Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Diva R's Little Mermaid Inspired Birthday Hair Style & Birthday Balloon Bomb!

My Diva has turned 5 and its so hard to believe 5 years have passed already!!  Birthdays are usually a big deal in our family so we of course had to add special hair flair to the occasion.  The Diva chose Ariel The Little Memaid to be the theme for her party, so alongside her Ariel party dress i decided to do a style which paid tribute to her under the sea theme. What a better way to highlight this than with shells <3 These shells i had bought a while back from Curly Princess Hair Boutique (which is still one of the most fab online hair accessory boutique's in my opinion).

Here is the top view of the style i freestyled, i am not sure what i would call it but i incorporated piggy back pig tails which end in pony tails and big braids. Can't forget the beautiful shells and matching pony o's to add the appropriate splash of coordinating colors and the shells to bring out the under the sea element. 

In case anyone is wondering, the shells are actually beads and i slid them on just like i would beads from a beader.  I began this style by dampening her hair with our distilled water spritz and then i parted a straight part down the middle of her head from front to back. Then i started parting the boxed parts individually on each side from front to back, sectioning them off with clips as i went, trying to make sure they are as even as possible with the other side as i am super picky about parting.  I began adding some Blended Beauty Blended Cutie Soft Curls Moisturizer to each section from root to tip which is acting as my thicker moisturizer.

Then i began rubber banding each section off one by one beginning in the front, as i was rubber banding i was also applying some Darcys Botanicals Curl Jelly as my hold product, then i added pony tails and shells as i went.  While i was adding shells i piggy back tailed each section into the next until i got to my third boxed section where i pony tailed the previous sections into. Then i braided a big braid tieing the groupings together and finger curling her loose ends. I did this on both top front sections.

For the back i did the same but i went upwards with the piggy back tailing, rubber banding, pony-tailing, and shell adding.

I topped her style which took 45 minutes, off with some of a new product which we have yet to review (stay tuned), called Citrus Conditioning Leave-In Spritz by Honey Suckle Natural Haircare Line.  The Diva wore this style for a few days with much glory might i add. She was so thrilled at this accomplishment as it turned out being exactly what she wanted and the compliments just poured in.

So of course i had to balloon her room for her 5th Birthday morning and this year i was super pregnant and just 8 days away from giving birth so needless to say my lung power just wasnt there and the hubby worked long hours and wasnt able to help much. BUT i still got as many done as i could which was nearly two bags full and as the years go until she is too old to appreciate this i will keep doing this :)

The balloons stretched across her whole room and it was hard to get a good pic of them all  :)

She woke up in balloon paradise and knew exactly what the balloons were there for :)

My sweet Diva <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


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Very cute style! Happy birthday Diva R!