Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pony Tails, Cornrows and Rope Twists Oh MY!

Here is a style that I created a short while ago as the thought crossed my mind that i need to do some more different types of styles where i incorporate varying facets of styling.  So this time around i decided to throw in some Pony Tails, Rope Twists, Cornrows and Clips into a random pattern. 

Im not exactly sure what i used in her hair with this style but its nothing out of our normal array of products :)  Rope twists are the only twists which withstand time in our household and i LOVE the POP effect that they give.  I just parted as i went and styled as i went... Nothing to it but to do it :)

Ive always been one for something different and im always looking for inspiration.  Styles like this only last a day or two in the Divas hair and ALWAYS need fixing up since her hair is so fine and silky like.

This style took about 55 minutes (mostly spent due to parting)...

Rope twists are created by taking the two strands of hair and twisting them INDIVIDUALLY in a CLOCKWISE direction THEN twisting them around each other in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE direction.

<3 Happy Styling <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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