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Vitamin Shoppe 100% Pure Jojoba Oil Review

Vitamin Shoppe Brand Pure 100% Jojoba Oil

Product Description

Pure jojoba Oil from The Vitamin Shoppe is a moisturizer, make up remover and hair conditioner derived from natural plant extract. Massage a few drops of this rich, moisturizing oil into your hands and feet for a luxurious treat that leaves your skin feeling softer than ever. Jojoba's natural emollients also make it an excellent make up remover. Use it to gently and thoroughly smooth make up away. Jojoba Oil is also healthy for your hair. It conditions and moisturizes your hair and scalp.


Pure 100% Jojoba Oil.

NO Yeast, Wheat, Corn, Sugar, Salt, Soy, Starch, Dairy, Citrus, Fish, Animal Derivatives, Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavors added.

Our Review

Color: Transparent yellow/golden
Scent: Natural/hard to pin point
Texture/Consistency: Oily/liquid
Cost: $8.00-$10.00 per 4oz

For a while I have been tinkering with some Jojoba Oil because I’ve wanted to try some hair oils on Diva but wasn’t sure where to begin and oils are kind of expensive so I didn’t want to go on a joy ride with experimenting right off. So my friend gave me the remainder of her bottle to try out, since she loved it so much and since her daughters hair texture is so similar to my daughters. When I was searching for this online I found in most cases that to buy 2oz of this I would have to spend anywhere from 5.00-15.00 and this was un heard of. This is one of the handfuls of oils that cannot be bought at a grocery store, in fact whole foods, vitamin shops and such like that are the only places local to me that do and they are not exactly local.

Jojoba Oil is a lighter oil and this is what I needed to try because my Divas hair is too fine and thin for coconut oil and olive oil is too greasy for a thorough application. So through my trials of trying this on her dry, damp and wet hair I have found that it works best on her damp hair... Her hair absorbs water well and retains it very well as it is so as with most products her hair retains them well if they are agreeable with her texture and density. This oil doesn’t really have a noticeable smell it just smells like oil to me with a kind of herbal sense. The texture is oily of course and slippery. The oil is transparent in nature and has a medium gold tone to it. They say a little goes a long way so I used this rule of thumb while experimenting and found that with oils like this a little goes a long way in certain circumstances. In my Divas case this oil in a pea sized amount on her wet hair would cover nearly all of her mids/ends. When her hair is damp just over a dime sized amount covers all her mids/ends and a quarter sized amount would cover her whole head while her hair is damp. When her hair is dry it takes about a half dollar sized amount to cover her whole head of hair. Her hair is thin and fine mind you, so that makes an impact on how much oil to use because the thicker the hair the more oil needed and depending on how porous the hair is depends on how much oil to use as well.

Here is a picture before I added the oil to her hair...

I find the best method for us is by finger combing it in. I will just drop the desired amount in my closed fingers and comb it in accordingly. This oil is very slippery and spreads amazingly, though this is a natural oil one may think that it leaves her hair oily but it does the exact opposite. It acts as a great sealer, hydrator and curl maintainer. This oil is a great finishing product and perfect after applying a thicker moisturizer as it helps to lock in the moisturizer and stay put through any extreme weather's crazy conditions. I was surprised at how well this turned out working for us because I’ve not had much luck with oil products in the past and I realized my back luck was due to impure oils such as the Pink oil, Baby Oil, Africa’s Best Oil and various aerosol oils and mineral oils. Here is a picture of her hair after I dampened her hair with our distilled water spritz and added the oil, via finger combing.

The defining difference is remarkable and her curls popped right before my eyes. I had taken other various pictures using this oil but have since misplaced them. I love how her little curlees just sprung into their sharpie size all over. Of course I can feel that the oil is in her hair which means that it could probably rub off onto the couch or something but it hasn’t damaged anything and we have been using this solid for months now.

Here is a close up...

I can say that this is recommendable natural hair oil and when dealing with hair oils it is best to use them in their pure form... This would be as equally wondrous on any hair type. I did not see the need to mix or dilute this oil as with lots of oils it is best to dilute them into carrier oils and such. I would always use my distilled water spritz prior to using this oil so I have the water element present at all times as I feel it does help with the smoothing in and spreading of the oil. I did not feel that I had to make a mixture bottle of this as it works great by itself or with a little water spritzing. I send a huge thank you out to my bestie for giving me this Jojoba Oil to try :) I have a positive outlook on oils now for my Divas hair and I will be looking into other natural oils in the future...

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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