Saturday, June 2, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Hairstyles 2012 LYGBC Style

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day <3 We've been consumed in many things lately and Im now beginning to catch up on blogging.  My husband and I have recently welcomed our newborn son Baby G into our family in April and ever since just before that we've been on overload.  So without further adue i will begin posting again from more of an inspirational stance for a while.

For St. Patricks Day i did 3 consecutive styles which i created from my own thoughts and ideas. The first one is super obvious and easy i just posted it to show the super cute pot of gold hair ties i got from target for 1.00 each :) Its a simple pony tail style where i split the hair in two and pony tailed the top half and then the bottom half separately. I opted for single braids from each pony and finger twirled her ends. I used Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In which we have been experimenting with for some time now and is one of the newer products that has been added to our collection (Review Coming... Stay Tuned)... I used the KCKT as a slicker/hold product.

This style took all of 15 minutes to create and is one that can be altered into several varying styles over multiple days.

The second style i created was a 3 leaf clover and natural curls doo where i added a little festive flair to the style by creating a 3 leaf clover via triple heart shape parting and a joining single braid forming the stem. Originally i had no idea what i was wanting to do and i couldnt find much inspiration that was unique so i just let my hands go and i ended up with this...

The first thing i did was i began styling with my Diva's hair being wet and detangled alongside application of some of our usual products. I had found a mid point at the top of her head where i began parting the first heart shape. Then i parted two like heart shapes on the sides of the center heart at an angle so that it would come together like a clover when finished. I then rubberbanded each heart off individually and then hit a road block... What will i do with the end pieces?
I decided to go with the first idea in mind (which better ideas came there after) and i just gathered the three groupings and braided them together in one big braid which did end up forming a stem and i pony tailed it off.
After i formed the 3 leaf clover i decided to let the remainder of her hair hang free and concluded it with some scrunches of Kinky Curly. Below is a close up of the clover...
All in all this style took about 40 minutes (mostly due to the parting)... BUT it lasted very nicely for several days with minor touch ups.

Here is the third style which i decided to keep the in place clover in BUT i added some variation... I cornrowed the two front parts of her hair and the remaining loose hair from the previous style back into a pony tail which i also gathered the three groupings from the clover into.
Then i braided a big braid including all of the hair pulled back and adorned it with a few clover rings that we got from St. Patty's Day cup cakes at Kroger and a FAB St. Patty's Leprachaun bow that we got from Cute N Curly Bowtique.

This style is super cute and my fav of the three that i did, it got many raves at school as this was her school party style :) It took about 30 minutes to change this style up from the previous style. 

Hope you enjoyed our St. Patrick's Day styles and may these be inspirational for years to come <3

God Bless.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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