Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Z" is for Zebra Hair-Style

Here is a style from a bit back that we did for a special Zebra week at Diva R's school... I didn't have many ideas how to incorporated festive Zebra-ness into her hair style so i said hmmm the phonics letter happens to be Z so why not try braiding a Z in her hair??

I googled myself crazy and i could not find any tutorials on the letter Z so i decided to just freestyle it and see how it turns out. I really wanted the Z to be evident so i figured that i would do it in the middle back of her head and do some pig tail to separate the hair evenly making the Z pop.
I first parted her hair into pig tails and clipped off the bottom half of her hair so i could part out the top part of the Z in its correct fashion. I used my rat tail comb to draw/part out the letter Z in her hair and though it looks complicated it was as simple as drawing a Z on the paper. Its like creating bubble letters to explain simplistically.

Then i clipped off both side sections so that i could cornrow the Z without interference. Then i rubber banded the very ending of the Z shaped cornrow so that the "tail" ending of the Z would blend in with her pig tails. Then i just braided each piggy tail into regular braids, rubber banded the mids and finger curled the ends.
Here is a front view... This is clearly another spin off of the foundated pig tail set with some intermediate flare.
This style took about 35 minutes to complete and lasted a few days with minor touch up to the pig tails.
God Bless
Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Jess said...

love it! very unique!

Jess said...

these seems easy except for the cornroll part lol - how exactly do you do those?

UntrainedHairMom said...

This is so cool, it looks really good!!

melissar said...

to cute i need to learn how to do an A