Monday, February 20, 2012

Pig Tails With 2 Strand Rope Twists and Barrettes

Ive caught a case of the Pig Tail fever! Here is yet another simple quick and easy style from our recent vault of hairstyles for girls.   I used some of our normal products that are in rotation with this style and its creation...

I dampened, detangled and parted her hair for pig tails with a part going straight down the middle.  Then i pony tailed each side off with some white heart bobbles and i decided i wanted two rope twists stemming from each pig tail... (Rope Twists are the twists that are 3D in formation and they look like actual ropes) They are super easy to create and only require splitting the secton in two even parts and twisting each part counterclock wise and then twisting the two twisted parts together counte clockwise to form them into the "rope" shape. 

These twists stay longest out of all for us and i love the 3D effect <3 All in all it took 20 minutes to create and stayed in place with some rubber bands and clips.

Simple quick cute and girly <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Braid Out From Pretty Brown Girl Event Style

I have done a recent braid out style which is from the style i created for the Pretty Brown Girl Showcase we attended...  Below is the style before braid out on the left and on the right is 1 day after the take down of her cornrows.

Here is what her braid out looked like as it was FRESH just seconds after i took her cornrows down.

I am very pleased with this braid out, there was so much crimpage to it and it looked great! Her hair still had so much moisture retained as well and it was really full as well. These following pictures are one full day old which was slept on even and it lasted very nicely...

Braid outs are awesome :) We LOVE them and its also a mystery as to how each braid out will turn out <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pig Tail's with Braided Heart's

This style was yet another Valentine's Day hairstyle which i felt the heart was necessary to incorporate into :) The pig tails with braided hearts style was a spawn style off of my previous Valentine pony tail with braided heart style. I decided to double the pony tail, create pig tails instead and construct them with hearts &lt;3

I used some distilled water spritz followed by finger dabs of our Pretty Curls Whipped Hair Butter and topped it off with our Bee Mine Juicy Spritz ...

This style is very self explanatory and from beginning to end the style took 20 minutes to complete making this a simple and quick cute hair style for little Diva's.

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Topsy Tail Created Heart and Natural Curls Combination Hairstyle

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!  Here is yet another Valentine's Day hairstyle for the fellow Divas out there &lt;3 I had already posted this one on our Face Book page and i had received the idea from one of the fellow amazing hair blogs i just forget which one(s) so if YOU have done this prior too i will gladly mention with credit <3

This style is "Topsy Tail" created and it begins with a half pony tail. After i pony tailed half of her hair i split the section into two even parts and i braided them individually creating two braids from the pony tail as shown below...

This is where the Topsy Tail tool comes into play... I do not know if there are modern versions of these as i have not seen any. This is one I've had since i was young that i had found un used in my misc boxes of things.  I figured i would get it out and start playing with it!

Then i put the two braids through the hole on the Topsy Tail and centered the pick end underneath her pony tail and pushed the braids up through the pony tail to where they were then in a "water-fall" fashion one on the left and one on the right.  I had two bobby pins handy and i molded each braid into a left and right forming a heart between the two and i used 1 bobby pin on each side to hold the heart in place. Then i rubber banded the two ends together as pictured below...

Here is a close up of the braided heart <3

I was going to leave her hair just like that with no addition but i decided that since i had so much hair in the top pony tail it thinned out her bottom section so i decided i would pony tail it with the top section remainder and adorn it with one of our new Valentine bows from Cute N Curly Bowtique <3

I used our distilled water spritz, Darcy's Botanical's Curl Styling Cream and Pure Jojoba Oil (which i will be reviewing shortly)...

The Jojoba Oil i used lastly as a sealer and moisture retainer and i used just over a nickel size amount along side a few spritzes of distilled water for dilution.

These are the bows we were blessed with for Valentines Day <3 <3 <3

This style was simple and quick and its super easy, no skill needed. This one is one of my favorite hairstyles that we did this year as of yet.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

New Years Giveaway Bash Week's 4 & 5 Giveaways!

Its hard to believe that week's 4 & 5 of our New Years Giveaway Bash are here already!!! We are proud to announce Power Capes and Pretty Brown Girl as the 2 sponsors for this 2 week giveaway segment.  I have had the blessing of reviewing products from both Pretty Brown Girl and Power Capes and this is in part the reason why we had asked for them to be a part of this giveaway as i had hand chosen and approached the involved companies according to being favorites of ours &lt;3

Power Capes is a very dear organization/company to us. I had come across Power Capes last year through a Congenital Heart Defect Community Group that i belong to and i was taken back by their Heart Hero's Cape and the Heart Hero Cape Program. During the time that i found the company they were doing this donate a cape to a hero and i sent an inquiry about it detailing my son and his CHD and they offered to send him one of my choice custom made! It has a Heart Hero patch on the front as well and i LOVE the significance of that especially &lt;3

Here is my Z Man wearing his Heart Hero Cape that Power Capes made special for him along side our review of the cape...

I chose a red satin "Side Kick" Cape and the Side Kick element is size significant and it fits between a 2-7 year old. The length is approximately 22 inches long. I got his first name initial Z in blue with the black sparkly lightening bolt design. The cape came so fast i was in complete surprise and i knew my little man would be equally thrilled to receive this! My son is super hero all the way and hes never had a cape up until this point and as it arrived his glory was beyond evident, he knew it was a special cape just for him.

The satin is of a nice construction, its not that cheap sheer material, it is in fact 100% satin and is as durable as such.  It has been through everything and back and hasn't got a snag or tear in it yet.  We have had our Power Cape for about a year now and Z still wears this as much as he used too and the quality speaks for itself.  Kelly had generously crafted and sent this Cape to us and a major thanks is owed to her as this has made major waves of positivity in our house and everywhere my son wears it we are sure to get stopped

 Another cool element of the beginning of this cape is that the company Power Capes is Michigan based which is our home state &lt;3  Click here to visit Power Capes Web Shop

Pretty Brown Girl is also an amazing organization in our book, as for some time now i have been searching for a group that catered to ethnic children and children of mixed cultures and i had stumbled upon Pretty Brown Girl though Blac Magazine and was shocked to see that PBG is also a Michigan born and raised entity <3  I had fell in love with the PBG concept and the merchandise was just gorgeously unique.  I had begun speaking to Sheri and soon enough i was able to start participating in the movement as it was near my town. I had the pleasure of traveling out to the second PBG Show Case event and had nothing short of a breath taking experience.

Clearly my sweet Diva proudly rocks her PBG gear and she asks to wear something from her collection frequently. Her shirts are always conversation starters and I've been able to add to spreading awareness about the movement as regularly as she wears them.  We are so blessed to have Pretty Brown Girl on deck with us and they have offered to bless one of our readers with a Pretty Brown Girl Empowerment Pack which you pick your own t shirt, color size and will also receive poster and wrist band ( you must also pick your wrist band size)...

To enter to win one of or both of these prize packages enter on the Rafflecopter form below...

There is only one mandatory entry and the rest are optional, remember the more the merrier and the more entries you complete the more chances you have to win! You are also able to enter a few times a day to up your chances.  You must comply with what the Rafflecopter asks of you, as this is how i count the entries and i will hand verify each one out of fairness for everyone.

If the Rafflecopter doesn't load just simply reload the page. These giveaways are currently active and will conclude on February 28th at 12:01a EST.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Monday, February 13, 2012

Announcing Our 9th Annual Hair Show... Featuring "The Princess"

Welcome to our 9th Annual Hair Show! We are proud to feature The Princess from Different Kinds of Curls.  Thank you Elizabeth for submitting your custom feature post it is a pleasure to have one of your sweet Diva daughters on our Hair Show <3

Here are some amazing hair styles that Elizabeth shared with us to share with you along side a bit about The Princess ...

This is my 7 year old daughter, who we refer to as "The Princess' on my blog. Her hair is wavy and thin, but it has lots of texture.  She loves having fun styles in her hair, mainly because while I am doing her hair, we get to spend that quality time talking and laughing together.

Thank you Kim, for the opportunity to be featured on your blog. 

Elizabeth & The Princess

It was a pleasure getting to know more about you and your daughter! Thank you for being a part of our Hair Show I'm loving the cute and unique cornrow styles that you create and i enjoy reading your blog as well!  I may have to borrow some of these styles one i get better at braiding in patterns <3

God Bless.

Who would like to be featured next on our Hair Show? If you are interested in being featured please email within to inquire @ and i can even send you a personalized interview!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Pony Tail With Braided Heart

We are counting the days down until Valentine's Day and have still a few styles under our belt to unveil <3  This style is an inspired one which came to me via Princess Piggies and i added my own twist to it as i usually do. The style original name is the "Heart Topper" so instead of twisting/rolling the hair into its heart formed topper i braided it as i knew that her hair wouldn't stand through otherwise.

This style is super easy and simple and quick, it looks lightly more complicated than it really is. I gathered our distilled water spritz bottle, Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer, and the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz. Tool/Accessory wise i had my rat tail comb present, 2 rubber bands and 1 pony tail.  I always begin first with my distilled water spritz i use this faithfully as our pre-moisture moisturizer. I pulled her hair back into a pony tail and as i did so i was slicking in some Luscious to help hold back the frizzies, the shorter baby hairs and to add in a thicker moisturizer that usually stays put and does what it it supposed to throughout a full day style.  I love not having to reapply moisturizers more than 1 time total in a day. <3

After i smoothed out the pony tail at the back center of her head i took the rat tail comb and sectioned about a half inch's worth off the top of the pony tailed hair. (This is the part that i will be constructing the heart from).  I then placed a rubber band about just bigger than a half inch around that small section i just parted. I then split that section i just rubber banded, into two even sections presenting a right and a left. I clipped off the big grouping of remainder hair to keep it out of the way and i braided each of the two designated sections for constructing the heart into single braids. I removed the clip i had on the big section and at this point most of the frame work is done. I then molded the desired heart shape with my fingers and rubber banded the ending braided strands with the free section of hair.  Finally i braided the remaining grouped section into a regular three strand braid, securing the end with a rubber band and topping it off with some Juicy Spritz, we were set!

This style took about 20 minutes tops and was so fun and easy to do.

People really seen to flock to my Diva's holiday/event themed styles, not to mention how much i really enjoy creating and re-vamping new and unique styles making hair time even more special!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Heart Hairstyle For Girls Version 2

Heart Heaven is where we have been lately :) I've been surfing the net and concocting some ideas for some Valentines hair styles and i decided on doing heart themed styles for the rest of this month and then i will be on to some St. Patty's Day styles...

I had promised that i would post the re-vamped version of my most recent heart hairstyle and without further a due here it is!

So as you can see the style nearly stayed the same with a few tweaks and additions. I figured that i would add two additional pony tails instead of the one side pony tail now totalling 3 pony tails. I also re-did the 2 strand rope twists stemming from the heart and i added more rope twists to the other two pony tails totalling 6 rope twists.

We were itching to use some of our Sidewinders and we chose the brown and pink 3 inch Hair Holders to adorn the rope twists with.  I picked out a cute matching outfit and a misted a few spritz's of Shea Moisture Mist and we were revamped into a whole new style just that fast.

All in all this transformation style took 15 minutes and i plan on it lasting a few more days :)

The Diva really loved her festive style and the Sidewinders are one of her staple accessories as it is so she was really in Diva mode. I am beginning to fall in LOVE with these rope twists they have seriously been working for us and lasting as long as needed as well. They haven't lasted through the night though but lasting all day is a plus in our book for sure because twists have never been long lasting or even possible in her hair until now and still only rope twists are working.  

Here is an idea of what her rope twists look like after i unraveled them. Her hair seriously looks "loc'd" up. I like the cute fun spiral looking loc imitators :) Too bad i cant further unravel them without them losing their spiral look.

This is a simple to follow style and most of the styles i create are created in random freestyle way anyways, i usually create as i go with no format which would make tutorials hours long  and some what needless. * If you always start with your focal point of the style and work around it you will achieve the same style or create your own version like i did, having the heart as my focal point i just simply created around it.*

God Bless and Happy Pre-Valentine's Day <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim