Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tutu Bowholder From Bow-Issa Review/Pictures

Its been a LONG time coming that i have been inquiring and searching around for the perfect Bowholder for the tons of bows that Miss Diva R has AND i kind of wanted to wait until her bedroom set was in and complete so that i could coordinate it with her bedroom furniture and bedding.  So when it got down the nitty gritty i found that the seemingly best quality Bowholders were coming from Bow-Issa. This assumption came after the many recommendations to check out Bow-Issa and see what she has to offer.

So on a private chat i laid out some ideas i had alongside a picture of her bedroom set and in no time Bow-Issa created Diva R the Bowholder of our exact specifications <3

I was real skeptical of making such a large purchase for something that you have to pay for ahead of time before i seen it BUT since i had known plenty of people to have purchased/won items from her before so i knew it would be a good investment. It was a little over two weeks after i purchased it when we received it and I was nothing short of amazed! This was 1 of the many Christmas gifts for Diva R and i knew she would FLIP over it. Needless to say her reaction was priceless and i was over confident that this was beyond a well thought out and successful gift for her :)

I took some pictures of different aspects to clarify the actual size and to show how much this can endure without being too much.  This first picture below i used a regular size barbie doll and placed it next to the bodice part of the Bowholder to illustrate its actual size.

So i quickly realized that we have way too many bows and that i should have ordered a bigger size, i guess a girl can never have too many accessories. So here are some shots of our bow madness attached to her amazing new Bowholder...

I didn't count them all but i know there are tons and they all do not fit on the Tutu Bowholder so i had to put some on one of the make shift holders that i made myself for the mean time...

The quality of the Tutu Bowholder is amazing and i love every bit of it from the coordinating bows to the coordinating ribbons. Right away my sweet Diva knew exactly what this resembled and cannot wait to have her whole bedroom set up with this on her wall <3

I was so glad to finally make this move and get one for Diva R because this is a life saver and not to mention beyond adorably cute and perfect for a sweet little Diva girl like mine <3 She wants one of these to wear now LOL <3

In case anyone is wondering i paid $37.00 plus shipping for this and i do believe it is well worth it!! Check out Bow-Issa's shop and inquire about getting your very own <3 She does fully custom work!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Bow-Issa said...

Thank you for the kind words! I am pleased that the little pretty loved her gift and am grateful to have been able to play a part in such a well thought out purchase on your part. Seeing it come together was the best part of it all! Thank you for your business and enjoy :)

Diva Locks said...


KeeKeeAllNatural said...

WOW! Seems cool. At-least the bows are organize and easy to find when needed.