Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Years Giveaway Bash FINAL Giveaway Weeks 11/12 Featuring MIXED CHICKS


This is our week 11/12 giveaway which CONCLUDES our New Years Giveaway Bash <3  Last but certainly not least is MIXED CHICKS!!!! WE are very blessed to have Mixed Chicks on deck and why not go out with a bang... HUGE THANK YOU'S and HUGS to Mixed Chicks for this mega giveaway
We have had the blessed opportunity to come across some Mixed Chicks Products locally and i reviewed them a while back click here and here to reflect &lt;3

There will be three blessed readers who will win each one of the prizes below...

1st Place Winner Will Receive...

A Kids Gift Pack

*Which includes*
*Kids shampoo
*Leave-In Conditioner
*Tangle Tamer
*Paddle Brush
*Mixed Chicks Doll of Choice
*2 shirts in color and size choice with NO BLING (Green, Yellow, Turquoise, or Pink)
*Plus some additional surprise goodies

Winner will pick shirt size's and colors. Also choice in Mixed Chicks Doll by hair type and eye color. 
*$65.00 Retail Value*
Here are 4 different Kids Packs Combination Ideas illustrating the dolls available to choose from, and shirt colors...

2nd Place Winner Will Receive...
One Kids Quad Pack of Mixed Chicks Products in 8oz Sizes
*$48.00 Retail Value*
3rd Place Winner Will Receive
One Mixed Chicks Doll of Choice

The available dolls are all pictured above to choose from.

*$20.00 value*

God Bless and Happy Entering!!!!!

Click the Read More link below to enter, if the Rafflecopter doesnt show up try reloading the page, if that doesnt work make sure you enable Java Script...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Topsy Tail Created Quadruple Pig Tails

Here is a traditional style tweaked into an eye catching unique style. Before i began i gathered our Topsy Tail Styling Tool and a few of our regular products...

I began styling on her damp freshly washed, conditioned, and moisturized hair which was detangled prior too adding our styling product. I split her hair down the middle and then i parted a cross-sectional part creating 4 pig tails.

I loosely put rubber bands on each of the four sections.  Just loose enough so that they are able to be flipped inside themselves via the styling tool.

I took the Topsy Tail and slipped each pig tail through the loop individually with the pointed end being slid through the bottom up towards the top of the pig tail.

For lack of better explaining these are just simple pig tails flipped inside out so that they lay flatter and are more discretely rubber banded than the traditional pig tails. 

I always like adding unique flare to styles and this one turned out cute girly, simple, quick and unique all wrapped up in a cute little box together <3

I left her curls freely hang in their natural state from the pig tails...

This was the style that she wore for her Valentines Day Party at school and in total it took 20 minutes to create and i topped it off with our light hair moisture spray and it was complete.

Happy Styling!!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Monday, April 23, 2012

Egg Tails Easter Hairstyle For Girls

This posting is coming a bit late i know but its better late than never :) ... We have been super busy and consumed with our soon to be welcoming of our Baby Boy G any day now as well as tons of other things! So since we didn't give the Egg Tails a whirl last year i decided to try them for the first time this year for Diva R's Easter Party at School. Before i started on the style i spent hours searching for some ideas and ways to keep the eggs from falling out of the tails and in the end i really liked how Princess Piggies created the Egg Tails with the webbed rubber banded effect veiling around each egg.

The element which i encountered that altered my initial idea of doing it that way was that my Divas hair is only about half as long in full curl mode so the webbing would take longer to do and i wanted to do 4 braids around it "entrapping" each egg so that they were wrapped like presents. But they kept sliding out so i opted for the basket look with the braided handle over top as this seemed to be the best way i could get them to stay put. I used the smallest plastic eggs that i could find in colors to match her shirt...

I began with pig tails and grabbed a random middle section of the pig tail and braided it to the end, i then had the whole back section of the pig tail to form the "basket" to hold the egg in place. I slid the first egg in and "molded" the loose hair around the egg the best i could with her hair being so thin and i rubber banded the hair together just below the egg and moved on to the second egg where i repeated the above steps. I ended her Egg Tails in finger curls. All in all this style was complete in 20 minutes.

I used Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner as the slicker on her freshly washed conditioned and partly air dried curls (which i will be discussing and reviewing soon)..

This turned out to be super cute and unique with a hint of fun and festiveness. Her friends at school (and parents) thought this was a cute and creative style and idea. She loves the compliments and her teachers always oogle her styles too :)  I kind of figured that the eggs wouldn't stay in her hair through school because her favorite daily activity is playing dress up at play time so i knew things would be going over her head.  This is exactly what happened but as always her amazing and thoughtful teachers put her pretties that may fall out in her cubby and it was to my surprise that even though the eggs fell out the form of the eggs were still in full effect and even as we were walking out with no eggs in people were stopping us with compliments so it turned out to be an additional blessing in disguise <3

Didn't think to take pictures though :/

Next year if we do this i will be opting for the webbed  encasing of the eggs and maybe Styrofoam or a hard egg shaped material like that since these smooth plastic ones wanted to just slide right out of my Divas hair.  I think that this may work alot better with getting less movement from the eggs on coarser type hair in this method i chose to do above but is still equally possible on any and all hair types <3. 

Here are some of the Diva's Blessed Easter Bows from Cute N Curly Bowtique!!!!!

Happy Easter <3 God Bless and remember who Easter is TRULY about!!! Not that Bunny either!

<3 Jesus <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner Review

Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner 8 fl oz
Looking for a light product that is ideal for detangling? This is it! Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner seals in vital panthenol and humectants and acts as a protective barrier against heat styling and sun damage. Use it daily as a re-hydrator. Mist your hair in the morning and evening, and it's great for flat ironing or roller setting fine hair. A "must" for every bathroom.


Deionized Water, Extracts of: Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Watercress, Myrrh, Panthenol, Anthemis Noblis Flower (Camomile), Symphytum Officinal Leaf (Comfrey), Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail), Urtica Dioica (Nettle), Rosemarinus Officinalis Leaf (Rosemary) ,Humulus Lupulus (Hops), Lawsonia Inermis (Henna), Certified Organic Essential Oils: Lemon, Vanilla Extract, Polyquarternium11, Soyamid DEA, PPG30, Cetyl Ether, Oleth-3 Phosphate, Hydroxypropyltrimonium hydrolyzed wheat protein, Phenoxyethanol.        

Our Review
Color: Whiteish/Gray
Scent: Sunflowery
Texture/Consistency: Cloudy and Liquid
Cost: $9.00 per 8oz

I had first tried this on her dry hair which was previously shampooed conditioned and air dried... Then as i go to spray it i noticed that the pump is hard to spray or at least harder than i was used to. I noticed right away a sunflower like smell that had some hard to pin point scents to it.

As i began spritzing, it was taking a very decent sized amount to coat her hair and i had to pump alot to get adequate product.  I got a somewhat oily residue on my hands after using the spray and finger combing it into her hair.  But you can see that it did at least show up in her hair ...

Her curls were lightly misted and had a sheen to them, i was still wondering at this point where the leave in element comes in at, as i was expecting a sort of moisturized and or conditioned feeling.

The look was nice and her hair felt nice and light.  These feelings lasted as long as the spritz didn't soak in and her hair dry and frizz out in the process.  It would take a few applications worth as i went through a day especially if she was playing or outside.  This isn't a "made-for-children" product so i didn't expect for it to be 100% on my daughters hair nor her hair type at that.  BUT i didn't give up and i decided to try it out on her dampened/wet hair also as a styling leave in spritz as i find that most of the time that is the best condition to apply leave in products in to. 

Here are the results from one of the times that i used this spritz on Diva R's hair as she was right out of the bath... The first picture below is a before application picture and the one following is an after application picture...

As you can see it faired just slightly better this time around as in the second picture her curls seem more elongated and defined. I'm still thinking that this is just like a gloss spray or temporary moisture spray just like the Curls Lavish Moisturize Spritz that we had a bit ago which didn't work well for my Divas hair either.  The effect that it had seemed to diminish quickly there after her hair dried.  So i drew the conclusion that maybe this product isn't for us. Ive read some great reviews from varying stand points on this spray so these types of experiences can truly differ person to person.


Z wanted a pic taken of his hair too so i obliged <3


** This review is from a collective stand point over the time that i used this product and i felt that this product just isn't for us, it may be great for someone else, i had noticed some rather less desirable ingredients and i can say that I'm very picky with that personally... I'm still on my hunt for the perfect spritz moisturizer **

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Monday, April 9, 2012

Curls Like Us Curl Cloth's REVIEW

Curls Like Us Curl Cloth Review

Back a while ago we had received a sample set of these Curl Cloths by Curls Like Us and have spent lots of time trying them out and i feel that I've gathered enough from using these so that i can provide a thorough and detailed review on them. 

I had stumbled upon Curls Like Us via an incoming Twitter Request and i was intrigued so i had checked out their website and to my surprise these Curl Cloths were something completely new to me and we have yet to come across anything like them. So i had to jump in and see what these were about.  We were sent these Cloths and i couldn't have been more excited to be able to try these out, the colors we received were Pink & Green trimmed...

Here is a bit about Curl Cloths snipped from and the link to learn more and/or buy them &lt;3
Curls Respond to Kindness

My quest to discover the ideal way to care for my curls took years of experimenting with all the latest products and methodologies as well as reading everything I could find on the subject. Finally, I uncovered a common theme: “Curls Respond to Kindness”. They do not respond well to being; tugged at with brushes, confined into turbans, scorched with hot irons, or washed with harsh cleansers. And surprisingly, they don’t appreciate being roughened up by abrasive terry towels either. Who knew?

A T-shirt?

Once, while on a business trip to New York City, I had the opportunity to have my hair cut and styled at a salon that focused exclusively on curly hair. To my surprise, after washing my hair, the stylist used paper toweling to remove excess water from my hair. He said he preferred using an old t-shirt but that was not allowed at this upscale salon. He went on to further explain to me that traditional terry cloth towels have too course of a texture to them. Not only can this texture disrupt the natural “s” formation of your curls it can roughen up the hair which can cause breakage, split-end, frizz and even inhibit your hair’s ability to shine. As I looked into this philosophy more deeply I found that there were many salons, websites and even magazines that were recommending the use of t-shirts on curly hair.

Not all T-shirts are Created Equal

It took some testing time but, eventually I discovered that not all t-shirts yield the desired result, since T-shirts come in so many different weights, weaves and fabric types. Once I finally found one I liked, it wasn’t long before I grew tired of the look of an old t-shirt hanging off the shower door. With so much press in the “curl world” about the benefits of using a t-shirt why couldn’t I just buy a towel made out of the optimal t-shirt material?

This is when I decided to create my own product. The Curls Like Us Curl Cloth. This absorbent material removes just the right amount of moisture, while setting your favorite styling product into the hair. Its smooth surface prevents the cuticle from getting roughened up and maintains the hair’s natural curl formation. The result is well- defined, shiny curls without the frizz. Even better, it seems to complement almost any type of styling product. It’s even made using a brown colored material so it doesn’t show any discoloration from hair dye.

The word spread much quicker than we had anticipated. After being on the market only a few months, we sold through our first order. Initially we we’re selling mostly to consumers. Now the bulk of our orders come from salons owners nationwide who realize their benefit and want to use them on clients as well as have them available to purchase.

My related work experience

Over the years, I have held several positions with one of a largest hair care companies, Helene Curtis. Then went on to gain additional experience in marketing, brand management and product development with other consumer product companies including; Nu Skin International, N.V. Perricone and Pfizer. Although my professional background has been quite advantageous, I have found that my own personal research and testing has been invaluable.

Every Curl Deserves to be Happy!

Karen Piotrowski
Creator and Chief Curl Counselor

Our Review

Color: Brown with Pink/Green Trim
Texture/Material: Very soft almost organic feeling/Surprisingly 100% Cotton
Cost: $24.95 for a set of 2 cloths

When i got these in the mail i was surprised at how quick the package came &lt;3 I read the directions of use and decided i was going to wash these before first use so I unfolded the Curl Cloths and snapped a few pics of them in their laid out positions.   These pictured were pre-wash and are open ended on both sides. 
See the softness of this cloth? Its not your overage 100% Cotton I'm sure of that, its way softer and i was already liking it just that quick.

I decided to let these cloths air dry after being washed because dryers are known to wear materials out quickly and when it comes to hair wear i always use this method to prolong life of the items. I began using these right away following every shampoo day which is about every 2-3 days unless her hair is styled.  The directions say to use the Curl Cloth following your application of Curl Enhancer product in the shower after you thoroughly wash out the shampoo.  This Cloth is meant to help squeeze and keep the moisture and enhancer in abundantly without the ravaging effect of trying this with a towel, terry cloth or like material.

I chose to put both of my hands through each side of the cloth so that i could move around and squeeze all side of her curls as the cloth is absorbing excess water and product while keeping whats needed in the hair actually and purely on the hair/scalp without removing the moisture that i am trying to get in.  The cloth began to get dark brown in color as i was squeezing showing that it is soaking in what is too much in quantity on her hair.

Here is an after pic of using the Curl Cloth and Dejas Hair Milk as the Curl Enhancer...

Here are some views and different angles of another use of the Curl Cloths and this time around i decided to use the Blended Cutie Jelly Cream as the Curl Enhancer as i wasn't too pleased with the resulting feel from using the Dejas as an enhancer since it is actually a hair milk.

I can visibly see that products like the Jelly Cream have instantly amazing results along side the Curl Cloth and its magic moisture maintenance.

Here is the after math &lt;3

Below are a set of pictures as i am squeezing the curls with the Cloth after i had applied our enhancing product of choice. Notice her curls just springing up!

After i use the Curl Cloth i always let her hair air dry the rest of the way and below are some pics of what her curls looked like a few hours after...

Her curls were super springy and superbly soft and bouncy...

Overall i was thoroughly impressed with Curls Like Us Curl Cloths and i am thankful that i took time to look into them because i believe these are truly amazing and hold true to every claim and intent.  Prior to using these i was using towels and i would just squeeze the water/product into her hair with one of those and i thought i was doing right by her curls by doing it this way since i wasn't rubbing but since i have stopped doing it that way Ive noticed a tremendous change in her curls health and bounce. Ive learned that the material used when the hair is wet and in its most fragile state is crucial to not causing damage or further damage to the hair.  I LOVE these cloths when i am doing my hair in the wet look too i just grab it and scrunch and go and my hair stays defined and scrunched throughout the day without the heavy hold of too much product or gels.

Yay for Curl Cloths, these would be a great addition to any/all households with varying hair type's and texture.

Check out Curls Like Us on FaceBook and Twitter...

Diva R's Mommy-Kim