Monday, December 17, 2012

Blended Beauty Blended Cutie BIG Review

Hi Everyone! We've been blessed with the opportunity to review some products once again from Blended Beauty.  I was thrilled as i was just looking into getting more products so this couldn't have been better timing.  Stacey sent me the...

*Blended Cutie Tug Me Knot Conditioner

*Blended Cutie Silky Swirls Shampoo
*Blended Cutie Satin Style Reviver
*Blended Cutie Butter Me Up

So for a bit now i have been using these products exclusively in compliment of each other. In the past weve tried the Blended Cutie Swirls and Curls & Blended Cutie Jelly Cream and you can click here to reflect on our review of those.

I will begin with the Blended Cutie Silky Swirls Shampoo

Natural Curly Hair Shampoo for kids. Sulfate Free. Paraben Free

Product Description
A luxurious and gentle cleanser that rinses silky smooth, and leaves hair conditioned and soft to touch. The smoothing effect of the natural conditioners prepares the hair for the Tug Me Not Conditioner, creating added ease of combing and styling. pH balanced for tender scalps and gentle enough to use every day and on little swimmers!

Aloe Water, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin, Capryl Isostearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Guar Gum, Soy Lecithin, Cetyl Esters, Perfume, Natural Preservative Optiphin, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Corn Protein, Wheat Protein, Soy Protein, Silk Powder.


Apply to wet hair and scalp and massage. Rinse completely and repeat if needed.

Color: Yellow/Goldish like Honey

Scent: Cake Frosting
Texture/Consistency: Smooth, Liquid with Light/Medium Consistency
Cost: $18.50 per 8oz


- Kid friendly for both sensitivity and fragrant reasons
- Good ingredients
- Not runny but not real thick either
- You can feel it cleaning
- Minimal suds, indicating no sulfates
- Light after fragrance
- Nice slip between fingers
- Applies smooth and easy
- *Fast shipping*
- *Great and friendly customer service*


- Price is a little steep for what you get (In my opinion)

My Feelings:

Upon first glimpse i thought that this shampoo was thicker in nature but as i started using it i found that looks deceive which was great for us because of my Diva having such fine and thinner type loose curls, thicker shampoos are icky in her hair.  I was captivated by the scent of the shampoo as it is the cake frosting like smell that I'm used to by using the Blended Cutie products.  This was also kind of a bummer too because i was expecting something different between all 6 BC products I've tried so far, scent wise. So hopefully in the future they will come out with other kid friendly scents to choose from :).  The texture was right on par for our ideal type of shampoo, it is super smooth, has a silky application and i used about 3-4 squirts to coat her hair.  Suds were present but not over abundantly which is favorable.  Some of the ingredients I am not familiar with and didn't worry too much about as I'm sure none of the known bad ones are present or hidden within.  I am overall satisfied with this shampoo and will keep it in our routine.  The cost is kind of steep in my opinion so the next time i look to replenish my supply i will be coupon or deal searching as i can not buy this local. 

(Here is a shot of the Silky Shampoo for detail clarification)

I use this in combination with the Blended Cutie Tug Me Knot Conditioner which I'm reviewing next...

Up Next is the Blended Cutie Tug Me Not Conditioner

Product Description

A luxurious rinse-out conditioner that envelopes each strand with silky softeness. Tangles and teary eyes are a thing of the past. pH balanced for tender scalps, and enriched with beantree, chamomile, and grapeseed oil. Smooths and deep conditions creating bouncy curls.


Aloe Vera Water, Natural Conditioners, Witch Hazel, Capryl Isostearate, Glycerin, Rice Bran Oil, Polysorbate 20, Natural Preservative Optiphin, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Corn Protein, Wheat Protein, Soy Protein, Silk Powder.


Apply to clean wet hair and smooth through completely. Leave on 2-3 minutes for daily use or longer for weekly use. Comb through hair in sections for less breakage, and rinse completely.

Color: White

Scent: Cake/Frosting Like
Texture/Consistency: Cool Whip Mixed With Cream Cheese & Medium-Thick Consistency
Cost: $18.50 per 8oz


-Texture is versitile between different hair types
-Thicker in nature for better staying and absorbing power
- Kid friendly scent & suitable for sensitivities
- Does not burn eyes
- Applies easily and generously
- Doesnt take alot per application to coat my daughters hair
- Has great togetherness
- Long lasting after application
- Light after scent present


- Price is kind of steep for what you get (In My Opinion)

My Feelings:

At first i thought this looked very similar to two other products from this line that i have, then upon further inspection i found new elements which struck my interest.  The texture is unique and before i began using it i could tell this was going to do wonders on her hair.  I loved the hard to explain feel... Instantly i could feel the deep conditioning and it acts great as a knot remover too.  With my daughter being tender headed this is a multipurpose go-to product of ours because it helps to eliminate struggle with knots and manageability after taking styles down. Id consider this to be a deep conditioner type of product but an interesting fact is that it doesnt require being left in for a long period of time.  It works almost immediately and has a nice lasting effect after being applied.  I leave this on for about 5 minutes max when i want to deeply condition, i use a shower cap from time to time after application and her curls become as bouncy and springy as ever with either method.  Needless to say this is one of the top two fav conditioners of mine of all time :) Cost of it of course is the only downfall in sight. 

(Here is a picture showing the Tug Me Not Conditioner for clarification purposes)

In the third slot is the Blended Cutie Butter Me Up- Leave in Moisturizer

Product Description

A rich and gentle moisturizer for curls and kinks that are in extra need.This leave-in conditioning cream, is enriched with shea butter, aloe and chamomile. It is pH balanced for sensitive scalps, and tames frizzies while smoothing and softening those precious curls and kinks.


Aloe and Chamomile water, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Soy Lecithin, Natural Conditioner, Capryl Isostearate, Natural Preservative Optiphen, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Silk Powder.


Apply to clean, damp, detangled hair in small sections and smooth through completely. Style with fingers, not a comb, to reduce poof.

Color: Whiteish

Scent: Cake/Frosting
Texture/Consistency: Thicker Buttercream Homemade Frosting
Cost: $21.00 per 250ml


-Thicker in nature
-Absorbs in well
-Kid friendly product
-Smooths in easy and softly
-Frizz tamer/Curl definer
-Good ingredients


-Price gouger
-Didnt do well overall for us

My Feelings:

This product was recommended to me and so by my reviewing Blended Beautys website i was curious as to how this would work out.  Im always looking for a good moisturizer and thick moisturizers are usually good for twisting, braiding, when im beading and using rubber bands or when im looking to put a style in that will last over some time. This product (like the others from this line) has the cake/frosting like scent and really resembles the swirls and curls, and tug me not in texture/consistency. It does tend to weigh my daughters hair down sometimes if i dont apply it with water. Its too thick for my daughters hair when down, i cant use it on her dry hair and I only find this good for the above mentioned.  Id say im on the fence with this one and i will keep using it periodically.  

(Here is a close up of how the Blended Cutie Butter Me Up looks like)

Last but not least is the Blended Cutie Satin Style Reviver

Product Description
Refresh, detangle and condition in a instant! Tame bedhead or freshen up squished and frizzed up curls. Apply right on top, or underneath other Blended Cutie products. Aloe water soothes tender scalps and moisturizes thirsty curls. Beantree provides slip and shine for easy styling. Leaves curls feeling satiny soft and smooth with soft hold. For no hold use the Curly Cake Shake.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Guar Gum, Glycerin, Propanediol, Sodium stearoyl glutamate, Rice bran oil, , Vanilla Planifolia , Scent, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Silk extract, Bean tree extract, Sodium Decylglucosides, Hydroxypropyl Sulfonate Patent, Xanthan Gum, Optiphin.

Shake before each use. For detangling, spray onto hair generously and comb in small sections. To revive curls, spray onto curls from 6 inches away. Crunch or smooth curls with your fingers.

Color: Yellowish/Gold
Scent: Cake/Frosting Like
Texture/Consistency: Liquid Spritz
Cost: $16.00 per 8oz

-Lightweight spritz
-Main ingredient us Aloe Leaf Juice
-Spritz nozzle has a lock and unlock option that helps to minimize leaks
-Not runny/not gritty 
-Kid friendly as a whole
-Nice cakey scent
-Generous spritz amount per pump
-Nice light moisturizer/stays in place

-Without an explanation the nozzle lock can be confusing/impossible to figure out or could get broke when trying to use
-Ingredients could be more on the healthier side or explained better

My Feelings:
I was overall pleased with this style reviver and ive tried plenty of these types of products over the years, so i can firmly say that this resides at the top of my styling/finisher/reviver product list for several reasons... It does not leave a greasy or oily feeling nor does it just fade away.  It is light in nature but evident in action.  This requires about 4-6 spritzes to coat my daughters hair and i only have to apply it once per style.  My daughter loves this cakey type smell so its all good by her. It does help to soften her hair and i like this most when her hair is styled as a finisher or on her loose curls.  This is one of those works great in all circumstances product for us... Ive not seen it fail yet. The price on this is fair in my opinion as well.

Here are some pics from different usages of the above products

**I have steadily used these product for about 2 months now exclusively and i am very happy and blessed to have been given this opportunity to try them.  I am liking Blended Beautys products more and more the more i try.  I send a HUGE HUG and Thank you to Stacey for reaching out to me and blessing us with this grouping of products which i love overall...**

Happy Styling

Diva R's Mommy-Kim