place winner...

This super cutesy Orange/Yellow/White Summery Flower Bow Set are about 2 inches in diameter and will come as a pair... These will be gifted to the 3rd place winner...

Clip options to choose from are large flat alligator clips with teeth, tiny alligator, small french clip, or large french clip.

In total there will be 3 winners and each winner will receive the above designated bows according to the order Rafflecopter chooses the winners.

This giveaway will last a full 9 days and as it concludes i will issue the winners announcement and from that point each of the winners have 48 hours to respond to me to claim their prize with their mailing address and name.  If i do not hear from one of or some of the winners than i will choose new winner(s) accordingly and issue a new winners announcement.

All entries are always hand verified and you MUST follow the instructions of the Rafflecopter for your entries to count.

ALSO Amanda has generously offered ALL of our readers a special shopping discount code good for 10% off of anything from her Etsy Shop!!!!!!!! Al you have to do to redeem this code as you shop is enter  LYGBC at checkout for 10% off of your order! No minimum purchase required! <3

Click Read More below to enter if Rafflecopter doesnt load automatically... If that doesnt work reload the page <3
This giveaway concludes on March 30th at 12:01a EST.

God Bless and GOOD LUCK!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Years Giveaway Bash Week 6 & 7 Giveaway's


Curly Princess Hair Boutique

Amanda from Curly Princess Hair Boutique has generously offered 2 of our cherished readers EACH a gift certificate to shop on her website!
1 lucky reader will receive a $30.00 E-Gift Code to spend at Curly Princess Hair Boutique's Online Shop

1 lucky reader will receive a $15.00 E-Gift Code to spend at Curly Princess Hair Boutique's Online Shop

Each of these gift certificates are good towards purchasing ANY items from CPHB'S shop... A special code will be issued to each winner with details...

We have got plenty of lovely hair accessories from CPHB and i must say she always has the newest and most unique hair accessories that you don't see alot of... Which i happen to love!


Etta from EttaFLYY Clothing and Accessories has offered to bless 1 of our lucky readers with a Lil Miss Sunkissed Girls 100% Cotton T-Shirt for their sweet lil Diva which is one of the newest items from her EttaFLYY collection.

This shirt pictured below is a picture of the exact shirt/style/color that our lucky winner will be receiving. The winner must choose their size from the following 3 sizes...
Small (6-8), Medium (10-12), Large (14-16)

Etta is widely known for her and her sister Jen's Natural Hair Meet Up Group Naturally FLYY Detroit &lt;3 She has created her own clothing and accessory line EttaFLYY and it is such a pleasure partnering with Etta and being able to provide this blessed opportunity to everyone!
God Bless and good luck to everyone!!!!
Rafflecopter will be choosing each of the 3 winners for these giveaways and the prizes will be chosen in the following order...
1st Place winner will receive the $30.00 E-Gift-Code to Curly Princess Hair Boutique...

2nd Place winner will receive the Lil Miss Sun Kissed Girls T-Shirt in their choice in available sizes...

3rd Place winner will receive the $15.00 E-Gift-Code to Curly Princess Hair Boutique
The winners will be chosen in the above order and will be listed in that order as well.
Lately there has been some confusion over the terms in the end part of the giveaway so i will clarify that when i state that the winners must contact me via email within a certain time period i do mean this specifically and nothing more, i do not have time to hunt the winners down nor should i have to and will immediately choose a new winner for the prize as it is not fair for those who are on top of checking back on the giveaway to not have their fair chance to win.

The giveaways will end in exactly 2 weeks on March 19th 2012 at 12:01 a.m. EST.

God Bless and best of luck to everyone!

Diva R's Mommy- Kim