Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bead Review From Curly Princess Hair Boutique...

Review: Curly Princess Hair Boutique

The Chrome Heart Beads and the Big Clear Glass Beads with Pink and Black paint on the insides of the beads are the ones i will be reviewing.

These were parts of the giveaway that we won from Curly Princess Hair Boutique.

These shine like no other and are super cute upon first sight, my first question was i wonder if the products i use could "eat" the finish of them because they are so shiny? So this was a sure shot way to test that hypothesis, i used my Bee Mine products that i use daily which are 100% Organic and we created the style.

We had used chrome beads in the past and have experienced the paint coming off of them in a matter of 2 hours. So we left these in until her bedtime tonight and they were still in pretty good shape over all i was surprised. I could see slightly speckling on a few of them this time around but these ones are definitely reusable at least a couple more times so were ok with that. It was one night and one full day of wearing them through re moisturizing and all. 

The Big Clear Glass Beads with colored paints through the middle were used on Diva R's half cornrow style. Upon sight and touch these were very unique, bright and colorful, rather heavyish and the holes i noticed were regular pony bead size.  I have never seen beads in the store like this for hair ever so i was curious and excited :) I used a total of 6 on her hair this time and they did give the twists some weight so they didn't spiral up or unravel as usual.  

The weight on the hair wasn't as heavy as they initially felt but i would recommend using one or two of these beads on the same grouping of hair at a time because of the weight gain associate with over loading.  It seems like these were crafted beads or given that handmade look. The paint through the middle upon sight was also a first for me and i wondered if our products could alter that state as well? The paint withstood consistent wear and was vibrant and intact when we took them out tonite. I liked the unique varying shapes of these beads and the variety in colors of paint they have in them they scream fun and cute.

I however wouldn't recommend constant usage of these beads because as with any long term wearing of beads or clips the ends of the hair can become frayed, dry, brittle or damaged. These would be easier to maintain i feel, in coarser hair types. We used a BGP bead at the end of the glass beads to secure the rubber band around that one so alot of hair wasn't stretched and wrapped around that big bead. 
We were pleased with the adorable and unique results :) Diva R was definitely proud of these beads and no one else has any beads like that in their hair that we have seen...

Curly Princess Hair Boutique deserves 2 thumbs up. We bought some Large hole star beads from her boutique and we just LOVE these and will be buying more in the future :)

The stores by us don't sell a great variety of beads, especially larger hole ones.  The prices are great and if you check out you may find a discount code :) Tell CPHB that loveyourgirlsbiracialcurls sent you :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Kandy said...

The star beads are adorable!!

OhMomma said...

I'm not finding many stores near me with a variety of beads either, so I am glad you were able to review CHPB beads! I hope to win the giveaway on your blog!! :-)

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jianette said...

It is so hard to find beads out here on this freakin island. I cant wait to move back to the "mainland" where hopefully I can get some goodie. Or even order them online without a million dollar shipping fee.