Monday, December 17, 2012

Blended Beauty Blended Cutie BIG Review

Hi Everyone! We've been blessed with the opportunity to review some products once again from Blended Beauty.  I was thrilled as i was just looking into getting more products so this couldn't have been better timing.  Stacey sent me the...

*Blended Cutie Tug Me Knot Conditioner

*Blended Cutie Silky Swirls Shampoo
*Blended Cutie Satin Style Reviver
*Blended Cutie Butter Me Up

So for a bit now i have been using these products exclusively in compliment of each other. In the past weve tried the Blended Cutie Swirls and Curls & Blended Cutie Jelly Cream and you can click here to reflect on our review of those.

I will begin with the Blended Cutie Silky Swirls Shampoo

Natural Curly Hair Shampoo for kids. Sulfate Free. Paraben Free

Product Description
A luxurious and gentle cleanser that rinses silky smooth, and leaves hair conditioned and soft to touch. The smoothing effect of the natural conditioners prepares the hair for the Tug Me Not Conditioner, creating added ease of combing and styling. pH balanced for tender scalps and gentle enough to use every day and on little swimmers!

Aloe Water, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin, Capryl Isostearate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Guar Gum, Soy Lecithin, Cetyl Esters, Perfume, Natural Preservative Optiphin, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Corn Protein, Wheat Protein, Soy Protein, Silk Powder.


Apply to wet hair and scalp and massage. Rinse completely and repeat if needed.

Color: Yellow/Goldish like Honey

Scent: Cake Frosting
Texture/Consistency: Smooth, Liquid with Light/Medium Consistency
Cost: $18.50 per 8oz


- Kid friendly for both sensitivity and fragrant reasons
- Good ingredients
- Not runny but not real thick either
- You can feel it cleaning
- Minimal suds, indicating no sulfates
- Light after fragrance
- Nice slip between fingers
- Applies smooth and easy
- *Fast shipping*
- *Great and friendly customer service*


- Price is a little steep for what you get (In my opinion)

My Feelings:

Upon first glimpse i thought that this shampoo was thicker in nature but as i started using it i found that looks deceive which was great for us because of my Diva having such fine and thinner type loose curls, thicker shampoos are icky in her hair.  I was captivated by the scent of the shampoo as it is the cake frosting like smell that I'm used to by using the Blended Cutie products.  This was also kind of a bummer too because i was expecting something different between all 6 BC products I've tried so far, scent wise. So hopefully in the future they will come out with other kid friendly scents to choose from :).  The texture was right on par for our ideal type of shampoo, it is super smooth, has a silky application and i used about 3-4 squirts to coat her hair.  Suds were present but not over abundantly which is favorable.  Some of the ingredients I am not familiar with and didn't worry too much about as I'm sure none of the known bad ones are present or hidden within.  I am overall satisfied with this shampoo and will keep it in our routine.  The cost is kind of steep in my opinion so the next time i look to replenish my supply i will be coupon or deal searching as i can not buy this local. 

(Here is a shot of the Silky Shampoo for detail clarification)

I use this in combination with the Blended Cutie Tug Me Knot Conditioner which I'm reviewing next...

Up Next is the Blended Cutie Tug Me Not Conditioner

Product Description

A luxurious rinse-out conditioner that envelopes each strand with silky softeness. Tangles and teary eyes are a thing of the past. pH balanced for tender scalps, and enriched with beantree, chamomile, and grapeseed oil. Smooths and deep conditions creating bouncy curls.


Aloe Vera Water, Natural Conditioners, Witch Hazel, Capryl Isostearate, Glycerin, Rice Bran Oil, Polysorbate 20, Natural Preservative Optiphin, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Corn Protein, Wheat Protein, Soy Protein, Silk Powder.


Apply to clean wet hair and smooth through completely. Leave on 2-3 minutes for daily use or longer for weekly use. Comb through hair in sections for less breakage, and rinse completely.

Color: White

Scent: Cake/Frosting Like
Texture/Consistency: Cool Whip Mixed With Cream Cheese & Medium-Thick Consistency
Cost: $18.50 per 8oz


-Texture is versitile between different hair types
-Thicker in nature for better staying and absorbing power
- Kid friendly scent & suitable for sensitivities
- Does not burn eyes
- Applies easily and generously
- Doesnt take alot per application to coat my daughters hair
- Has great togetherness
- Long lasting after application
- Light after scent present


- Price is kind of steep for what you get (In My Opinion)

My Feelings:

At first i thought this looked very similar to two other products from this line that i have, then upon further inspection i found new elements which struck my interest.  The texture is unique and before i began using it i could tell this was going to do wonders on her hair.  I loved the hard to explain feel... Instantly i could feel the deep conditioning and it acts great as a knot remover too.  With my daughter being tender headed this is a multipurpose go-to product of ours because it helps to eliminate struggle with knots and manageability after taking styles down. Id consider this to be a deep conditioner type of product but an interesting fact is that it doesnt require being left in for a long period of time.  It works almost immediately and has a nice lasting effect after being applied.  I leave this on for about 5 minutes max when i want to deeply condition, i use a shower cap from time to time after application and her curls become as bouncy and springy as ever with either method.  Needless to say this is one of the top two fav conditioners of mine of all time :) Cost of it of course is the only downfall in sight. 

(Here is a picture showing the Tug Me Not Conditioner for clarification purposes)

In the third slot is the Blended Cutie Butter Me Up- Leave in Moisturizer

Product Description

A rich and gentle moisturizer for curls and kinks that are in extra need.This leave-in conditioning cream, is enriched with shea butter, aloe and chamomile. It is pH balanced for sensitive scalps, and tames frizzies while smoothing and softening those precious curls and kinks.


Aloe and Chamomile water, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Soy Lecithin, Natural Conditioner, Capryl Isostearate, Natural Preservative Optiphen, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Silk Powder.


Apply to clean, damp, detangled hair in small sections and smooth through completely. Style with fingers, not a comb, to reduce poof.

Color: Whiteish

Scent: Cake/Frosting
Texture/Consistency: Thicker Buttercream Homemade Frosting
Cost: $21.00 per 250ml


-Thicker in nature
-Absorbs in well
-Kid friendly product
-Smooths in easy and softly
-Frizz tamer/Curl definer
-Good ingredients


-Price gouger
-Didnt do well overall for us

My Feelings:

This product was recommended to me and so by my reviewing Blended Beautys website i was curious as to how this would work out.  Im always looking for a good moisturizer and thick moisturizers are usually good for twisting, braiding, when im beading and using rubber bands or when im looking to put a style in that will last over some time. This product (like the others from this line) has the cake/frosting like scent and really resembles the swirls and curls, and tug me not in texture/consistency. It does tend to weigh my daughters hair down sometimes if i dont apply it with water. Its too thick for my daughters hair when down, i cant use it on her dry hair and I only find this good for the above mentioned.  Id say im on the fence with this one and i will keep using it periodically.  

(Here is a close up of how the Blended Cutie Butter Me Up looks like)

Last but not least is the Blended Cutie Satin Style Reviver

Product Description
Refresh, detangle and condition in a instant! Tame bedhead or freshen up squished and frizzed up curls. Apply right on top, or underneath other Blended Cutie products. Aloe water soothes tender scalps and moisturizes thirsty curls. Beantree provides slip and shine for easy styling. Leaves curls feeling satiny soft and smooth with soft hold. For no hold use the Curly Cake Shake.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Guar Gum, Glycerin, Propanediol, Sodium stearoyl glutamate, Rice bran oil, , Vanilla Planifolia , Scent, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Silk extract, Bean tree extract, Sodium Decylglucosides, Hydroxypropyl Sulfonate Patent, Xanthan Gum, Optiphin.

Shake before each use. For detangling, spray onto hair generously and comb in small sections. To revive curls, spray onto curls from 6 inches away. Crunch or smooth curls with your fingers.

Color: Yellowish/Gold
Scent: Cake/Frosting Like
Texture/Consistency: Liquid Spritz
Cost: $16.00 per 8oz

-Lightweight spritz
-Main ingredient us Aloe Leaf Juice
-Spritz nozzle has a lock and unlock option that helps to minimize leaks
-Not runny/not gritty 
-Kid friendly as a whole
-Nice cakey scent
-Generous spritz amount per pump
-Nice light moisturizer/stays in place

-Without an explanation the nozzle lock can be confusing/impossible to figure out or could get broke when trying to use
-Ingredients could be more on the healthier side or explained better

My Feelings:
I was overall pleased with this style reviver and ive tried plenty of these types of products over the years, so i can firmly say that this resides at the top of my styling/finisher/reviver product list for several reasons... It does not leave a greasy or oily feeling nor does it just fade away.  It is light in nature but evident in action.  This requires about 4-6 spritzes to coat my daughters hair and i only have to apply it once per style.  My daughter loves this cakey type smell so its all good by her. It does help to soften her hair and i like this most when her hair is styled as a finisher or on her loose curls.  This is one of those works great in all circumstances product for us... Ive not seen it fail yet. The price on this is fair in my opinion as well.

Here are some pics from different usages of the above products

**I have steadily used these product for about 2 months now exclusively and i am very happy and blessed to have been given this opportunity to try them.  I am liking Blended Beautys products more and more the more i try.  I send a HUGE HUG and Thank you to Stacey for reaching out to me and blessing us with this grouping of products which i love overall...**

Happy Styling

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Angelic Soaps and Gifts Review

In this post i will be reviewing all of the products that i have received from Angelic Soaps and Gifts...

These products include:

*Cherry Almond Soap
*Sky Blue Soap
*Lemon Grass & Sugar Cane Scrub
*Lavender Bliss Shea Butter Lotion
*Shea Butter Body Pudding (Love Spell &Lavender Fragrances)

I came across Angelic Soaps and Gifts at Naturally Flyy Detroit a while back and then on Facebook i kept seeing lots of positive comments on her various products so i inquired on a few products  that i haven't tried yet and Dieshawn so kindly blessed us with a big package of goodies <3 font="font">

Thanks to Dieshawn my once poor outlook on shampoo bars have changed for good since i received a sample of one from Angelic Soaps and Gifts! Her shampoo bar is THE BOMB to say the least! I love how her products are all either 100% natural/organic or composed of mostly great ingredients... Click here to reflect on our initial post/review on Angelic Soaps and Gifts.

I will begin with the Cherry Almond Soap Bar

Product Description

Handcrafted with conditioning African Shea butter and moisturizing oils of Palm and Coconut, Scented with the fragrance of tart cherries and the nutty aroma of ground almonds.  4-4.5 ounces


Cocconut oil,Palm oil,Olive oil, Shea Butter and Fragrance oil crafted by the cold process method of soapmaking

Color: Redish with grit

Scent: Cherry
Consistency/Texture: Hard soap with grits
Cost: $4.75 per 4-4.5 oz bar


-For those of you who like really gritty products this is jam packed with gritty goodies
-This soap lasts for a few months with frequent use
-The Cherry scent is captivating and lasts for a nice long time and the whole bathroom is filled with the nice, light, and fresh scent at all times that the soap bar is in the shower
-The grit present is of a moderate-hard nature which really exfoliates
-This soap is filled with nice moisturizing elements


-For me the soap has pinch too much grit
-Needs maybe a pinch more of a moisturizing agent
-A really good deep moisturizer is needed after or else you skin will be super dry

My Feelings:

I must say that the first thing that caught my attention was the amazing fragrance :) This is strictly a body soap for sure as when you have a fragrant product it is not good to apply this to sensitive areas or the face. I have sensitive skin and this soap worked great with me and really helped my dry/rough spots. I loved everything about this soap and have had to get more since and can say that Ive been faithfully using this soap line ever since i got it i have not tried anything else :) These soaps are greatly priced and the more that is bought the more freebies you get <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Next up is the Oatmeal Soap Bar in Blue Sky Scent

Product Description

Exfoliate and take away those dead skin cells and moisturize with the gentleness of ground oatmeal and African Shea butter.  4-4.5 ounces

Color: Beige-ish with particulates

Scent: Fresh with a hint of oat and a hard to pin point yummy-ness
Consistency/Texture: Soft/smooth yet
Cost: $4.75 per 4-4.5 oz bar


- The smoothness of this soap is nice and unique as it also has oats and other particulates in it which add a nice texture
- The scent is unique and light and it stays present softly on the skin thereafter and isnt noticed otherwise
-The oats make this soap incredible! Its got great slip and the oats arent scratchy, yet they are still moderately invigorating
-This soap lasts for months with frequent use and has been great on my sensitive skin
-It has nice moisturizing elements

-None note worthy

My Feelings:
This soap entered my regime second to the Cherry Almond soap which gave it definite tough competition since i fell in love at first sight with that one. The Blue Sky Bar had a completely different nature than the Cherry Almond and this fact alone made way for a new fav body soap second to the Cherry Almond.  I LOVED the oat element in this soap. Im not sure exactly what blue sky is supposed to smell like but i like it :) The smoothness is on point and its different texture on top of the smoothness just adds a whole other dimension to its greatness. I must say i love this one too and am using it up currently <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">

Lemon Grass & Sugar Cane Scrub

Product Description

TBA- This product hasnt been released to the public yet :)

Cane Sugar, Ground Peppermint, Lemon Grass Essential Oil, Apricot Essential Oil and Grapeseed Oil.

Color: Like a greenish brown beige
Scent: Lemon grass with a hint of mint
Consistency/Texture: Like wet gritty sand with slip
Cost: TBA

-This is a completely organic and natural product
-It is very exfoliating
-You can feel this penetrate your pores near instantly even after months of using it consistently
-If you love gritty scrubs this is for you!
-Ive been using this for months now and there is still months left in it :)
-Scent is just heavenly and near edible

-The jar always leaves a mess where i set it
-There could be a smidge less sugar and a bit more of a wet agent
-Unless you consistently have a mixing tool at hand the oils settle at top and grit settles at bottom

My Feelings:
To begin with i was excited to try a new product VIP style and when i received this i was thrilled because ive been searching for a great natural face scrub but no one sells them that i could find. So by looks i didnt know what to expect result wise due to the appearance but i dove right in after i gave it a good mixing and by first finger scoop i was hooked. The scent of lemon mixed with peppermint is just explosive and my pores feel the same way.  Right as the air hits my face after application my pores just tingle and its super refreshing.  My skin is immediately softened and stays softened and clean there after. A light coating of the natural oils stay on my face there after too which i view as marvelous because moisture is being well retained thereafter rinsing and blotting.  My face is normally acne prone and very dry so this product has come in and saved my faces life as it is not near as dry as it used to be and my acne is clearing up! On the other side of the street i do believe that this should come with a mixing tool or possibly have a bit more oil in it as it kind of under powers the cane sugar.  The container is messy when in use and not in use so i keep it in a shower caddy in my shower where it doesnt leave a mess. If the oils and cane sugar were merged a little more with less settling NATURALLY id be just that much more in love. Overall this is my fav face product i have ever tried in my life, in all literal senses. <3 font="font" nbsp="nbsp">

Shea Butter Body Lotion in Lavender Bliss

Product Description
Handcrafted with conditioning African Shea Butter and moisturizing Jojoba oil.  Our elegant skin softening body lotion has a silky soft feel and sinks into the skin leaving behind smooth silky skin.  

Water, Glycerin, Glycol Stearate, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Isopropyl Palmitate, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Dimethicone,Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Honey Extract, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Extract, Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel) Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Extract, Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extract, Buxus Chinensis (Jojoba) Extract,DMDM Hydantoin,Fragrance oil

Color: White with a tint  of purple
Scent: Lavender/flowery
Consistency/Texture: Light to medium/Creamy
Cost: $6.50 per 6oz

-Light weight and creamy
-Nice and fresh scent
-It has a nice after feel
-This has a lasting time of about 2 months depending on usage
-Its non greasy, non oily and is smooth
-Great deal for its cost

-I cant say that this product is organic or natural because it has a few not so great ingredients in it
-Id like for the lasting period to be longer than as is between having to buy more
-It would be great if the moisture element stayed present longer
-I believe that the cone and the formaldehyde ingredients inhibit this lotions potential greatness

My Feelings:
I have been searching for a good lotion for myself for a while and since being blessed with this one i am on the fence.  I like it but i don't.  I like the texture, scent and overall feel. Just wish there weren't so many different ingredients and that the bad ones were omitted. I can say that my skin was soft there after use but the softness just went away after a while.  This lotion does have alot of good ingredients in it. I can say that i liked this lotion way better than any other Ive tried despite its less desirable's   

Whipped Shea Butter Body Pudding

Product Description
Our whipped African Shea Butter is handcrafted with unrefined African Shea Butter that's been used for centuries to protect the skin and to help ease irritations caused by acne, eczema and psoriasis. Along with Almond oil and essential oils, our whipped African Shea Butter is all whipped together to pamper and nourish your skin.

Shea Butter,Grapeseed oil and Fragrance oil

Color: Light beige-ish
Scent: Shea buttery ( I received the love spell scent and the Lavender scent and they smelled true to their name)
Consistency/Texture: Medium/Hard but it melts to heat or friction
Cost: $8.00 per 4oz/$16.00 per 16oz

-This is PURE and organic
-It is in a hard form but liquifies by friction or heat so that it can be used to preference in various forms
-The normally putrid pure shea butter smell is nicely covered by the fragrant oil
-This is good for wrinkles, rough spots and dry skin
-A little goes a long way
-Fair priced for the amount

-The raw shea butter scent is still present through the fragrant oil which may not be pleasing to those not in favor of it
-The term "whipped" would make one think of maybe whipped icing or something that has a fluff to it but this is definitely hard in nature not so much so whipped
-This can only be used as a "spot" product as it doesn't spread onto the skin well for major coverage

My Feelings:
Ive been searching for a good whipped shea butter for a while that has the yucky scent of raw shea butter omitted and that can be smoothed on as easy as lotion can.So in summary Ive had high expectations for finding the right shea butter whip for my daughter. This one in particular i really liked the fragrant oil choices that i was sent (love spell and lavender).  I use it for my elbows, knees, dry spots and on my feet.  I like it for the purpose i use it for and it seems do work well on my areas in need. I cant use this for anything else because of its lack there of in spreading power. I got passed my issue with the scent of the raw shea butter underneath the fragrance but Im just not satisfied over all with this shea butter. I am still in search of my ideal whipped shea butter that is soft in nature. I know this is a body product but i decided to try it in my Divas hair because of its texture and my idea. So here are some pics of its results before and after.

I used this only on the last 4-5 inches of her hair and i spritzed a few sprays of distilled water along with it to help smooth it in. This acts as a sealer/definer in her hair and ive used this multiple times for this purpose and surprisingly its quite alright, especially with the use of beads and rubber bands. I also found it decent as a baby hair tamer.

I am very thankful to have been blessed with this opportunity to review these products from Angelic Soaps and Gifts and we send a HUGE thank you and hug to Dieshawn <3 font="font">

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Friday, October 5, 2012

Honeysuckle Natural Haircare Line

A while back i received the opportunity to review a few products (at my expense) from Honeysuckle Natural Hair Care Line... I had stumbled upon them through Face Book and noticed an out pour of raving reviews so i thought it was worth the try.  At this time they only had a few products to try so i decided to buy a sample trio which consisted of the Buttercreme Hair and Body Whip, Daily Shea Moisturizing Cream and Citrus Leave In Conditioning Spray.  

(My camera just could not get a great picture)

Before i begin i must note that the circular tub contains the Buttercreme Hair and Body Whip and my focus for this review will be on the Citrus Spray and the Buttercreme Whip, as the Daily Shea just wasn't possible on Divas hair at all. 

This trio retails for 3.00 each for 3oz containers + shipping...

Product Descriptions

Citrus Leave-in Spray

A refreshing & energizing conditioning spray used to detangle, hydrate, moisturize, and revive curls

Suggested Use: Shake vigorously. Saturate hair as needed or apply directly onto scalp to relieve dryness & itching. Use to refresh wash-n-go styles, hydrate dry curls, detangle prior to styling and prior to sealing ends with oil. Works great on natural hair for braid-outs, twist-outs, and roller setting.

Buttercrème Hair & Body Whip

This thick & creamy butter is great for moisturizing & smoothing any hairstyle. Works great on children’s hair. It has an Organic Shea Butter base and is infused with citrus extracts for a lovely, sweet fragrance

**Also great as a moisturizing body butter

Suggested Use: Soften cream by rubbing in palms of hands. Distribute cream throughout hair or directly onto scalp as needed. Use to smooth edges and ends and also on sectioned hair for roller setting, braiding, etc.  Also great for stretch marks, blemishes, dry skin, etc.

Daily Shea Moisturizing Crème

A creamy cousin to Buttercreme Hair Whip in a lighter content.  Great for setting & wrapping hair, and as a daily moisturizer.  It has an Organic Shea Butter base and is infused with citrus extracts for a lovely, sweet fragrance

Suggested Use: Distribute cream throughout hair or directly onto scalp as needed. Use to smooth edges and ends and also on sectioned hair for roller setting, braiding, etc.                                                                                           

 (The above descriptions were copied from Honeysuckle hair Care Lines Website)                 

Our Review 

Color: All three products are a white-ish color
Scent: Citrus Spray smells citrusy/ like a cleansing product, Buttercreme smells like a buttery citrus mix, and the Daily Shea smells just like the Buttercreme
Consistency: Citrus Spray is cloudy and has particulates, Buttercreme is like a medium type cream, Daily Shea feels like clumpy sand
Cost: $9.00 + shipping for all three

*My reviews are expressed from my SOLE & (sometimes the Divas) opinions through trials and error from extensive and varying use of the products*

Citrus Spray: This spritz has great light moisture effects, it has a nice light and summery scent.  Its cloudiness adds to its effectiveness as the particles are fine enough to spritz well and they don't show up on the hair, in fact they just soak in :) I have to use about 4 spritzes of this for it to coat her hair which is inches below her shoulders now, which i consider to be a lightly generous amount.  I've never had to re apply this, as i feel it stays well in place through a whole day and beyond the night.  The light fresh scent is traceable throughout its use in a pleasant degree. It is children friendly in its complete nature, the Diva says it smells like oranges. It is non greasy, non oily and is suitable in my opinion for all natural wavy/curly hair types.

Buttercreme Whip: This product surprised me and proves that looks can deceive.  I like this as a sealer and is a fav of mine when it comes to styling. Its not to light so that it wont penetrate, yet its not so heavy that it becomes a grease bomb. My daughters hair absorbs this very well and instantaneously. I go to this product when I'm using beads/rubber bands. Its got the perfect texture for my daughters wavy/curly/fine/sometimes frizzy/poofy/unique hair. It is a well taming product which does its job for days on end without need for re application. A little goes a super long way and it performs great in a style and on loose curls. This is a great universal product from my experiences.

Daily Shea Moisturizing Cream: This product is intended for use on the hair but i quickly tried it as a skin care product due to its different nature.  I began to like this as a dry spot cream. It smooths in on the skin  well and the grit will dissolve after a minute or so of rubbing. The scent is fresh and clean and stays lightly in place over a days time.

Citrus Spray: Nothing negative to note.
Buttercreme: Nothing negative to note.
Daily Shea: This one was the only one to get unsatisfactory ratings which over rule the positives that i found unconventionally. This is a HAIR product specifically, and we could not use this as a hair product at all. In fact upon 2 uses i omitted it as even being a back up product because the sandy grit was just horrible in the hair... For us specifically the grit looked like salt or little white bugs when applied to my Divas hair... Which water couldn't even smooth out well, i had to fight to get it out of her hair actually. It is chunky, clumpy, gritty and just an out right mess and didn't work for us at all. Not to say that others couldn't benefit from trying this, its just not a good product for super fine, thin and loose curls from our trials. I resorted to trying this as a skin product to make use of it and it was OK for that and did make my skin feel nice, smooth and nicely fragranced but it ended at that. In general i was immediately put off upon opening the package to find a slimy mess inside which covered all of the products, as the lids on the containers were taped on allowing for wiggle room inside the container during mailing.

I really like the immediate fragrance of all three products, the spray is pleasantly unique to itself while the two tub products are very similar in scent and its hard to pin point with wording but its fresh and heavenly. The way the spray has clouding particles and how it settles when it sits for a while were pluses in my book as this is an indicator that there are no un-natural preservatives which make the products ingredients congeal.  It also indicates that when spritzed there will be an output of extra moisture in more than just a super liquidy form, making for a longer lasting effect. I'm very impressed by this spritz and i use it as a light after styling moisturizer or a curl quencher when the divas curls are loose. The Buttercreme texture reminded me of a Shea butter in harder form by sight, but as i scooped some out the texture had more of a creamier/lighter/whipped feel to it and it smoothed out quickly as i rubbed it in my fingers but not too much to where a grease is left, yet just enough to spread evenly and over a nice distance without a need for a huge amount. The Daily Shea is a gritty/sandy appearing and feeling product which i was immediately put off by as products like these that remind me of sand usually perform as such when it hits the hair. Upon rubbing this between my fingers i noticed that the grit didn't like to disappear and since my daughter has fine thin hair i felt this could give a negative experience, which it ended up doing just that.

So here are some pictures from our experimenting...

This first collage is of a Pigtail/Braid Out Style AFTER application of distilled water and the Buttercreme whip (lightly applied)...

This collage below is showing the style AFTER application of distilled water, Buttercreme Whip and the Citrus Spray respectively.

I'm pleased with the above FOCUSED ON products and would buy again from Honeysuckle Hair Care.  (I could not get a good detailed picture of what the Daily Shea looked like in her hair so i explained it the best i could above for visuals sake.)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hair-Spiration: Christmas Hair Style Triangle Braids With Beads

Here is some throw back Hair-Spiration that i have recently come across that i have not posted on my blog yet. This is a style that i did for Christmas a few years ago and it is simply triangle parted braids with beads :)  I couldn't find the individual pictures of this style as my computer recently crashed and it took forever for the shop to fix it... So ill be back on here and there until the dust settles at home... For now this style from the vault can get some brains working for some Christmas inspiration for this upcoming holiday season.

This style took about an hour and a half and lasted over a week.

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hair-Spiration: Sunburst Pony Tails With Two Strand Twists

This style is a throw back that i had posted on FB, Ive searched and searched for more pics of it and i cant seem to find any besides this one.  So i call this the Sunburst Pony Tails With Two Strand Twists which is simple and self explanatory.


Im always asked how i part these sunburst parts and honestly it was quite confusing at first for me even... So to simplify how i do it, i just part 4 even pig tails with a straight part down the middle from front to back and from ear to ear then i split them each into TWO sections creating 8 pony tails. So then the pony tails have created a "sun burst or sun ray" pattern raidating outwards from the back center of her head.

This was the time where i began twisting her hair so i didnt quite get the idea of twisting to get it to stay but the loose twists turned out cute anyways.  I just twisted with her curl pattern and the curls twisted loosely into themselves.

I cant believe how short her hair is here!!! Times sure passed too quick. This pic was taken a few months shy of 2 years ago :)

God Bless and Happy Styling!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Pony Tails, Cornrows and Rope Twists Oh MY!

Here is a style that I created a short while ago as the thought crossed my mind that i need to do some more different types of styles where i incorporate varying facets of styling.  So this time around i decided to throw in some Pony Tails, Rope Twists, Cornrows and Clips into a random pattern. 

Im not exactly sure what i used in her hair with this style but its nothing out of our normal array of products :)  Rope twists are the only twists which withstand time in our household and i LOVE the POP effect that they give.  I just parted as i went and styled as i went... Nothing to it but to do it :)

Ive always been one for something different and im always looking for inspiration.  Styles like this only last a day or two in the Divas hair and ALWAYS need fixing up since her hair is so fine and silky like.

This style took about 55 minutes (mostly spent due to parting)...

Rope twists are created by taking the two strands of hair and twisting them INDIVIDUALLY in a CLOCKWISE direction THEN twisting them around each other in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE direction.

<3 Happy Styling <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Friday, June 22, 2012

Vitamin Shoppe 100% Pure Jojoba Oil Review

Vitamin Shoppe Brand Pure 100% Jojoba Oil

Product Description

Pure jojoba Oil from The Vitamin Shoppe is a moisturizer, make up remover and hair conditioner derived from natural plant extract. Massage a few drops of this rich, moisturizing oil into your hands and feet for a luxurious treat that leaves your skin feeling softer than ever. Jojoba's natural emollients also make it an excellent make up remover. Use it to gently and thoroughly smooth make up away. Jojoba Oil is also healthy for your hair. It conditions and moisturizes your hair and scalp.


Pure 100% Jojoba Oil.

NO Yeast, Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Salt, Soy, Starch, Dairy, Citrus, Fish, Animal Derivatives, Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavors added.

Our Review

Color: Transparent yellow/golden
Scent: Natural/hard to pin point
Texture/Consistency: Oily/liquid
Cost: $8.00-$10.00 per 4oz

For a while I have been tinkering with some Jojoba Oil because I’ve wanted to try some hair oils on Diva but wasn’t sure where to begin and oils are kind of expensive so I didn’t want to go on a joy ride with experimenting right off. So my friend gave me the remainder of her bottle to try out, since she loved it so much and since her daughters hair texture is so similar to my daughters. When I was searching for this online I found in most cases that to buy 2oz of this I would have to spend anywhere from 5.00-15.00 and this was un heard of. This is one of the handfuls of oils that cannot be bought at a grocery store, in fact whole foods, vitamin shops and such like that are the only places local to me that do and they are not exactly local.

Jojoba Oil is a lighter oil and this is what I needed to try because my Divas hair is too fine and thin for coconut oil and olive oil is too greasy for a thorough application. So through my trials of trying this on her dry, damp and wet hair I have found that it works best on her damp hair... Her hair absorbs water well and retains it very well as it is so as with most products her hair retains them well if they are agreeable with her texture and density. This oil doesn’t really have a noticeable smell it just smells like oil to me with a kind of herbal sense. The texture is oily of course and slippery. The oil is transparent in nature and has a medium gold tone to it. They say a little goes a long way so I used this rule of thumb while experimenting and found that with oils like this a little goes a long way in certain circumstances. In my Divas case this oil in a pea sized amount on her wet hair would cover nearly all of her mids/ends. When her hair is damp just over a dime sized amount covers all her mids/ends and a quarter sized amount would cover her whole head while her hair is damp. When her hair is dry it takes about a half dollar sized amount to cover her whole head of hair. Her hair is thin and fine mind you, so that makes an impact on how much oil to use because the thicker the hair the more oil needed and depending on how porous the hair is depends on how much oil to use as well.

Here is a picture before I added the oil to her hair...

I find the best method for us is by finger combing it in. I will just drop the desired amount in my closed fingers and comb it in accordingly. This oil is very slippery and spreads amazingly, though this is a natural oil one may think that it leaves her hair oily but it does the exact opposite. It acts as a great sealer, hydrator and curl maintainer. This oil is a great finishing product and perfect after applying a thicker moisturizer as it helps to lock in the moisturizer and stay put through any extreme weather's crazy conditions. I was surprised at how well this turned out working for us because I’ve not had much luck with oil products in the past and I realized my back luck was due to impure oils such as the Pink oil, Baby Oil, Africa’s Best Oil and various aerosol oils and mineral oils. Here is a picture of her hair after I dampened her hair with our distilled water spritz and added the oil, via finger combing.

The defining difference is remarkable and her curls popped right before my eyes. I had taken other various pictures using this oil but have since misplaced them. I love how her little curlees just sprung into their sharpie size all over. Of course I can feel that the oil is in her hair which means that it could probably rub off onto the couch or something but it hasn’t damaged anything and we have been using this solid for months now.

Here is a close up...

I can say that this is recommendable natural hair oil and when dealing with hair oils it is best to use them in their pure form... This would be as equally wondrous on any hair type. I did not see the need to mix or dilute this oil as with lots of oils it is best to dilute them into carrier oils and such. I would always use my distilled water spritz prior to using this oil so I have the water element present at all times as I feel it does help with the smoothing in and spreading of the oil. I did not feel that I had to make a mixture bottle of this as it works great by itself or with a little water spritzing. I send a huge thank you out to my bestie for giving me this Jojoba Oil to try :) I have a positive outlook on oils now for my Divas hair and I will be looking into other natural oils in the future...

Diva R's Mommy-Kim