Wednesday, January 4, 2012

*Reminder* UPDATED Our New years Giveaway Bash is Right Around the Corner!

We are proud to announce that beginning around late January we are hosting a mega huge New Years Giveaway Bash in honor of our being blessed with the newest addition to our family in 2012 alongside our accomplishments which we have retained and continue to gain from the very beginning of times through the present times and beyond! We thought what better way to do this than to have some of our favorite companies, shops, organizations and bowtique's alongside of us.  Each sponsor involved are/were either great parts of Diva R's hair journey and are still favorite's in our book <3  We are so blessed to be able to provide this New Years Giveaway Bash and encourage you to spread the word, there is plenty to go around and lots in store! 

We are still looking for sponsors to participate in our giveaway bash and will be accepting new sponsors until January 15th.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please send me an email at and we can discuss further details.

Currently we are ECSTATIC to announce that we have an awesome line up of sponsors already on deck and they are as follows in no specific order...

*Pretty Brown Girl
*Sidewinder Hair Holders
*Bee Mine Products
*Cute N Curly Bowtique
*Love Your Girls Biracial Curls
*Dawns Bowtique
*Thank God Im Natural 
*Mixed Chicks 
*Curly Princess Hair Boutique
*Curly Zebra

This giveaway will be complimentary and there are no costs associated to the winners. We have all come together to give back for helping each other to further our communities, industries, businesses, organizations and small family owned businesses. The world of natural hair has blossomed in particular so much over the past few years and with all these positive movements and avenues of help being created and established we are able to educate people world wide and provide to those in need what they are in need of.

I will be releasing the specifics as to what these amazing companies and organizations will be giving away as it gets closer to our event kicking off. Suspense is a wonderful thing :) I will say that all of these sponsors will be donating mega prize packs and this giveaway will be nothing short of BIG, generous and amazing!

Stay tuned for more updates, additions and the release of the kick off of our New Years Giveaway Bash which will be arriving soon.

This is going to be a giveaway that everyone will be included in and there will be something for EVERYONE and even somethings for little boys too!

God Bless this was all possible because of HIM..

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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La Shauna said...

So excited!! can't wait to see the prizes :)