Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pig Tail Braided Braids

Here is a simple and quick posting as this girly hair style is so easy and self explanatory, not much explanation is needed <3 I called this style the Pig Tail Braided Braids style because as you can see that's all there is to it...  I added our normal products and put her hair in two pig tails with a center line parting and secured each with butterfly ballies.  I detangled her pig tails and dampened it with some of our distilled water spritz as her hair likes to dry up quickly.  I then finger parted three even sections from one pig tail as pictured below...

Then i braided the rightmost section into a regular 3 strand braid and rubber banded the ending.  Then i braided the three sections together into one regular three strand braid (hence the braided braid name)... Which resulted in the cutesy eye popping style pictured below...

Here is a close up and this style is so easy that anyone can do it and there is no skill required.  This is a simple and quick style which took 15 minutes from beginning to end to complete and we were off to begin our day.

This style is a style which paves the way to add creativity and flare to the already traditional pig tails so that by using the simple pig tail foundation and building on to it you can have your Diva sport them with her own edge incorporated.

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

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Jess said...

love it! i will be trying ths on my oldest! she is sitting here with me and says "oh i like that, butterflies in her head" lol too cute.