Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cornrow Style With Natural Curls

Lately i have been on an experimental run with forward facing cornrows and with other elements incorporated into the style.  This time around i decided to do the whole front half of her hair in the cornrows while leaving the whole back half free and curly.  Recently i did a half forward facing style with natural curls (reflect here) so this style around i wanted to add to it and see how it turned out.

 I used some new products which we received that i will be reviewing soon so no detail on this posting BUT i will say that they are from the Blended Beauty Line <3 These accompany our distilled water spritz too of course...

As you can see the style is pretty much self explanatory but for clarification purposes i simply parted a part to my desired depth from just behind her ears and across her head which technically left a little less than half of her hair freely hanging in the back.  Then i started parting my sections and cornrowing as i went from the right side of her head until i finished on the far left. 

I opted for a side parting so i just separated the cornrow endings into two groups, one of 6 cornrows and the other 5 cornrows. Then i braided the endings together until i got to the end, i repeated this on the other side.  For the back side of her hair i just finger combed BB products one after the other through and spritzed a little distilled.

I tied the two ending groups together from the cornrows behind her head and underneath her loose curls.  It took about 1 1/2 hours or so to complete. She wore this style for about 6 days and it lasted nicely with minimal frizz and i was able to switch the partings up to create a new twist on the frontal braids.  I also un braided the grouped frontal braids and re-did two strand twists in their place. 

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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La Shauna said...

This style is super cute.