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Blended Beauty Blended Cutie Soft Curls & Swirls and Jelly Cream Review

BIG Thanks and Hugs to Stacey from Blended Beauty for blessing us with the mega opportunity to review two of their products from the Blended Cutie line of which Stacey hand picked and recommended based off of my Diva's soft, fine and loose curls.  For some time i have really been wanting to try Blended Beauty and could never find them local nor did i run across many people who have tried their products, so I'm very excited that we were given this opportunity and without further a due i will be reviewing the Blended Cutie Soft Curls and Swirls Leave In Conditioner Moisturizer and the Blended Cutie Jelly Cream.

Blended Beauty Blended Cutie Soft Curls & Swirls Leave In Conditioner and Moisturizer

Here is what the Swirls and Curls looks like in the container...

Here is a double finger scoop of Swirls and Curls for a more in depth idea of its texture and consistency...


Product Description
A light and gentle leave-in Moisturizer and conditioner for waves, curls, swirls and kinks. pH balanced for tender scalps, and tames that main! This daily conditioning cream is enriched with shea butter, aloe and chamomile, and leaves hair soft, smooth and in control.

Click here to find out if this product is recommended for your child's hair type according to Blended Beauty's hair typing system.

Aloe and Chamomile Water, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Natural Conditioners, Vegetable Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Capryl Isostearate, Perfume, Natural Preservative Optiphin, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Soy Lecithin, Silk Powder.

Apply to clean, damp, detangled hair in small sections and smooth through completely. Style with fingers, not a comb, to reduce poof.

Our Review

Color: White-ish
Scent: Like Home Made Butter Cream Frosting
Texture/Consistency: Looks thick but it is medium in thickness and very smooth and creamy
Cost: $19.00 per 8oz

So we have steadily been solely reviewing these two Blended Cutie products pretty much by their lonesome so that we could gather accurate and proven results over time of using them consistently. I prefer to review this way so that no outside factors aside from the expected or environmental can intervene.  We have been at it using this product for weeks now which has always been plenty of time for us to thoroughly review products and build our foundated judgment on the quality, usage requirements, results, process from start to finish, likes/dislikes and the such.

This first collage is from left to right, the before application picture of the Curls and Swirls and the aftermath of the first ever application of the Curls and Swirls. You can see immediate shine difference and her curls began to shrink up slightly after application.  Her hair was wet when i applied it.

Here are a few close up shot of her curlee's lavished with a few finger scoops from root to ends of the Curls and Swirls

Notice the nice separation of the defined curlees? I did not have to manipulate her curlees to separate themselves either, the Curls and Swirls did a great job of making her curls POP!

Below is the following morning after our beginning of the Blended Cutie Curls and Swirls usage.  She used a satin bonnet to sleep with over night and at the time the picture was taken i very slightly detangled her hair but did not manipulate it at all.  You can see clear poofage and some of her definition is hidden or flattened.  Which this is always expected an inevitable regardless, i am just so glad that there weren't many knots present and the amazing butter cream scent was still slightly present and her hair was slightly softer than usual.

Her curls were nearly shrunken to her neckline and needed some distilled water to revitalize the Curls and Swirls. Below is a close up of her poofage and you can see some dryness present as well.

Below is another day's fresh application of the Curls and Swirls...

Below are results from another day of using the Curls and Swirls, I'm loving how her curls get more of its natural curlee pattern further up her hair shaft after i apply the Curls and Swirls.

Close up...

On to our Jelly Cream Review and Thoughts...

Blended Beauty Blended Cutie Jelly Cream

Below is an idea of what the Jelly Cream looks like as far as texture and consistency is concerned...

Product Description
 A soft hold moisturizing gel lotion that defines and conditions curls, while nourishing the scalp and hair. Smooth and define each curl with natural conditioners. Absolutely no plastics! Only silky and bouncy curls...naturally! Jelly Cream has twice as much hold as the Down & Out creams.

It can be used along with the other leave-in products for extra control.

This product is reccommended for all hair types!

 Apply to clean, damp, detangled hair in small sections and smooth through completely. Style with fingers, not a comb, to reduce poof. 

Aloe and Chamomile Water, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Rice Bran Oil, Capryl Isostearate, Natural Conditioner, Soy Lecithin, Guar Gum, Natural Preservative Optiphin, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Silk Powder.

Our Review

Color: White-ish

Scent: Like Home Made Butter Cream Frosting

Texture/Consistency: Like a lotion with a creamy medium consistency

Cost: $19.00 per 8oz

Upon first impression, by reading the bottle i interpreted this Jelly Cream as being a hair gel type product. So i began using it in combination with the Curls and Swirls as the bottle suggested that this be used with other leave in conditioner/moisturizer product for extra hold and manageability.  I fell in love with the fragrance immediately! It really hit home with me as i am a lover of butter cream and this reminded me of some very famous home made butter cream, just nearly edible in nature!!!  Beyond this factor i was really intrigued by the texture as i could see through the bottle that it wasn't gel like nor was it like a hair milk which can be two extremes..  

When i "squirted" some into my hand i noticed it came out with a thickness to it and as it sat in my hand it began to slightly liquify.  I liked the texture of this Jelly Cream and was glad/surprised that it wasn't sticky like the average gel nor was it exactly like a lotion. The Jelly Cream has a texture of its own.  At first i decided to use the JC after i applied the Curls and Swirls since this was more so the hold type of finishing product according to the label.  The first set of pics are right after i applied the Curls and Swirls followed by the Jelly Cream, i used two full pumps to fully cover her hair. 

I like the glide and ease of the Jelly Cream, the texture and weight of it is ideal for my daughters hair density and over all thickness. Its not too thick and its not too thin. It has obvious form when i squirt the JC into my palm it had a structure hold, as what frosting looks like as its squeezed out of the tube.

Below is another combination picture of both of the Curls and Swirls and the Jelly Cream functioning dually. I find that the results keep showing better over time with each use.  I can feel and see the hold element that the Jelly Cream provides and so far I'm really liking the combined results. The Curls and Swirls and the Jelly Cream, seem to be a good duo.

Here is a random curlee...

Here are a few pics of the Jelly Cream by its lonesome after i spritzed her hair with some distilled water. Look at the shrinkage in this picture below, it appeared that her curls really shrunk up but then after i finger combed it in a little more her curls elongated themselves a bit more. Her curls are clearly large and wavy thru the mid top and at the bottom they are "S" shaped and the size of a sharpie marker give or take.  Her roots seem to grow straight out and downwards.  Indicating that she has a variety of patterns in her hair which all require slightly different bits of love. That's why most of the time we have more than 1 signature product.

I was surprised at the results we've been seeing using the Blended Cutie products. I can say that the Curls and Swirls has been added to our collection officially and i like to use it for braid outs, and styles requiring a nice thicker moisturizer with a very generous texture.  The scent is deem able as being "yummy" the Diva and i agree on that one :) She thinks it smells like cake, and i think its more of a  frosting scent without the over bearing sugary usual child's fragrance scent. It is pleasant, non irritating and really children friendly over all which is a huge must in our book. Ive found that our fav way of using the Curls and Swirls are when her hair is wet and i am styling it or by applying it after her hair is dampened. This is always a great time to apply moisturizers because the follicles are very receptive and i feel in Diva R's hair, the JC is very giving and nourishing at its peak during the dampened times, fresh out of the bath, or when distilled water is used as a pre-moisture moisturizer.

We really like this product over all and i have not seen or experienced any less positives as of yet. I have learned that following the directions to a T on the Curls and Swirls is a great idea because you can create major poofage if you stray from the directions on the jar :)

As far as the Jelly Cream is concerned my overall opinion is that this is a good product for us. It has been hard to find a truly amazing medium thickness cream moisturizer for my daughters hair because of how fine it is and how thin her hair is as well. Her hair doesn't tolerate thicker products well at all. BUT the JC is light enough and creamy enough, it is just above a hair milks texture and blends in very well. I have not seen any residuals when i have used this, no gunk build ups and this is a non greasy whipped like mixture of goodies. I have tried this in a few cornrow styles, rope twists, her freely bouncing curls and some various pony tail styles.  I find its hold to be of a nice lighter level, at least that's how its proven so far for us It doesn't hold throughout a full day when her hair is down, it starts to tangle and get poofy in the mid-late evening through dress up and activities.

I must send a HUGE Thank You and *Hug* to Stacey for giving us this opportunity to review these two products and present our results and thoughts on how the Blended Cutie products worked for us. It was our pleasure reviewing and adding these to her hair regime <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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