Monday, February 20, 2012

Pig Tails With 2 Strand Rope Twists and Barrettes

Ive caught a case of the Pig Tail fever! Here is yet another simple quick and easy style from our recent vault of hairstyles for girls.   I used some of our normal products that are in rotation with this style and its creation...

I dampened, detangled and parted her hair for pig tails with a part going straight down the middle.  Then i pony tailed each side off with some white heart bobbles and i decided i wanted two rope twists stemming from each pig tail... (Rope Twists are the twists that are 3D in formation and they look like actual ropes) They are super easy to create and only require splitting the secton in two even parts and twisting each part counterclock wise and then twisting the two twisted parts together counte clockwise to form them into the "rope" shape. 

These twists stay longest out of all for us and i love the 3D effect <3 All in all it took 20 minutes to create and stayed in place with some rubber bands and clips.

Simple quick cute and girly <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Bettina C. said...

those rope twists are amazing, how do you control the flyaway's and keep the twists so tight??? my daughter has very fine hair and tons of flyaway's.

melissar said...

ohh i like the ropes they look so pretty