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Honeysuckle Natural Haircare Line

A while back i received the opportunity to review a few products (at my expense) from Honeysuckle Natural Hair Care Line... I had stumbled upon them through Face Book and noticed an out pour of raving reviews so i thought it was worth the try.  At this time they only had a few products to try so i decided to buy a sample trio which consisted of the Buttercreme Hair and Body Whip, Daily Shea Moisturizing Cream and Citrus Leave In Conditioning Spray.  

(My camera just could not get a great picture)

Before i begin i must note that the circular tub contains the Buttercreme Hair and Body Whip and my focus for this review will be on the Citrus Spray and the Buttercreme Whip, as the Daily Shea just wasn't possible on Divas hair at all. 

This trio retails for 3.00 each for 3oz containers + shipping...

Product Descriptions

Citrus Leave-in Spray

A refreshing & energizing conditioning spray used to detangle, hydrate, moisturize, and revive curls

Suggested Use: Shake vigorously. Saturate hair as needed or apply directly onto scalp to relieve dryness & itching. Use to refresh wash-n-go styles, hydrate dry curls, detangle prior to styling and prior to sealing ends with oil. Works great on natural hair for braid-outs, twist-outs, and roller setting.

Buttercrème Hair & Body Whip

This thick & creamy butter is great for moisturizing & smoothing any hairstyle. Works great on children’s hair. It has an Organic Shea Butter base and is infused with citrus extracts for a lovely, sweet fragrance

**Also great as a moisturizing body butter

Suggested Use: Soften cream by rubbing in palms of hands. Distribute cream throughout hair or directly onto scalp as needed. Use to smooth edges and ends and also on sectioned hair for roller setting, braiding, etc.  Also great for stretch marks, blemishes, dry skin, etc.

Daily Shea Moisturizing Crème

A creamy cousin to Buttercreme Hair Whip in a lighter content.  Great for setting & wrapping hair, and as a daily moisturizer.  It has an Organic Shea Butter base and is infused with citrus extracts for a lovely, sweet fragrance

Suggested Use: Distribute cream throughout hair or directly onto scalp as needed. Use to smooth edges and ends and also on sectioned hair for roller setting, braiding, etc.                                                                                           

 (The above descriptions were copied from Honeysuckle hair Care Lines Website)                 

Our Review 

Color: All three products are a white-ish color
Scent: Citrus Spray smells citrusy/ like a cleansing product, Buttercreme smells like a buttery citrus mix, and the Daily Shea smells just like the Buttercreme
Consistency: Citrus Spray is cloudy and has particulates, Buttercreme is like a medium type cream, Daily Shea feels like clumpy sand
Cost: $9.00 + shipping for all three

*My reviews are expressed from my SOLE & (sometimes the Divas) opinions through trials and error from extensive and varying use of the products*

Citrus Spray: This spritz has great light moisture effects, it has a nice light and summery scent.  Its cloudiness adds to its effectiveness as the particles are fine enough to spritz well and they don't show up on the hair, in fact they just soak in :) I have to use about 4 spritzes of this for it to coat her hair which is inches below her shoulders now, which i consider to be a lightly generous amount.  I've never had to re apply this, as i feel it stays well in place through a whole day and beyond the night.  The light fresh scent is traceable throughout its use in a pleasant degree. It is children friendly in its complete nature, the Diva says it smells like oranges. It is non greasy, non oily and is suitable in my opinion for all natural wavy/curly hair types.

Buttercreme Whip: This product surprised me and proves that looks can deceive.  I like this as a sealer and is a fav of mine when it comes to styling. Its not to light so that it wont penetrate, yet its not so heavy that it becomes a grease bomb. My daughters hair absorbs this very well and instantaneously. I go to this product when I'm using beads/rubber bands. Its got the perfect texture for my daughters wavy/curly/fine/sometimes frizzy/poofy/unique hair. It is a well taming product which does its job for days on end without need for re application. A little goes a super long way and it performs great in a style and on loose curls. This is a great universal product from my experiences.

Daily Shea Moisturizing Cream: This product is intended for use on the hair but i quickly tried it as a skin care product due to its different nature.  I began to like this as a dry spot cream. It smooths in on the skin  well and the grit will dissolve after a minute or so of rubbing. The scent is fresh and clean and stays lightly in place over a days time.

Citrus Spray: Nothing negative to note.
Buttercreme: Nothing negative to note.
Daily Shea: This one was the only one to get unsatisfactory ratings which over rule the positives that i found unconventionally. This is a HAIR product specifically, and we could not use this as a hair product at all. In fact upon 2 uses i omitted it as even being a back up product because the sandy grit was just horrible in the hair... For us specifically the grit looked like salt or little white bugs when applied to my Divas hair... Which water couldn't even smooth out well, i had to fight to get it out of her hair actually. It is chunky, clumpy, gritty and just an out right mess and didn't work for us at all. Not to say that others couldn't benefit from trying this, its just not a good product for super fine, thin and loose curls from our trials. I resorted to trying this as a skin product to make use of it and it was OK for that and did make my skin feel nice, smooth and nicely fragranced but it ended at that. In general i was immediately put off upon opening the package to find a slimy mess inside which covered all of the products, as the lids on the containers were taped on allowing for wiggle room inside the container during mailing.

I really like the immediate fragrance of all three products, the spray is pleasantly unique to itself while the two tub products are very similar in scent and its hard to pin point with wording but its fresh and heavenly. The way the spray has clouding particles and how it settles when it sits for a while were pluses in my book as this is an indicator that there are no un-natural preservatives which make the products ingredients congeal.  It also indicates that when spritzed there will be an output of extra moisture in more than just a super liquidy form, making for a longer lasting effect. I'm very impressed by this spritz and i use it as a light after styling moisturizer or a curl quencher when the divas curls are loose. The Buttercreme texture reminded me of a Shea butter in harder form by sight, but as i scooped some out the texture had more of a creamier/lighter/whipped feel to it and it smoothed out quickly as i rubbed it in my fingers but not too much to where a grease is left, yet just enough to spread evenly and over a nice distance without a need for a huge amount. The Daily Shea is a gritty/sandy appearing and feeling product which i was immediately put off by as products like these that remind me of sand usually perform as such when it hits the hair. Upon rubbing this between my fingers i noticed that the grit didn't like to disappear and since my daughter has fine thin hair i felt this could give a negative experience, which it ended up doing just that.

So here are some pictures from our experimenting...

This first collage is of a Pigtail/Braid Out Style AFTER application of distilled water and the Buttercreme whip (lightly applied)...

This collage below is showing the style AFTER application of distilled water, Buttercreme Whip and the Citrus Spray respectively.

I'm pleased with the above FOCUSED ON products and would buy again from Honeysuckle Hair Care.  (I could not get a good detailed picture of what the Daily Shea looked like in her hair so i explained it the best i could above for visuals sake.)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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