Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Pony Tail With Braided Heart

We are counting the days down until Valentine's Day and have still a few styles under our belt to unveil <3  This style is an inspired one which came to me via Princess Piggies and i added my own twist to it as i usually do. The style original name is the "Heart Topper" so instead of twisting/rolling the hair into its heart formed topper i braided it as i knew that her hair wouldn't stand through otherwise.

This style is super easy and simple and quick, it looks lightly more complicated than it really is. I gathered our distilled water spritz bottle, Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer, and the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz. Tool/Accessory wise i had my rat tail comb present, 2 rubber bands and 1 pony tail.  I always begin first with my distilled water spritz i use this faithfully as our pre-moisture moisturizer. I pulled her hair back into a pony tail and as i did so i was slicking in some Luscious to help hold back the frizzies, the shorter baby hairs and to add in a thicker moisturizer that usually stays put and does what it it supposed to throughout a full day style.  I love not having to reapply moisturizers more than 1 time total in a day. <3

After i smoothed out the pony tail at the back center of her head i took the rat tail comb and sectioned about a half inch's worth off the top of the pony tailed hair. (This is the part that i will be constructing the heart from).  I then placed a rubber band about just bigger than a half inch around that small section i just parted. I then split that section i just rubber banded, into two even sections presenting a right and a left. I clipped off the big grouping of remainder hair to keep it out of the way and i braided each of the two designated sections for constructing the heart into single braids. I removed the clip i had on the big section and at this point most of the frame work is done. I then molded the desired heart shape with my fingers and rubber banded the ending braided strands with the free section of hair.  Finally i braided the remaining grouped section into a regular three strand braid, securing the end with a rubber band and topping it off with some Juicy Spritz, we were set!

This style took about 20 minutes tops and was so fun and easy to do.

People really seen to flock to my Diva's holiday/event themed styles, not to mention how much i really enjoy creating and re-vamping new and unique styles making hair time even more special!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Queen Mom said...

I love that! Thanks for sharing! I think I'm gonna try that for MY Diva's hair (she's actually the Princess and I'm the Queen in our house full of boys) :) said...

Oh, this is too cute! I love the simple styles :)