Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bobeam Medley Shea Hair/Body Moisturizer

Back a while ago i had won a giveaway on Chi-Chi Sophistication's Blog and i had won a jar of Bobeam Medley Shea Moisturizer... I have never heard of this product line before so i was anxious to see what they were all about. 
Here is an up close view of the tub, its ingredients and method of usage.

This is what the moisturizer looks like, it was hard to take a picture of so please bare with the quality of the photos...

Product Description

This moisturizer can be used for your hair and body. The moisturizer can be used to protect and seal the ends of your hair to prevent splitting. Just rub a little in your hands to melt, and then apply. It can also be used as a protection from heat before blow drying or flat ironing, and after washing or conditioning to seal the moisture in your hair. It can also be used as a body butter.

Medley is not recommended for use on your face or directly on your scalp because of the added fragrance.

Directions of Use
Candy-Scented moisturizer for your hair and body

Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Fragrance.

Our Review

Color: White
Scent: Like a fruit medley
Texture/Consistency: Hard but when you apply heat it liquefies
Cost: $5.00 per 4oz

First thing I noticed was the scent of this product, it was different and I didn’t really get a candy gist from it, I got more so a fruit smell. I noticed that this was a hard textured Shea butter and upon my finger scooping it I noticed it was really hard, but when I swiped my finger across it and it slid out more easily. As I rubbed it between my fingers it liquefied rather quickly. Since this is a hair and body product I decided to try it both ways. I had tried this for a while on my Diva's wet hair as when using the harder type butters it is usually best to do it this was because her hair is so fine and thin. I had learned that by using this on her wet hair I really liked this best when braiding or styling as a thick sealer/moisturizer. This is because this product is heavy and it kind of weighed her hair down. I can feel the natural oil in it and this is the part I like best because it helps to stay put in her hair and add a healthy shine without the oily effect. When I used this on her dry hair I found that this was impossible to provide good results with because it was really particulated and left little bits all over her hair like wet sand would. It looked like she had dandruff so needless to say this is a no on her dry hair. This had increasingly become hard to apply and my first positive reviews have turned into now negative reviews.

Every time I apply this I noticed tremendous grit and it is hard to get out, hard to apply and I’m just all out not happy with the results of this product on my daughters hair. Strangely it doesn’t dissolve well any more either, the product has stayed in the same room temperature spot the whole time and it’s just not performing the same anymore. So I decided to jump on over to another idea and start using it on mine and my Diva's dry skin spots and see how well it works as a body butter. I can say that this is much easier to apply to the skin and over time has stayed that way. It’s nice and thick and it really stays put throughout the day and into the next night I can still feel it present. Over several consecutive uses my skin felt slightly not as rough and my Diva's skin shown the same results. She has very dry knees and elbows so we have to resort to daily use of a Shea butter containing product like this as it really lasts long through play and water play as well. The soft fruity scent lasts lightly after application as well. I can say that we will keep this around for a back up skin product but it will not be used in my Diva's hair.

Here are some pics of what it looked like in her hair after application..

I can see the grit on her hair in these pics when i make them bigger, im not sure if its visible to you all but its especially clear in person and i cant even put water on it to get the grit to smooth in :( This could possibly be used on the ends of braids or twists when using beads/rubber bands.

God Bless and Happy Styling!

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Keianna KeeKeeAllNatural said...

Hi Sis, I love love love honest reviews. Thanks for sharing. What I find very interesting is that I like this product best on wet hair too. I even use it on my wet hair, which seals in the moisture very well in which I do not have to apply it for 3 or 4 days. I have thick/coily hair. I also notice that Bobeam Works best on my clients who have coily hair than those who have soft/fine hair. On my clients who have fine hair, I use Imani Joy Naturals Blended Butter (very soft and light) on their hair and Bobeam on clients who have thick/coils. When I styled Baby O's hair from Intermittent Babbling's, her hair worked better with Imani Joy Naturals Blended Butter than Bobeam. You Rock! Thanks for sharing. ;-)

Laquita said...

Hey :o)

Great review! I love reading how my products work on various hair types. I'm glad you got good results with using it as a body moisturizer as well.

The grittiness is due to the butter melting (it must have done so in transit)and the shea butter crystallizing. You can get rid of the git by remelting the butter (you can place the closed jar in bowl of boiling water). Then once it's remelted let it sit on the counter to cool. Once cool and as it starts to solidify, you can place in in the fridge to harden or can keep it on the counter for a softer butter.