Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Heart Hairstyle For Girls Version 2

Heart Heaven is where we have been lately :) I've been surfing the net and concocting some ideas for some Valentines hair styles and i decided on doing heart themed styles for the rest of this month and then i will be on to some St. Patty's Day styles...

I had promised that i would post the re-vamped version of my most recent heart hairstyle and without further a due here it is!

So as you can see the style nearly stayed the same with a few tweaks and additions. I figured that i would add two additional pony tails instead of the one side pony tail now totalling 3 pony tails. I also re-did the 2 strand rope twists stemming from the heart and i added more rope twists to the other two pony tails totalling 6 rope twists.

We were itching to use some of our Sidewinders and we chose the brown and pink 3 inch Hair Holders to adorn the rope twists with.  I picked out a cute matching outfit and a misted a few spritz's of Shea Moisture Mist and we were revamped into a whole new style just that fast.

All in all this transformation style took 15 minutes and i plan on it lasting a few more days :)

The Diva really loved her festive style and the Sidewinders are one of her staple accessories as it is so she was really in Diva mode. I am beginning to fall in LOVE with these rope twists they have seriously been working for us and lasting as long as needed as well. They haven't lasted through the night though but lasting all day is a plus in our book for sure because twists have never been long lasting or even possible in her hair until now and still only rope twists are working.  

Here is an idea of what her rope twists look like after i unraveled them. Her hair seriously looks "loc'd" up. I like the cute fun spiral looking loc imitators :) Too bad i cant further unravel them without them losing their spiral look.

This is a simple to follow style and most of the styles i create are created in random freestyle way anyways, i usually create as i go with no format which would make tutorials hours long  and some what needless. * If you always start with your focal point of the style and work around it you will achieve the same style or create your own version like i did, having the heart as my focal point i just simply created around it.*

God Bless and Happy Pre-Valentine's Day <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Precious Henshaw said...

Beautiful style!


this is a beutiful style and the cuteset heart style i have ever seen

melissar said...

i love this style

Keianna KeeKeeAllNatural said...

I still haven't mastered the heart style lol...You always do a great job on this technique. Very cute.