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Thank God Im Natural Dual Review

Thank God Im Natural

We are hugely supportive of close to home companies and TGIN is one of those <3 So while i was searching for the perfect "natural" T-shirt for my Diva to wear i came across a super cute one on Thank God I'm Natural's Web Shop and ordered it immediately! I must say the very first time that i seen TGIN was at Naturally Flyy Detroit's Anniversary Hair Meet Up and it was a pure blessing in itself. They had everything from clothing-hair/skin products and nothing screams natural more clearly than adding GOD into the mix, that is what caught my eye immediately and through this day TGIN is the ONLY company selling natural items who highlights God and naturalness together in the hair world...
So thereafter we bought the shirt i had become increasingly interested in the Thank God I'm Natural Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair Book, after seeing reviews and evident hype over this i had figured that i should dive on in :) So Kathy/Jackie from TGIN had thoughtfully blessed us with a copy of the book and a copy to giveaway in our very next giveaway (stay tuned)...
Needless to say i have been taking my time to read this guide from front to back twice over making sure that i didn't miss any juicy details <3
So to begin with here is my Diva proudly wearing her Thank God I'm Natural Girls Shirt <3 She loves this shirt so much and it was also a huge hit at church as well, not to mention everywhere else we went... Its always so hard for me to buy shirts and such online for my Diva because her torso is longer and she is tall/skinny too so i went with the 4/5 size and the shirt is 100% cotton.  The style of the shirt is a regular type unisex style T-shirt and at the time i believe i paid 14.99 plus shipping.

This was a great find in our book and i definitely recommend this super cute shirt for all the little Divas. There are also super cute and rockin women's shirts!!!

Thank God I'm Natural has a highly recommended book called...
The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair a.k.a "The Natural Hair Bible".

Book Description

Written by a Harvard graduate, Thank God I’m Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair is a must-read for any black woman who has suffered hair loss or breakage caused by relaxers — or has grown tired of spending thousands of dollars and her Saturday afternoons frying her kinky tresses into submission. Thank God I’m Natural offers up to date information -- and a plethora of tips to help women break free from wigs, weaves, and damaging chemical processes, and was recently declared the “Natural Hair Bible” by Essence Magazine. While there is no shortage of information on this topic to be found on the Internet, Thank God I’m Natural is the most comprehensive natural hair guide on the market today, and the book black women need now more than ever before.

Special Features:
  • Homemade Hair Recipes
  • Hair Style Photos
  • Celebrity Stylist Product Reviews
  • Daily Routines for Natural Hair and Locs
  • Natural Hair Myths & Misconceptions
  • Relaxers Beware
  • Greatest Moments in Black Hair History
  • Natural Salon Directory

Our Review

Type: Paper Back
Cost: $14.99

I do not even know where to begin with this review as i seriously skimmed the book first and then i read section by section at least twice or more over.  I knew what i was getting myself into before i even dove in.  At first i decided to gather some ideas about what i would expect from a book like this as well as some things that i would hope to read or learn from reading it. I came up with a list with some of the following...

*I hoped to gain some new insight on specific ingredients, product ingredient combinations specific to desired goals, new styling ideas and explanations of hair terminologies.

*I hoped to get some of my questions and dilemmas answered and resolved regarding natural hair and some various aspects of it.

*I wanted to gain some new resources that i could pass on to others as well as gain from myself.

*I was searching for clarification regarding relaxers, old school hair care methods, and the hair typing systems.

The above mentioned are only some of the things that i had in mind as there were tons of ideas and still new wonders daily that i think about or require more knowledge on...  I cannot say what chapters are my favorite BUT i can say that the product recipes are some of the most fascinating as well as the break down of faux natural products and ingredients. I really liked the various links and shops listed which cater to natural hair and i seriously have to keep going back to chapters in this book because my mind just cannot retain all of the abundant levels of knowledge inside at once!!!!

In my opinion this amazing guide is wonderful for beginners through and beyond professional level individuals as there is so much information, knowledge, insight and tips/tricks to benefit from not a person is left out of gaining.  I am especially thrilled at the complex dissection of the hair follicle and components there of.  My expectations were thoroughly met and then some. Also compared to some other natural hair books the cost of this one is extrordinarily affordable and for the knowledge within is a must have in EVERYONE'S hair care regime. 

I seriously have never been much of a reader unless i absolutely had to read something and i have always preferred to be more active and physical with my activities BUT this book is a definte regime changer for me (aside from my FAV manual being the Holy Bible KJV).  I have yet to get bored with reading this and i forsee a growth in knowledge each time i return back to reading it.

The description of the book doesnt do it justice let me tell you there is MUCH MORE to this amazing guide to natural hair than the summary illudes :) I suggest you splurge on this guide as you will not regret it! Ive learned tons of new elements and tricks to perfect and switch up my daughters hair routine and i will be trying some of the product recipes. Ive gained several new sets of resources that i was unaware of before.  It was refreshing to learn that there are several natural hair salons local to me too <3

We <3 and fully support TGIN and their mission <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

You can get on deck with TGIN at one or all of the following links <3




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