Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hair-Spiration: Sunburst Pony Tails With Two Strand Twists

This style is a throw back that i had posted on FB, Ive searched and searched for more pics of it and i cant seem to find any besides this one.  So i call this the Sunburst Pony Tails With Two Strand Twists which is simple and self explanatory.


Im always asked how i part these sunburst parts and honestly it was quite confusing at first for me even... So to simplify how i do it, i just part 4 even pig tails with a straight part down the middle from front to back and from ear to ear then i split them each into TWO sections creating 8 pony tails. So then the pony tails have created a "sun burst or sun ray" pattern raidating outwards from the back center of her head.

This was the time where i began twisting her hair so i didnt quite get the idea of twisting to get it to stay but the loose twists turned out cute anyways.  I just twisted with her curl pattern and the curls twisted loosely into themselves.

I cant believe how short her hair is here!!! Times sure passed too quick. This pic was taken a few months shy of 2 years ago :)

God Bless and Happy Styling!

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Pony Tails, Cornrows and Rope Twists Oh MY!

Here is a style that I created a short while ago as the thought crossed my mind that i need to do some more different types of styles where i incorporate varying facets of styling.  So this time around i decided to throw in some Pony Tails, Rope Twists, Cornrows and Clips into a random pattern. 

Im not exactly sure what i used in her hair with this style but its nothing out of our normal array of products :)  Rope twists are the only twists which withstand time in our household and i LOVE the POP effect that they give.  I just parted as i went and styled as i went... Nothing to it but to do it :)

Ive always been one for something different and im always looking for inspiration.  Styles like this only last a day or two in the Divas hair and ALWAYS need fixing up since her hair is so fine and silky like.

This style took about 55 minutes (mostly spent due to parting)...

Rope twists are created by taking the two strands of hair and twisting them INDIVIDUALLY in a CLOCKWISE direction THEN twisting them around each other in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE direction.

<3 Happy Styling <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Friday, June 22, 2012

Vitamin Shoppe 100% Pure Jojoba Oil Review

Vitamin Shoppe Brand Pure 100% Jojoba Oil

Product Description

Pure jojoba Oil from The Vitamin Shoppe is a moisturizer, make up remover and hair conditioner derived from natural plant extract. Massage a few drops of this rich, moisturizing oil into your hands and feet for a luxurious treat that leaves your skin feeling softer than ever. Jojoba's natural emollients also make it an excellent make up remover. Use it to gently and thoroughly smooth make up away. Jojoba Oil is also healthy for your hair. It conditions and moisturizes your hair and scalp.


Pure 100% Jojoba Oil.

NO Yeast, Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Salt, Soy, Starch, Dairy, Citrus, Fish, Animal Derivatives, Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavors added.

Our Review

Color: Transparent yellow/golden
Scent: Natural/hard to pin point
Texture/Consistency: Oily/liquid
Cost: $8.00-$10.00 per 4oz

For a while I have been tinkering with some Jojoba Oil because I’ve wanted to try some hair oils on Diva but wasn’t sure where to begin and oils are kind of expensive so I didn’t want to go on a joy ride with experimenting right off. So my friend gave me the remainder of her bottle to try out, since she loved it so much and since her daughters hair texture is so similar to my daughters. When I was searching for this online I found in most cases that to buy 2oz of this I would have to spend anywhere from 5.00-15.00 and this was un heard of. This is one of the handfuls of oils that cannot be bought at a grocery store, in fact whole foods, vitamin shops and such like that are the only places local to me that do and they are not exactly local.

Jojoba Oil is a lighter oil and this is what I needed to try because my Divas hair is too fine and thin for coconut oil and olive oil is too greasy for a thorough application. So through my trials of trying this on her dry, damp and wet hair I have found that it works best on her damp hair... Her hair absorbs water well and retains it very well as it is so as with most products her hair retains them well if they are agreeable with her texture and density. This oil doesn’t really have a noticeable smell it just smells like oil to me with a kind of herbal sense. The texture is oily of course and slippery. The oil is transparent in nature and has a medium gold tone to it. They say a little goes a long way so I used this rule of thumb while experimenting and found that with oils like this a little goes a long way in certain circumstances. In my Divas case this oil in a pea sized amount on her wet hair would cover nearly all of her mids/ends. When her hair is damp just over a dime sized amount covers all her mids/ends and a quarter sized amount would cover her whole head while her hair is damp. When her hair is dry it takes about a half dollar sized amount to cover her whole head of hair. Her hair is thin and fine mind you, so that makes an impact on how much oil to use because the thicker the hair the more oil needed and depending on how porous the hair is depends on how much oil to use as well.

Here is a picture before I added the oil to her hair...

I find the best method for us is by finger combing it in. I will just drop the desired amount in my closed fingers and comb it in accordingly. This oil is very slippery and spreads amazingly, though this is a natural oil one may think that it leaves her hair oily but it does the exact opposite. It acts as a great sealer, hydrator and curl maintainer. This oil is a great finishing product and perfect after applying a thicker moisturizer as it helps to lock in the moisturizer and stay put through any extreme weather's crazy conditions. I was surprised at how well this turned out working for us because I’ve not had much luck with oil products in the past and I realized my back luck was due to impure oils such as the Pink oil, Baby Oil, Africa’s Best Oil and various aerosol oils and mineral oils. Here is a picture of her hair after I dampened her hair with our distilled water spritz and added the oil, via finger combing.

The defining difference is remarkable and her curls popped right before my eyes. I had taken other various pictures using this oil but have since misplaced them. I love how her little curlees just sprung into their sharpie size all over. Of course I can feel that the oil is in her hair which means that it could probably rub off onto the couch or something but it hasn’t damaged anything and we have been using this solid for months now.

Here is a close up...

I can say that this is recommendable natural hair oil and when dealing with hair oils it is best to use them in their pure form... This would be as equally wondrous on any hair type. I did not see the need to mix or dilute this oil as with lots of oils it is best to dilute them into carrier oils and such. I would always use my distilled water spritz prior to using this oil so I have the water element present at all times as I feel it does help with the smoothing in and spreading of the oil. I did not feel that I had to make a mixture bottle of this as it works great by itself or with a little water spritzing. I send a huge thank you out to my bestie for giving me this Jojoba Oil to try :) I have a positive outlook on oils now for my Divas hair and I will be looking into other natural oils in the future...

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Diva R's Little Mermaid Inspired Birthday Hair Style & Birthday Balloon Bomb!

My Diva has turned 5 and its so hard to believe 5 years have passed already!!  Birthdays are usually a big deal in our family so we of course had to add special hair flair to the occasion.  The Diva chose Ariel The Little Memaid to be the theme for her party, so alongside her Ariel party dress i decided to do a style which paid tribute to her under the sea theme. What a better way to highlight this than with shells &lt;3 These shells i had bought a while back from Curly Princess Hair Boutique (which is still one of the most fab online hair accessory boutique's in my opinion).

Here is the top view of the style i freestyled, i am not sure what i would call it but i incorporated piggy back pig tails which end in pony tails and big braids. Can't forget the beautiful shells and matching pony o's to add the appropriate splash of coordinating colors and the shells to bring out the under the sea element. 

In case anyone is wondering, the shells are actually beads and i slid them on just like i would beads from a beader.  I began this style by dampening her hair with our distilled water spritz and then i parted a straight part down the middle of her head from front to back. Then i started parting the boxed parts individually on each side from front to back, sectioning them off with clips as i went, trying to make sure they are as even as possible with the other side as i am super picky about parting.  I began adding some Blended Beauty Blended Cutie Soft Curls Moisturizer to each section from root to tip which is acting as my thicker moisturizer.

Then i began rubber banding each section off one by one beginning in the front, as i was rubber banding i was also applying some Darcys Botanicals Curl Jelly as my hold product, then i added pony tails and shells as i went.  While i was adding shells i piggy back tailed each section into the next until i got to my third boxed section where i pony tailed the previous sections into. Then i braided a big braid tieing the groupings together and finger curling her loose ends. I did this on both top front sections.

For the back i did the same but i went upwards with the piggy back tailing, rubber banding, pony-tailing, and shell adding.

I topped her style which took 45 minutes, off with some of a new product which we have yet to review (stay tuned), called Citrus Conditioning Leave-In Spritz by Honey Suckle Natural Haircare Line.  The Diva wore this style for a few days with much glory might i add. She was so thrilled at this accomplishment as it turned out being exactly what she wanted and the compliments just poured in.

So of course i had to balloon her room for her 5th Birthday morning and this year i was super pregnant and just 8 days away from giving birth so needless to say my lung power just wasnt there and the hubby worked long hours and wasnt able to help much. BUT i still got as many done as i could which was nearly two bags full and as the years go until she is too old to appreciate this i will keep doing this :)

The balloons stretched across her whole room and it was hard to get a good pic of them all  :)

She woke up in balloon paradise and knew exactly what the balloons were there for :)

My sweet Diva <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Monday, June 18, 2012

Curl Cloth By Curls Like Us Usage UPDATE

Here is a brief post on our updated usage of our Curl Cloths that we were blessed with a while back... To reflect on our original post on these amazing Curl Cloths click here.  So ever since we received these we have used them after every hair washing and can say that i am still as utterly amazed as i was from the beginning.  I feel that using these has made a positive impact on our manageability and hair routine overall.

One thing i learned over this period was that the product i used before i used the cloth after her hair being washed could make or break the results.  If you do not use a defining product or one that is designed as a leave in, the results will be less desirable.  I wish i had a stock pile of these!! I even use them for myself :)  So the best products that we have that work great with the cloths are...

* Blended Beauty Blended Cutie Jelly Cream
*Bee Mine Bee Lovely Leave In Conditioner
*Bee Mine Curly Butter
*Kinky Curly Knot Today

Im still trying out other products with it too and im always getting new products so as i find something better i will add that to my list :)

Here are her soft and fluffy curls resulting from use of the curl cloth as directed <3

Her hair is tangle free, frizz free and her curls have defined them selves to her roots which arent even naturally defined that far up so i am left thrilled at this fact :)

We <3 Curl Cloths!!!!

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bobeam Medley Shea Hair/Body Moisturizer

Back a while ago i had won a giveaway on Chi-Chi Sophistication's Blog and i had won a jar of Bobeam Medley Shea Moisturizer... I have never heard of this product line before so i was anxious to see what they were all about. 
Here is an up close view of the tub, its ingredients and method of usage.

This is what the moisturizer looks like, it was hard to take a picture of so please bare with the quality of the photos...

Product Description

This moisturizer can be used for your hair and body. The moisturizer can be used to protect and seal the ends of your hair to prevent splitting. Just rub a little in your hands to melt, and then apply. It can also be used as a protection from heat before blow drying or flat ironing, and after washing or conditioning to seal the moisture in your hair. It can also be used as a body butter.

Medley is not recommended for use on your face or directly on your scalp because of the added fragrance.

Directions of Use
Candy-Scented moisturizer for your hair and body

Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Fragrance.

Our Review

Color: White
Scent: Like a fruit medley
Texture/Consistency: Hard but when you apply heat it liquefies
Cost: $5.00 per 4oz

First thing I noticed was the scent of this product, it was different and I didn’t really get a candy gist from it, I got more so a fruit smell. I noticed that this was a hard textured Shea butter and upon my finger scooping it I noticed it was really hard, but when I swiped my finger across it and it slid out more easily. As I rubbed it between my fingers it liquefied rather quickly. Since this is a hair and body product I decided to try it both ways. I had tried this for a while on my Diva's wet hair as when using the harder type butters it is usually best to do it this was because her hair is so fine and thin. I had learned that by using this on her wet hair I really liked this best when braiding or styling as a thick sealer/moisturizer. This is because this product is heavy and it kind of weighed her hair down. I can feel the natural oil in it and this is the part I like best because it helps to stay put in her hair and add a healthy shine without the oily effect. When I used this on her dry hair I found that this was impossible to provide good results with because it was really particulated and left little bits all over her hair like wet sand would. It looked like she had dandruff so needless to say this is a no on her dry hair. This had increasingly become hard to apply and my first positive reviews have turned into now negative reviews.

Every time I apply this I noticed tremendous grit and it is hard to get out, hard to apply and I’m just all out not happy with the results of this product on my daughters hair. Strangely it doesn’t dissolve well any more either, the product has stayed in the same room temperature spot the whole time and it’s just not performing the same anymore. So I decided to jump on over to another idea and start using it on mine and my Diva's dry skin spots and see how well it works as a body butter. I can say that this is much easier to apply to the skin and over time has stayed that way. It’s nice and thick and it really stays put throughout the day and into the next night I can still feel it present. Over several consecutive uses my skin felt slightly not as rough and my Diva's skin shown the same results. She has very dry knees and elbows so we have to resort to daily use of a Shea butter containing product like this as it really lasts long through play and water play as well. The soft fruity scent lasts lightly after application as well. I can say that we will keep this around for a back up skin product but it will not be used in my Diva's hair.

Here are some pics of what it looked like in her hair after application..

I can see the grit on her hair in these pics when i make them bigger, im not sure if its visible to you all but its especially clear in person and i cant even put water on it to get the grit to smooth in :( This could possibly be used on the ends of braids or twists when using beads/rubber bands.

God Bless and Happy Styling!

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kinky Curly Knot Today Natural Leave In/Detangler

Kinky Curly Knot Today Natural Leave In/Detangler

Product Description

KNOT TODAY TM is a creamy herbal conditioner and detangler designed to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls and tangles from thick curly textured hair.
After washing hair, apply KNOT TODAY TM generously and work through troubled areas with a wide tooth comb.

Can be used as a regular rinse out conditioner for wavy hair or as a leave-in for thicker curlier hair types. An excellent product to use after removing braids and extensions.

**TIP- When using this product as a leave-in, apply in the shower and rinse with a little water to evenly distribute the conditioner.


Organic mango extract, organic slipper elm, organic marshmallow root, organic lemongrass, cetyl alcohol, behentrimonium methosulfate, citric acid, phenoxyethanol and natural fragrance.
Glycerin Free
Paraben Free
Protein Free
Silicone Free
Sulfate Free

Our Review

Color: Clear/Cloudy
Scent: Coconutty/Tanning product like
Consistency/Texture: Jelly-ish
Cost: $11.99 per 8oz

This product strangely we have sought after for a while but each time i picked it up at the store i decided to put it down... Ive read lots of reviews on this as well as headlines and i had to draw a line and make my own decision and after months of this dilemma on my hands i decided to give it a try. 

So this picture below is a glimpse of what it looks like straight out of the bottle...

The texture is pretty obvious through the bottle and from this i was able to make a good prediction of how this would work on my Diva.  I was intrigued by the first whiff of this product, it reminded me of a tanning lotion or a coconutty glaze. So as with everything i have put this to the test for months consistently and by doing so i am able to provide a good foundered review.  I followed the directions as well as created my own directions and i found that even though my Diva has fine hair the need for rinsing this out is not there.  I believe that this functions best as a leave in for my daughters fine loose curls.  In fact Ive tried this in styles and out of styles and can say that it is FANTASTIC both ways to us. 

I consider this a new multipurpose product of ours as it functions great as a hold product, slicker, leave in, light gel and a styling agent.  This surprised me as there has only been one product to ever pass this test before this on and it is the heavenly Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter (which is still number 1 in our book).

I have not noticed this to condition much nor moisturize but other than that it suits its claims.  I really like this on her hair when it is wet/damp as it is easier to apply and it remains in place very well without any need for reapplication even on hot days. Its unusual that i have not been able to find one bad aspect of this product, as i don't usually get to give a perfect 10 in reviews but this one is seriously there.  This is a medium consistency gel like product but it is not the least bit sticky and it doesn't leave a weird grimy residue like most leave ins or gels.  I have yet to discover any build up or crust from this too.  So without any more glorifying as it is obvious that this is a keeper, i LOVE this product and am glad I finally bought it! ( I hope i don't find out some of these Kinky Curly negative claims are true ill be sad :( )

Here are some styles that i have created using Kinky Curly Knot Today <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Cornrows, Criss Crossed Ponies and Sidewinder's

So lately i have figured i may start posting some hair-spiration with not much wording included... So in the near future you may see some of that... But for now here is a brief posting on a style that i had recently done. This one i had freestyled from the basis of wanting to use some of our Sidewinders, and from there i just created.  It seriously has been too long since ive done cornrows and i find since I'm so slow handed at them, that they take longer than doing any other type of style... I really wish i could find a local person who could help me perfect my technique without having to pay for a class since i know everything there is to know besides a better hand technique (in my opinion).

This style began with pig tails and i moved back as i went... I parted the middle section first and clipped them off individually. Then i moved left to right in each box (cornrow, box braid, box braid, cornrow) Then i finished them off with 2 inch Sidewinders.  Then i moved on to the bottom row where i split the section straight down the middle and created some lower pig tails to coinside with the top frontal ones. I rubber banded those off with the top two middle box braids forming an X into them and braided the remaining free hair into two single braids and finally some Sidewinders.

I had decided to leave the frontal hair free from the pig tails for some variation.

I used Distilled water in our spritz bottle followed by Blended Beauty Soft Curls Moisturizer for a moderate moisturizer throughout as i planned on leaving this style in for a few days, and Kinky Curly Knot Today for hold as needed.

On the third day i touched her style up with a few alterations... I decided to braid the free hair into two big braids from each pig tail adding individual Sidewinders part way up the braids. I also parted off two front sections and cornrowed them, adding Sidewinders at each end. 

I pretty much left the rest as previously styled but i just re-did the (then fuzzy) cornrows and box braids

I try to use the same color scheme for a few days when using accessories so i dont have to manipulate much...

This style took about 40 minutes in total to do and lasted about 5 days with minimal touching up/frizz.

Happy Styling :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Darcy's Botanical's Natural Coils Curling Jelly

Product Description

Many of you beautiful naturals & curlys have asked us for a hair gel that would help to enhance and define your lovely coils:)

Our Natural Coils Curling Jelly will give your natural coils & waves .......

* Definition

* Softness

* Sheen

* Hold

* Healthy Conditioning

* No Frizzies

* Easy Detangling

* Affordable Price

Our Natural Coils Curling Jelly will not leave your hair hard or dry:)


Our Natural Coils Curling Jelly works to enhance & define your natural coils and waves while also giving you hold, softness, and healthy conditioning.


Distilled Water, Organic Aloe Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Virgin Coconut, Organic Brown Rice Extract, Castor Oil, Xanthan Gum, Hydrolyzed Oat Protein, Potassium Sorbate, Fragrance, Citric Acid & Organic Sea Moss.


Fine Hair With Looser Curls & Waves (Types 2 & some 3's)
*Apply just a nickel to quarter size throughout damp/clean hair.
*Then use your fingers to style or rake the jelly throughout your hair and allow it to air dry.
*Then scrunch curls into place using your favorite leave-in or hair oil/butter for added softness.Curly Coils & Waves (Type 3's)
* Use fingers to apply throughout small sections of clean/damp hair.
* TIP: Can also seal with a light oil or butter for added softness and to seal in moisture. Many of our customers also apply a light leave-in conditioner to damp hair BEFORE applying jelly:)
* Allow hair to air dry.
*Then scrunch scrunch curls into place or leave as is and style accordingly.Tighter Curls & Coils (Type 4's)
*Use fingers to apply throughout small sections of clean/damp hair.
*Seal with a light oil or butter for added softness and to seal in moisture.
*Then 2 strand twist or braid each section.
* Allow hair to air dry.
* Take down twists or braids for superb definition.

NOTE: Many type 4's are getting the best definition from twist-outs and braid-outs.

The Natural Coils Curling Jelly can also be used to style twists, braids, and locs.

We have found that it works best when hair is clean & damp or lightly spritzed with water before applying.

However, it can also be used on clean dry hair as well:)

Remember when using natural products, a little truly goes a long way.



Our Review

Color: Yellowish/Beige

Scent: Fruity yet strange

Texture/Consistency: Medium/Gelatinous

Cost: $12.00 per 8oz

So i must begin by saying that my friend gave me a tub of some of this product to try as she became dissatisfied with how it worked on her daughters hair. So the container below is NOT from the company its a personal container. I was intrigued by this product before she had offered it to me as the texture of it seemed like it was ideal for what i usually look for in a gel type product. It is VERY liquidy in nature and as the above recommendation states BE CAREFUL when opening it, is very on point.

The gel is almost slimy in texture and has an off kind of un-pin-pointable smell to it which isnt bad but isnt great either. This texture has shown great advantage over time with use in my Diva's hair, it applys very easily and slides right on. Its very light in weight and has a near transparent color to it. When i use this i only have to use a few finger scoops to cover the desired area of choice.

I had originally had it set that this was going to be used when braiding/styling and/or as a slicker. So through much experimenting i found that i liked this best as a styling and loose curl product most. It didnt really function great as a hold product since its so thin in consistency.

In the first picture below is before application, she had got right out of the bath and her hair was still wet.

This picture below is right after application and i was impressed by the smoothness of this gel. I can see a nice difference between the before and after picture. I can say that i noticed a moderate hold and her curls lasted in the great looking condition all day without need for re applying. I had sight residuals left on my hands.

Here is an up close view of her curlees...

Overall i liked this gel, i liked its texture and over time ive found i have to use a bit more to cover her mids and ends but a little still seems to go farther than using a cheap or other type of gel. In current times even, i find that there is no residual build up and i am still using this months beyond when it was given to me. I like this in my daughters fine hair, the smell doesnt bother me either and her hair doesnt smell funky when using this. Im kind of gathering a fruit type smell when i use this now.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

Saturday, June 2, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles 2012 LYGBC Style

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day &lt;3 We've been consumed in many things lately and Im now beginning to catch up on blogging.  My husband and I have recently welcomed our newborn son Baby G into our family in April and ever since just before that we've been on overload.  So without further adue i will begin posting again from more of an inspirational stance for a while.

For St. Patricks Day i did 3 consecutive styles which i created from my own thoughts and ideas. The first one is super obvious and easy i just posted it to show the super cute pot of gold hair ties i got from target for 1.00 each :) Its a simple pony tail style where i split the hair in two and pony tailed the top half and then the bottom half separately. I opted for single braids from each pony and finger twirled her ends. I used Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In which we have been experimenting with for some time now and is one of the newer products that has been added to our collection (Review Coming... Stay Tuned)... I used the KCKT as a slicker/hold product.

This style took all of 15 minutes to create and is one that can be altered into several varying styles over multiple days.

The second style i created was a 3 leaf clover and natural curls doo where i added a little festive flair to the style by creating a 3 leaf clover via triple heart shape parting and a joining single braid forming the stem. Originally i had no idea what i was wanting to do and i couldnt find much inspiration that was unique so i just let my hands go and i ended up with this...

The first thing i did was i began styling with my Diva's hair being wet and detangled alongside application of some of our usual products. I had found a mid point at the top of her head where i began parting the first heart shape. Then i parted two like heart shapes on the sides of the center heart at an angle so that it would come together like a clover when finished. I then rubberbanded each heart off individually and then hit a road block... What will i do with the end pieces?
I decided to go with the first idea in mind (which better ideas came there after) and i just gathered the three groupings and braided them together in one big braid which did end up forming a stem and i pony tailed it off.
After i formed the 3 leaf clover i decided to let the remainder of her hair hang free and concluded it with some scrunches of Kinky Curly. Below is a close up of the clover...
All in all this style took about 40 minutes (mostly due to the parting)... BUT it lasted very nicely for several days with minor touch ups.

Here is the third style which i decided to keep the in place clover in BUT i added some variation... I cornrowed the two front parts of her hair and the remaining loose hair from the previous style back into a pony tail which i also gathered the three groupings from the clover into.
Then i braided a big braid including all of the hair pulled back and adorned it with a few clover rings that we got from St. Patty's Day cup cakes at Kroger and a FAB St. Patty's Leprachaun bow that we got from Cute N Curly Bowtique.

This style is super cute and my fav of the three that i did, it got many raves at school as this was her school party style :) It took about 30 minutes to change this style up from the previous style. 

Hope you enjoyed our St. Patrick's Day styles and may these be inspirational for years to come <3

God Bless.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim