Sunday, February 6, 2011

How Are Your Organization Skills? Where Do You Keep All of Those Hair Products and Accessories?

We are still in search for the perfect storage for all of our accessories, products and misc. So far we have everything where ever it can go and we add/delete when we find new better storage.  There seems to be nothing in any store near me that could fit our collection. We like the types of bead storage cases that have the dividers in them which are really roomy, these are hot commodities, that's why we only have 1. We need 3. So one day hopefully i will stumble upon more or something that holds everything perfectly. as for now this is how it is in our household :)

We got these at the dollar store 12.00 for all three... The top one is holding smaller clips/barrettes/snaps.
the middle one is holding various ballies. The bottom one is holding big clips/barrettes/snaps.

This is the newest addition to our collection and this is the best buy yet! i can rearrange the compartments to fit more or less  and the compartments are DEEP :) Meijer is great. This houses the majority of Diva R's beads and some Sidewinders.

These are her hair flowers and special clips (missing a few new ones) and her braid band with some of her beads.

 These are our practice heads Diva R's Miss Jenni (on the left) and my Miss. Jenni (on the right).

This is a snap shot of our WHOLE collection currently including lots of pony's, small and large flexi-rods, yarn, thread for Ghana plaits, manikin heads, products, accessories, ribbon spools, beads, head bands and lots more :)

How do you keep all of your things together?

Diva R's Mommy - Kim


Kandy said...


Lee F said...

I am loving how organized you are! I'm very impressed.

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

@Lee... Thanks alot :) i wish i could have everything color coded but i would need like 20 more containers atleast for that so for now this is what we are working with :) Until i find better storage.

DsMommy said...

Great organzing skills! We have a "hair box" in which we keep bows, clips, pony tails holders in...each of those are kept seperate in those plastic zip bags that baby onsies come in...thanks to her baby brother, lol. We also have 2 bead organizers and a shower caddy that I keep combs, brushes, detangler, mosturizer and oil in. That's how we do it! :) the beads are color coordinated but that's it.

jianette said...

I need to steo my game up! I have one measley little box and random hairties in random locations. Once I move, Im going to try and get organized like this!