Sunday, February 27, 2011

BUSY Combination Style, 2 & 3 Strand Twists, Pony Tails, Braids and More

Its been a while since we have done a busy style with ballies so we decided to bring it back :) The first set of pictures are of her Busy style that we created for pajama day at school she chose to wear her Princess and the Frog Jammie's so i got creative and wanted to incorporate alot of bling that matches :)

We washed and conditioned like usual and used the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz to coat her hair and roots prior to rubber banding.

I began parting geometric shapes ranging from diamonds-squares-rectangles-square hearts- an X- and a star in her hair and rubber banded them all individually (very light handedly and loosely so her hair doesn't get damaged) adding ballies and little ponies to the bases followed by applying generous amounts of Bee Mine Dejas Hair Milk in Island Mango ( making sure to heavily coat the base of the bands and ends of her hair where bands and such will be)then i let that saturate for 10 minutes and smoothed some Bee Mine Curly Butter on the mid parts of her hair that i will be braiding/twisting.

I then braided some of the parts, two strand twisted some, and three strand twisted others and incorporated a few sister twists for a BUSY different type of style. I ended the braids and twists with purple and green bow/animal clips(from our local beauty supply), purple and green BGP stars in pastel colors that we got from Curly Princess Hair Boutique (these are a must have for EVERYONE'S collection) we love the bigger sized beads and where we live NO ONE sells them. When the style was complete i spritzed one more layer of the Juicy Spritz and topped it off with a super light coat of Olive Oil Sheen.

We did this style for her pre-school pajama day and Diva R is most proud of this busy style :) Her little girlfriends come up and hug her and always compliment her hair its so rewarding! It took about an hour and a half with breaks.

This set of pictures is our "revamping" of her Busy style to freshen up the tightness and change the colors to match other outfits :) We also merged some of the sections to form new ones.

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

I am contemplating the next style.. What would everyone like to see?

Our Newest Set Of Products!

We just received our newest order of Bee Mine products of which we have not tried yet! We are super anxious to try these new additions I already love the almond conditioner's scent it is out of this world. Ive read lots of reviews on these everywhere and had to see for myself what they are all about and if Diva R's hair is receptive and lavishes from them. 

 From left to right

Bee Mine Avacado Cream Balanced Conditioner
Bee Mine Botanical Moisturizing Shampoo
Bee Mine Bee Lovely Moisturizing Daily Conditioner
Bee Mine Bee Lovely Hair and Scalp Moisturizer

We have alot of reviewing in our bucket.

Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter review coming soon!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Thursday, February 24, 2011

*Shoplight Alert* Fatemeh's Jewelery and Accessories

We have been on an everlasting quest for some flowers for Diva R's hair that aren't too big. Nearly every flower we come across is just huge, huge and hideous, or real heavy and huge.  Diva R doesn't have a whole lot of hair so putting a HUGE flower in her hair makes her head look proportioned with the flower and it is not the best look for her.  We had won the runner up spot in the Bee Mine Valentines Day Contest and received a Bee Mine gift certificate to Bee Mine Products as well as a gift certificate to Fatemeh's Jewelry and Accessories.  I have shopped many times at so i knew that this was a blessing :)

Fatemeh's sells handmade hair flowers, broaches, and jewelry. We chose the Lavender Crochet Hair Flower which is about 4 inches wide give or take.  It is 100% Acrylic Yarn and is machine washable! At first i was skeptical on getting something crocheted for Diva R's hair out of thinking it could get ruined by hair products or rough housing. BUT i am so glad we found Fatemeh's because this crochet flower is just amazing and it is not going to be torn up any time soon! The construction is of great quality and the flower is so light weight and can lay in any type of hair style!

Since it is not thick and bulky like most flowers it doesn't look like a rock sticking off her head! It lays just perfect and i can fold up the petals if id like and give the flower some 3D pop. This is definitely a great buy and these are only $5.00 each and if you buy more the shipping is a steal of a deal :) You can customize these also and have layers of different colors if you choose or you can have solid colored ones of different colors :) Check her shop out :) It got here within days of ordering it and her hospitality and kindness just glows, KUDOS to Fatemeh's Jewelry and Accessories.

I had also chosen the Black Chip earrings from her shop and i just LOVE them, i definitely recommend her shop to anyone looking for handmade beads, crochet flowers or hand made jewelry :) We are placing another order asap!

Do you have any favored shops that sell hand made hair pretties??

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tangle Teezer Review W/Pictures

Here are the products and tools of choice that we used .
The wide toothed comb was for parting so i could apply the Bee Mine No Sulfur Growth Serum, since we have begun this growth adventure on Feb 5th we have applied it every other day and kept our washing conditioning and moisturizing routine the same so we will see what the future holds. Bee Mine has already given her growth results! So i have total faith that we will see more results:). I have the bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer on hand also.

Before we get into the Tangle Teezer review and pictures this picture below and the one following are examples of what Diva R's hair looks likes normally We have always finger detangled with help of our wide tooth comb at the ends going up if needed we also have a paddle brush that works just fine.

                                           This picture below begins our Tangle Teezer Review.
I washed conditioned and moisturized Diva R's hair like usual and used the Tangle Teezer for the first time on her hair after she woke the next morning i didn't re-spritz moisturizer or anything at this point i wanted to try it out on her hair when it was dry and pre-product applicated. as you can see the Tangle Teezer *Teezed* her curls out to where they became super full and just luscious and vibrant. Usually her ringlet curls are S- shaped and i can coil them with minimal effort. I loved the resulting softness and  fullness of Diva R's hair after using the Tangle Teezer and asked Diva R how she liked the brush and she said " I love it, its so soft and wanted me to keep brushing her hair!" I was stoked because usually she likes to play around when it comes to hair time so this was a great time for mommy and unlike combs and most brushes the tangle Teezer didn't get caught on a snarl or knot once and i put it to the test on numerous occasions and it seriously just "weaved" the knots out causing zero pain to Diva R and she would definitely tell me if something hurt because she has a tender scalp and always has so i have to be feather fingered as it is :)

Here are pictures further into our experimenting with the Tangle Teezer and our review is still the same as it was before this point. We had purchased this from Sally's for $9.50 and were really hoping to find a flower pot or a pink TT but we had to get the black instead since the craze is at its peak Tangle Teezers are scarce to come by so when i seen it i had to grab one of the two left regardless of which color :) We had to try the TT and see what all the hype was about. Glad i did because this brush has solves my having to persuade Diva R to let me brush her hair regularly and she is now excited to brush her hair and she even does it herself now with no fuss :) She LOVES to use it on my hair too and I can even say this is an amazing brush for my hair type as well it feels so soft and feels like my hair is getting a massage when brushed.  Were still searching for the flower pot though :) This time her hair didn't fluff out as it did before because this was right after it was washed conditioned moisturized lightly and air dried. In the top picture of the collage i brushed her hair down with the TT and in the bottom picture i brushed her hair out to see how it would look and
it REALLY poofed out then lol she had  a "half-fro" and it was adorable.

Here is the before shot of Diva R's wet hair and of course we had to compare the results of the dry to the wet using the TT. These are her natural curls just out of the bath. (Getting long!!!)

Here are the after shots of using the TT on her wet hair to detangle and brush. It nearly straightened her hair out as i brushed and i can definitely say i like the results of the TT better when its used on wet hair. Her curls just crept back into usual form quickly and  remained Tangle free. I put her Bee Mine Curly Butter on after wards and i tossled her hair slightly with my fingers and her hair remained soft the whole day through play and all.

I do have to say that at first the sound of the TT going through my daughters dry hair was kind of "crackling like" and it sort of stood out to me me until i began to use it and hold it in different ways i realized that's the sound of it working and its not damaging her hair at all. Its so gentle and you can watch each bristle "dance " around the Tangle releasing its hold.
In our opinion the Tangle Teezer was worth its price, meets its claims and exceeds our expectations.  It is a must that you wash your TT with warm water regularly because product could build up as with any other hair tools. The hype is understood. We <3 out Tangle Teezer and encourage everyone to buy one :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Next i will be posting a review on an awesome hair accessory and jewelry shop i had come across :) I haven't had much luck finding any online shops that make flowers the size i would like for Diva R's hair and Fatemeh'sOTW :)

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection: 1st EVER Cornrows...

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection 

 I began doing Diva R’s hair a little over two years ago and I began with sectioned pony tails with usually ballies at the base and either braids or two strand twists into clips, ballies or beads. I tried to learn how to cornrow for years and I couldn’t grasp the technique I mean NO technique at all!! I watched numerous you tube videos, bookmarked many blogs and googled until I couldn’t Google any more. 

I came across many talented people that inspired me to learn more about taking care of my daughter’s hair and how to style it. XxPrettyma on YouTube  was the very first inspiration that really paved my curiosity into trying styles like she did on her daughters hair and I seen a lot of styles possible that I didn’t think were possible on finer type hair like Diva R’s (This is a must See set of videos if you haven't already :) . I searched more and came across Keep Me Curly and this is where I picked up a lot of my techniques, learned a lot of how to’s on corn rowing and designs, this is where I also first seen yarn braids  I found Bee Mine Products through Beads Braids and Beyond and we are in <3 with those products. I came across Curly Princess Hair Boutique and began hair sharing and participating in the world of children’s natural hair care making friends as I went. I then found KandyLandKurls and thanks to her and her helpful welcoming hand I kick started my blog and we built our present community from there  I learned how to cornrow from watching countless hours of videos online, asking countless questions everywhere, watching professionals and people I know braid hair and I discovered my own technique and just went with the flow.

 My finger technique isn’t easy to follow but it gets the job done I found that two and three strand twists were much easier than corn rowing and braiding using more than 3 strands. I was proud of my first set of cornrows It took much practice and I had even bought a  Manikin head previous to this because I was having such a hard time finding how to hold my fingers and Diva R just wasn’t having it being my guinea pig. I would say that the Manikin head was instrumental in my learning different types of styles and definitely corn rowing.  I was so picky I wouldn’t leave twisted up bad looking braids in her hair so I guess that explains why it took me 30 minutes to do one cornrow…lol
Now I am much faster and getting better…  still not pro yet but as we go I learn more and more.
What does everyone remember about when you first learned how to cornrow?
Diva R’s Mommy- Kim

Monday, February 21, 2011

We Bought a Tangle Teezer...

We are in the process of reviewing the Tangle Teezer. We have been experimenting with it for a week now so shortly we will post a review from our experiences on a variety of uses. I was only able to get the black one and there were two left when i did get it at Sally's Beauty Supply for $9.50 Since I' m a beauty card holder.  Not bad and we kind of wanted to try it for ourselves.  I have read alot of different reviews on it and so we joined in on the hype. Stay tuned for a few more product reviews :)

Stay Blessed Everyone.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Recap of Todays Curlee Style from Valentines Day... Our Wedding Hair Styles Included

I am officially back up on my feet from having my computer being inoperable. So to begin with here is the styles that Diva R and I wore for my Wedding Day. As you can see we didn't have a formal type wedding we preferred to keep everything humble and simple and we coordinated our attire with Valentines Day theme which also represented CHD awareness week in honor of our son Z Who has a heart defect.  We chose to wear our heart lego necklaces that we had made to wear as we were married :) Diva R wore fairy wings and a veil over her outfit that coordinated with her brothers red hoodie and black pants :)

I did Diva R's hair into a half veil style up do that i freestyled and incorporated some Curly Princess Hair Boutique heart beads Her curls are naturally hanging and the cornrows on the top half are coming down toward her face to give her curls a face frame in the front.  I used Bee Mine Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz after i washed her hair with our usual shamp and conditioner and i then applied the Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer throughout her hair where i was going to be having rubber bands, the veil and beads. I put The Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter on top of the moisturizer and finger curled her natural curls with their curl pattern. We have the Bee Mine Curly Butter in the unscented fragrance and wow this is the best scent ever!!! We swear by Bee Mine :) No products out there have ever been able to touch the quality of Bee Mine. The prices are not expensive either considering how long each one lasts they pay for them selves as you see results before your eyes. I have began using this lightly on my super fine hair as well and the Juicy Spritz on the mid-ends of my hair. This style took 2 hours to complete and it lasted 4 days.

My hair is just simply curled :) and its freshly high and low lighted i never do much to my hair other than scrunch it and straighten it :)

(Excuse the little white light on my forehead lol) I used the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz on my hair :) These were our Valentines styles hope you all enjoyed them.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our First Ever Giveaway is HERE!! Thanks to Curly Princess Hair Boutique in honor of our growing FB community :)

Our friends at Curly Princess Hair Boutique are generously sponsoring this blessed giveaway through us and we would like to share this giveaway on part of our cherished Face book readers, as our FB community has grown so quickly we decided to give back and also give a high 5 to CPHB for such awesome hair pretties which we have MANY of J  Thanks Amanda
Giveaway Guidelines and Requirements
*In order to enter the giveaway you must follow our blog and comment for each entry under this post ON THE BLOG in order for your entries to count * This giveaway will be for United Sates and Canadian residents only* There are many opportunities for multiple entries daily.  The giveaway begins today 2-19-11 and it ends on March 13th at 12:00am, the winner will be chose via entry points each entry counts as 1 point if we receive under 80 comments, if we exceed 80 comments then will chose our winner (so its suggested to get as many entries in as possible so your chances of winning are heightened.) YOU MUST comment under this blog post each time you complete an entry and tell me/ link me to your competed entry to validate your entries in the final count. EX: Hey LYGBC just stopping by to tell you that I blogged your giveaway on my blog today. (provide link).
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The winner wil get to choose 5 items of their choice from CPHB, and i am also thinking about having a runner up prize too... Maybe something from Bee Mine or some things from a beauty supply store of our choice :) So get in where you fit in and ENTER :)
The requirement for your entries to count is that for every one you complete you MUST leave a comment on this blog post stating that you did so.  1 entry= 1 point. At the end of the giveaway I will be tallying the points until we get to 80 comments (entries), if we exceed 80 comments I will use The giveaway ends March 13th at 12:00am EST. The winner will be chosen on March 14th and will be given until March 18th to respond to me via email if there is no contact with the winner by then the runner up will be chosen if the point system was in place or a new winner will be selected via 
Diva R’s Mommy-Kim

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hey everyone sorry i haven't been regularly on in the last two days. My laptop got destroyed :( and i am out of commission for a few days so bare with me and when i get back online i will have a giveaway posted, and some awesome new updates and hair shares :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Friday, February 11, 2011

Giveaway POSSIBLY right around the corner :)

Hey Fam :) Welcome all of our new readers... and Howdy to all of our faithful cherished readers already in place :)

We decided to throw in an early treat to our readers on FB since our page took off in days way beyond expected, so we want to give back :)

Stop on by our FB page via our network blogger widget on the upper left of our blog under our tabs :) and become a friend because this giveaway is EXCLUSIVE to our FB readers this time around. 

I had a certain requirement posted a few hours ago and this still has to be met :) TELL your friends and cousins and who ever is pertinent about our blog so we can get this awesomeness rolling. I had posted a comment on my wall asking everyone to simply comment Loveyourgirls Biracialcurls
Hey FB fam I was just wondering if maybe you all would be interested in a giveaway sooner than later??? If I get 50 comments to this I will do one on some awesome hair items :)
Go comment and lets get that number to 50 :)
Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Our friends at KandyLandKurls is having a GREAT Giveaway!!: WILD, WILD HAIR GIVEAWAY!!!

Stop in and enter to win this awesome hair book :) and Check out KandyLandKurls new forum :)

KandyLand: WILD, WILD HAIR GIVEAWAY!!!: "We are having a special giveaway in honor of our new KandyLandKurls Forum! We have recently added a forum to our blog, this is a place where..."

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Todays Crazy Hair Day Style W/Valentine Flair... MUST SEE :)

WOW! Is all i have to say about this style! today was crazy hair day at Diva R's school and since Valentines day is right around the corner i decided to add a little valentine twist to the crazy and came up with this Bantu Knot Style with Hearts (pipe cleaners bent into hearts and the ends twisted so that it looks like a sucker).

I washed, conditioned and deep conditioned her hair. I used a wide toothed comb and combed it through detangling and reapplying more Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer to the ends so that they are visibly saturated in moisturizer (this helps her ends drink the moisturizer so that when i apply the rubber bands after i make the knots the ends will be bathing in moisturizer underneath and that also helps with eliminating damaged frayed ends).  I then sectioned her hair in different size square and triangular sections, applied a generous amount of Bee Mine Curly Butter to every section individually and single braided each section in 1 braid each and rubber banded them over night. Put on her silk sleep bonnet and off to bed she went :)

This morning i spritz the Bee Mine Juicy Daily Spritz and took down each section one by one and used a little more Curly Butter on each section and then i re-made each single braid and rubber banded them. Then i began twisting the braid around itself forming a little knot (Bantu Knots).

Now the tricky part, I took the thicker braided sections and wrapped each braid around the stem of each pipe cleaner heart and they stayed put.  The smaller sections are what were the harder ones, the hair didn't want to wrap into little knots they wanted to wrap into sausage link looking knots and they would fall over. So with a little tinkering i found a way of sticking the pipe cleaners in the center of her smaller knots and they stayed in place :)

It was a total success and it lasted all throughout school and is still going strong :)

This was a definite crowd pleaser, she has 16 students in her class total and no hair style even touched this one! People wanted to take pictures, her teachers just raved over this style and had all the other teachers come down and see it, parents were marveling and i was just shocked! :) I am definitely proud of this style and so was Diva R we haven't really done many style like this incorporating crafts and such but this was a hit and we gained new motivations from experimenting with the pipe cleaners...

It took an hour to do the whole style and that was 45 minutes longer than what i expected it to take.  Because the single braids wanted to keep unraveling after i rubber banded them into knots and some of the pipe cleaners didn't want to stay put wrapped in her braided knots.
Cheers to crazy hair day :) It was also silly sock day so we put two different girly Christmas socks on :)
I just love being involved and being a SAHM and soon to be Wife :)

The next hair style to look forward to is this awesome Veil style with heart beads and ringlet curls for our Wedding on Valentines Day :) I may even post a picture of mine who knows :)

Be Blessed in the Lord

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Today Marks Diva R's 5th day using the Bee Mine (No-Sulfur) Growth Serum

We applied the Bee Mine Growth Serum on her hair 5 days ago and we didn't reapply yet because it seriously didn't need any more yet.  But we will be re-applying some today. You can tell when this wears off by the pungent smell be gone.  Its not a bad smell its just really minty like.  The review will be complete in a few months time. But i will go and add tid bits along the way.  I can say upon first application i was very unsure of this serum and the smell was kind f a smell to get used to. I could be standing 10 feet away from her and smell it even 2 days later. It lasted through being washed and i would say so far we love this serum :) Its benefits are what we are striving for.

We will keep everyone posted :)

Today is crazy hair day so watch for the post!!! It will be super cute and different.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Curlee Style: Natural Curls!

                                                Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection J                            

This is our ever famous natural curls being proudly work at Diva R’s second birthday party J The picture quality isn’t that great but you get the idea J Her hair stayed this length FOREVER! And this was shortly before her color transformation. Her hair was near jet black from birth until 2 years old. Her hair began changing brown with red hues (like my natural color). So it has like a red shimmer in the sun.  Her hair was super fine in texture and still no styles would hold nor would any pretties stay in her hair at age 2.
I really didn’t have the knowledge then that I do now but her hair was as healthy then as it is now just longer.  Her hair had thinned out from being thick at 1 year old and stayed that way (even though current almost 4 year old times).   I didn’t use anything special in her hair other than the Curl Activator and Leave in Conditioner pictured below…

Needless to say these were not favored products in our experience and I’m soo glad we found Bee Mine… On top of that i just bought what i was advised to buy which was bad advice back then :)

Hope everyone is enjoying this weekly tribute to Diva R’s natural curls J

Next style will be for crazy hair day on the 10th!!!!! WE ARE soo EXCITED for this! This will be over the top and adorably unique so stay tuned!!!!

Diva R’s Mommy-Kim

Monday, February 7, 2011

Recap: This is a result picture using Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer

This is the picture from last nights moisturizing before the french braids. I just washed her hair and conditioned as normal and this was right after the Bee Mine LBCM application :) And her hair just cooperates so well with this moisturizer and it stays over night and even into the next day.

We <3 her natural curls :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Freestyle Valentines Inspired Corn Rows & Bantu Knots

I decided to do a quick cute design with hearts that would last a few days until our awesome crazy hair day hair style :) This took about 2 hours with breaks. We moisturized her hair last night with Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer over night in french braids to retain moisture. So we generously lathered Diva R's hair this morning with Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter and began to braid.

We sectioned out the hearts first and then i braided around them in no particular design and i did varying widths also for a different type of look.  I added beads to the ends. I chose black and white small hearts, big stars, BGP beads, and large barrel beads all mixed together in sequence.  I went along and spritzed the Bee Mine Juicy Moisturizing Spritz and wow did her braids just shine!

Diva R just loved this adorable style and so did everyone else at this play center we went to tonite :)

Only cornrowing about 6 months now :) Increasingly getting better.

What are everyone's Valentine hair plans?

May God abundantly bless everyone :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yesterday Marks the First Day on our Bee Mine Growth Serum (No Sulfur) Trial

We began our trial of the Bee Mine Growth Serum with no Sulfur. We will definitely review it in the future :)

I hope this works :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

How Are Your Organization Skills? Where Do You Keep All of Those Hair Products and Accessories?

We are still in search for the perfect storage for all of our accessories, products and misc. So far we have everything where ever it can go and we add/delete when we find new better storage.  There seems to be nothing in any store near me that could fit our collection. We like the types of bead storage cases that have the dividers in them which are really roomy, these are hot commodities, that's why we only have 1. We need 3. So one day hopefully i will stumble upon more or something that holds everything perfectly. as for now this is how it is in our household :)

We got these at the dollar store 12.00 for all three... The top one is holding smaller clips/barrettes/snaps.
the middle one is holding various ballies. The bottom one is holding big clips/barrettes/snaps.

This is the newest addition to our collection and this is the best buy yet! i can rearrange the compartments to fit more or less  and the compartments are DEEP :) Meijer is great. This houses the majority of Diva R's beads and some Sidewinders.

These are her hair flowers and special clips (missing a few new ones) and her braid band with some of her beads.

 These are our practice heads Diva R's Miss Jenni (on the left) and my Miss. Jenni (on the right).

This is a snap shot of our WHOLE collection currently including lots of pony's, small and large flexi-rods, yarn, thread for Ghana plaits, manikin heads, products, accessories, ribbon spools, beads, head bands and lots more :)

How do you keep all of your things together?

Diva R's Mommy - Kim

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random Hair Care Tips for Naturally Curlee/Kinky Hair Types

These are from our personal experience as well as with hair I have done on other people and, through getting my hair done. 

 1. Use distilled water on your hair at all times instead of tap water!! Now i bet your wondering how do i do that if I'm in the shower or washing my child's hair in the tub... The answer is this, there are filters that you can buy at the local hardware stores that you can attach to your overhead sprayer OR you could buy a sprayer with built in changeable filters (This would pay for its self in no time) because the water that comes through all of our pipes and through our faucets contain imbalances in minerals usually resulting in more than one type over another causing deposits and this can add to the consistent dryness of the hair making it brittle, dry and breaking off..  *Food for thought*

2. Use silk hair caps AND silk pillow cases together ALWAYS or interchangeably!

3. NEVER EVER comb brush or detangle dry hair NEVER even if it is just washed but fully dry.

4. Thoroughly THOROUGHLY educate yourself on all the harsh hair stripping chemicals possibly in potential hair products.

5.Thoroughly read EACH and EVERY bottle or hair package through each and every ingredient/component and DO NOT buy the product if it has these harsh or unnatural chemicals in them.

6.Keep in mind also that if you/ your child has finer textured hair such as type 1- type 3b you want to use LIGHT products, no waxes, pomades, oils, thick creams, grease or anything similar for this WILL weigh the hair down tremendously 

7. It is also not recommended to use relaxers, heat or chemicals on hair period.  With the finer textured hair if you choose to use oil as an after styling sealer use the LIGHT OIL SHEEN it must be SHEEN that indicates it’s a light mist and spray it extra lightly because a little goes a long way.  It is best to find an oil sheen that is NON-aerosol also, because aerosol sprays have butane of some degree in them along with alcohol and other harsh chemicals.  

8. With coarser kinkier hair you can use heavier products if necessary for maintaining form, style and moisture.  But one must remember even with coarse hair light products are very beneficial but they have to be “saturated” with deeper techniques. EX: To gain optimum moisture that lasts a good tip would be Shamp and Wash with products as organic as you can get and right in or out of the shower apply your detangler comb/brush through with fingers or a wide toothed/bristled comb/brush. Then section the hair in 6-8 sections depending on amount of hair and apply your deep conditioner or two if that works best for you and massage into the scalp with your finger PADS never nails and work outward into your hair shafts and ends (I use squeezing motions and I go down the shafts of the hair through the ends so the moisturizer LOCKS itself in). Then you can choose to put a light mist of oil sheen to seal in the moisture.
9. NOW, this is where preference comes in also.  The best penetrable method of gaining optimum moisture without using heat or chemicals or relaxers is by wrapping your now moisturized and sealed hair with a wet/damp towel and secure a non breathable wrap over the towel such as saran wrap, some plastic material hair covers, hair dying caps, shower caps (if big enough) or anything that you have on hand that  would act as a non penetrable barrier to keep the moisture from the towel soaking into your hair and follicles and not evaporating into the air.  This method is also great for hot oil treatments or other conditioning treatments.  If you don’t oppose heat than you could do this process entirely but when you get to the applying of the non breathable barrier you would use a hair dryer no closer than 5 inches to the warm towel instead of that. (This would be more work and tiring but since your hair is protected under the warm towel the heat is penetrating the towel and not frying your hair.
10. If you can, avoid waxes, pomades and anything of that thick sticky waxy nature DO because those products are known to pull hair right out of the head, cause irreversible product build up, damage the hairs natural state, draw in airborne debris, destroy curl patterns, create unnecessary tension on the hair follicle and make the most beautiful healthy hair the complete opposite.
11. Use all natural store bought hair oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, safflower oil, olive oil, almond oil, carrot oil, castor oil, grapseed oil, sunflower oil and there are many more also. But as with this you must go through a trial and error because none of these natural oils are completely alike and they all can act differently on different hair types. This is also an inexpensive way to grow the hair and gain optimum healthy hair with consistent use.

12. Be careful with your sectioning clips and combs used. Even though the clips may only come in contact briefly with your hair get ones that help protect your hair from damage like rubber ones, plastic ones without hinges, material ones that have soft grips, or just use soft ponytails if desired.  Duck bill clips are very popular and these also are very known for destroying hair since a lot of these have teeth, hinges or are metal.  Pony tails and items alike are more time consuming but less strenuous on the hair.
13. DO NOT buy into hair hype and fashion trends without doing research first NEVER take advice blindly because what works for one doesn’t always work for the other its great to experiment with new products and accessories and it should be a cautious trial experiences so the natural curlees stay luscious and full of life with little needed maintenance :)
More to come in the future 

Diva R’s Mommy- Kim

Question for all who have Mixed Chicks Products on hand...

My curiosity was struck regarding Mixed Chicks products, i am interested in knowing what the ingredients are ENTIRELY on the Mixed Chicks products... If anyone has any on hand and is willing to send me the ingredients or post them i would greatly appreciate it. Their website just highlights KEY INGREDIENTS...HMMMMM ?!?

Our FB community is booming! and we love feedback, so show us some love and we will return the favor :)

Stay Blessed all and may this snow pass on by...

Our Next curlee style will be created on Feb 9th so keep a watch for it it will be over the top!!!

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Friday, February 4, 2011

Our Contact Information and Location for Clarification...

Hello Cherished Readers of ours,

Just posting regarding our contact information and where it is located.

We have received an email stating our contact information is no where to be found.  It is located in the Contact Me tab right under our huge banner collage picture and caption. 

Here it is for everyone in simplified format so you can just link us to your account for convenience :)

Feel free to contact me by any method.  Thank you very much for alerting me :)

We are more than willing to do blog promotions in exchange for blog promotions, button swaps, product reviews, giveaways, hair guess-timations, featuring of your hair creations/curlee children/blog in our hair show, open discussions, and we are definitely open for suggestions on additions to the blog.

I love styling and taking proper care of hair and discovering new hair styles. 

If nothing else, this blog will inspire :)

God Bless.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Final Style for Spirit Day Today...

Here it is, a little bit of cornrows mixed with pigtails, braids and beads topped off with some glowing school spirit =... 

Just simple pig tails with 4 single braids on each side sealed with rubber bands and big clips :) I figured why not we haven't done pig tails in a while. Quick and cute and Diva R just loved this style :) She gets compliments from her teachers and friends daily! I feel so great when her face lights up upon seeing the complete style... That's what i live for.

This style i will leave in for probably 3 more days :) The pig tails will for sure have to be re-done or changed in 1 day.  At night we just spritz the Bee Mine Juicy Daily Moisturizing Spritz and i pat/squeeze it into her braids and slip on her silk bonnet and shes good to go. We also use the silk pillow case hand in hand with the bonnet for optimum protection... Next on the list is silk bedding because she likes to slip down off of her pillow some times and her cap may come off depending on which we use since we have a handful because they always seem to disappear :)

I am seriously looking into playing around with extensions maybe with the Remy hair... I enjoy trying new things and i think it would be adorable if the right type is chosen... There are just so many types i don't even know where to begin. 

I am soo geeked for crazy hair day this style will be just awesome :) I LOVE spirit week and being involved with Diva Rs school :) &lt;3 My family

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

School Spirit Cornrows and Pigtails Preview:)

This is a preview :) Well, tomorrows style was also a quick style. At the last minute Diva R's school decided that they were going to do a school spirit themed month and every Thursday is a special day. So tomorrow is school spirit day and her school colors are green and yellow soooo with that being said and i have big plans for a special hair style this up coming week and i didn't want to do an elaborate style before that one. 

*My cornrows are definitely getting better**

She will be wearing her preschool shirt and sporting her matching green and yellow flower and BGP beads complimenting her cornrows.

The flower beads are from Curly Princess Hair Boutique and they are just adorable :)
I used Bee Mine "LBCM" as usual :) and my distilled water filled spray bottle with our wide tooth comb and section clips. I will post the finished product probably tomorrow.

NOW crazy hair day is coming up on the 10th soooo :) Here is a sneak peek of what we are doing :) any guesstimate on this one :) IT will be the sweetest crazy hair in the whole school! Comment with guesses please :)

Stay blessed everyone :)
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Diva R's Mommy- Kim

1st Annual Way Back Wednesday Curlee Style BABY DIVA R

Way Back Wed Style Reflection 

Just &lt;3 This picture 
This was Diva R when she was 1 her hair was straight as a board jet black and with slight curls that were in every direction mostly in the back.  It was very soft just like my hair texture and required no special products. We used Johnsons and Johnsons and they worked great up until she turned about 2, I ventured off into using the baby hair lotion and then onto the Organics Kids brands and on it went...
Her hair would not hold any type of clippys, barrettes, braids, hair bands, pony tails, headbands or anything accessory wise so we just let her hair naturally glow and eventually her curls grew into a curl pattern changed to brown and they went on to grow into healthy ringlets.
I wanted to be able to do her hair so bad at this age and everything I tried her hair would not hold. (this pictured style was achieved by using a rubber band under the clip hoping it wouldn’t slide out before the picture was taken ) It lasted thank God.
Way Back when Diva R was 1 year old.  Does anyone have a hair diva or dude that had/has hair like this?

Diva R’s Mommy- Kim

Bead Review From Curly Princess Hair Boutique...

Review: Curly Princess Hair Boutique

The Chrome Heart Beads and the Big Clear Glass Beads with Pink and Black paint on the insides of the beads are the ones i will be reviewing.

These were parts of the giveaway that we won from Curly Princess Hair Boutique.

These shine like no other and are super cute upon first sight, my first question was i wonder if the products i use could "eat" the finish of them because they are so shiny? So this was a sure shot way to test that hypothesis, i used my Bee Mine products that i use daily which are 100% Organic and we created the style.

We had used chrome beads in the past and have experienced the paint coming off of them in a matter of 2 hours. So we left these in until her bedtime tonight and they were still in pretty good shape over all i was surprised. I could see slightly speckling on a few of them this time around but these ones are definitely reusable at least a couple more times so were ok with that. It was one night and one full day of wearing them through re moisturizing and all. 

The Big Clear Glass Beads with colored paints through the middle were used on Diva R's half cornrow style. Upon sight and touch these were very unique, bright and colorful, rather heavyish and the holes i noticed were regular pony bead size.  I have never seen beads in the store like this for hair ever so i was curious and excited :) I used a total of 6 on her hair this time and they did give the twists some weight so they didn't spiral up or unravel as usual.  

The weight on the hair wasn't as heavy as they initially felt but i would recommend using one or two of these beads on the same grouping of hair at a time because of the weight gain associate with over loading.  It seems like these were crafted beads or given that handmade look. The paint through the middle upon sight was also a first for me and i wondered if our products could alter that state as well? The paint withstood consistent wear and was vibrant and intact when we took them out tonite. I liked the unique varying shapes of these beads and the variety in colors of paint they have in them they scream fun and cute.

I however wouldn't recommend constant usage of these beads because as with any long term wearing of beads or clips the ends of the hair can become frayed, dry, brittle or damaged. These would be easier to maintain i feel, in coarser hair types. We used a BGP bead at the end of the glass beads to secure the rubber band around that one so alot of hair wasn't stretched and wrapped around that big bead. 
We were pleased with the adorable and unique results :) Diva R was definitely proud of these beads and no one else has any beads like that in their hair that we have seen...

Curly Princess Hair Boutique deserves 2 thumbs up. We bought some Large hole star beads from her boutique and we just LOVE these and will be buying more in the future :)

The stores by us don't sell a great variety of beads, especially larger hole ones.  The prices are great and if you check out you may find a discount code :) Tell CPHB that loveyourgirlsbiracialcurls sent you :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim