About Us

About Mommy Kim- I am the writer/author/creator/mommy blogger/reviewer behind Love Your Girls Biracial Curls, i created LYGBC on inspiration of my sweet daughter, for my sweet daughter and as an inspirational and helpful tool for those in search or need.  I am a proud wife and mother with 2 soon to be 3 children, we are a multicultural family and we are a strong Christian household that believes in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the holy spirit. We are proud, vocal and dedicated in our faith, our motivations are solely blessed by God and through him all of our dreams are possible and there's no chance of failure!

Our blog focuses on children's natural hair care and styling with many branch topics such as aspects of being multicultural/biracial and beyond, parenting, natural hair and its many facets for both children and adults, product reviews and giveaways which are family oriented, how to's/tutorials, various aspects of family life and challenges not to mention new things are popping up all the time!  I personally take pride in our mission and i reach out to spread the word about the endless possibilities with achievements involved in properly caring for children's hair.  Often times there isn't much good information out there on varying types of biracial curl types and textures and being that there is no "one size fits all" remedy for taking control of those curls it is fruit-full to be able to find an avenue which provides information for all of the varying types and differences within cultures and each persons individual make up. Being natural isn't one size fit all either, being natural comes in many different shapes, sizes, shades, attitudes, ages, formations and abilities.


About Diva R- Diva R is beautifully blended half Caucasian and half Black American, she is 4 1/2 years old and she loves to express her inner Diva quite often, she is spunky, sweet, kind, caring, creative, fun and just an all out blessing to be around, her given alias  is "Diva"! :)

Her hair type is 2ab/3ab and her hair is wavy/straight at the root and gets curleer as it goes and grows.  I can twirl her hair around my fingers and her natural ringlets just POP, banana curls all the way :) It is finer in texture and is thinner at the scalp than ends.  We have never ventured into the world of heat, relaxation, dyeing, hot-combing, or chemicals and we don't plan on it we are an advocate and growing advocate behind the natural hair movement, and let me tell you she is VERY proud of her natural curlees. :)

When Diva was born her hair was jet black and straight as a board, it was similar to my fine texture also. When she was a few days old, her curlees appeared!! She did have a FULL head of hair for sure, and for the first almost two years she wore her hair in its natural fro state, it was washed with Johnson and Johnson shampoo and some baby hair lotion until she was about a year. Her hair didn't require extra moisture it was identical to mine in texture and appearance except she had the soft curlee ringlets opposed to my straight hair :) I began doing parted pony tails with ballies in the summer of 2009 and then by August 2010 i was cornrowing, then free styling, and moving on to new dimensions consistently,  i do not consider myself a professional braider at all i have alot to learn still.

My Diva just loves her styles each and every one and loves all the hair accessories too the more the better :).

*This blog was created for Miss Diva R so she can have this documentation as a part of her personal hair journey in a timeline fashion for her future use.*

She enjoys looking at her blog and i do read to/show her things from it.

Here are some likes and dislikes of mine when it comes to Diva R's hair care...

These are mainly preferences and likes/dislikes that we have regarding Diva's hair world solely...

*Natural Curlee Q's
*Light on the hair products
*100% ORGANIC/Natural products
*Hair Bling LOTS OF IT!
*Hair flowers
*Tangle Teezer
*Versatile changeable hairstyles providing the same style, be changed a few times a week requiring less time spent styling :)
*Accessories of all types and colors
*Silk lined hair wear
*Trying new products and accessories
*Protective hair coverings

More to come....

Dislikes ( for Diva R personally)
*Anything that could harm, damage, destroy, deprive or alter her natural curls and their health temporarily or permanently would definitely be a dislike and avoided in our regime. Unhealthy ingredients, chemicals and greases!

More to come...

Diva R's Mommy-Kim