Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Topsy Tail Created Quadruple Pig Tails

Here is a traditional style tweaked into an eye catching unique style. Before i began i gathered our Topsy Tail Styling Tool and a few of our regular products...

I began styling on her damp freshly washed, conditioned, and moisturized hair which was detangled prior too adding our styling product. I split her hair down the middle and then i parted a cross-sectional part creating 4 pig tails.

I loosely put rubber bands on each of the four sections.  Just loose enough so that they are able to be flipped inside themselves via the styling tool.

I took the Topsy Tail and slipped each pig tail through the loop individually with the pointed end being slid through the bottom up towards the top of the pig tail.

For lack of better explaining these are just simple pig tails flipped inside out so that they lay flatter and are more discretely rubber banded than the traditional pig tails. 

I always like adding unique flare to styles and this one turned out cute girly, simple, quick and unique all wrapped up in a cute little box together <3

I left her curls freely hang in their natural state from the pig tails...

This was the style that she wore for her Valentines Day Party at school and in total it took 20 minutes to create and i topped it off with our light hair moisture spray and it was complete.

Happy Styling!!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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Once Upon a Curl said...

how do you use these? I hav some for my shop but don't know how to use them so i haven't posted them yet