Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cornrows, Criss Crossed Ponies and Sidewinder's

So lately i have figured i may start posting some hair-spiration with not much wording included... So in the near future you may see some of that... But for now here is a brief posting on a style that i had recently done. This one i had freestyled from the basis of wanting to use some of our Sidewinders, and from there i just created.  It seriously has been too long since ive done cornrows and i find since I'm so slow handed at them, that they take longer than doing any other type of style... I really wish i could find a local person who could help me perfect my technique without having to pay for a class since i know everything there is to know besides a better hand technique (in my opinion).

This style began with pig tails and i moved back as i went... I parted the middle section first and clipped them off individually. Then i moved left to right in each box (cornrow, box braid, box braid, cornrow) Then i finished them off with 2 inch Sidewinders.  Then i moved on to the bottom row where i split the section straight down the middle and created some lower pig tails to coinside with the top frontal ones. I rubber banded those off with the top two middle box braids forming an X into them and braided the remaining free hair into two single braids and finally some Sidewinders.

I had decided to leave the frontal hair free from the pig tails for some variation.

I used Distilled water in our spritz bottle followed by Blended Beauty Soft Curls Moisturizer for a moderate moisturizer throughout as i planned on leaving this style in for a few days, and Kinky Curly Knot Today for hold as needed.

On the third day i touched her style up with a few alterations... I decided to braid the free hair into two big braids from each pig tail adding individual Sidewinders part way up the braids. I also parted off two front sections and cornrowed them, adding Sidewinders at each end. 

I pretty much left the rest as previously styled but i just re-did the (then fuzzy) cornrows and box braids

I try to use the same color scheme for a few days when using accessories so i dont have to manipulate much...

This style took about 40 minutes in total to do and lasted about 5 days with minimal touching up/frizz.

Happy Styling :)

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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That is really cute! I like.