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We love feedback. Feel free to contact me with ANY questions/help needed/suggestions/concerns/sponsorships you may have about my blog, the natural hair care realm, or products and their usages. If would like to promote your products through my blog, gain knowledge on biracial hair care, style how too's, products we use, Diva R's hair care, product reviews/giveaways, to obtain consent for ANY element usage of my blog or anything pertinent that i haven't mentioned i ask that you contact me via email and we will go from there :).

Sponsors/Giveaways- We are willing to use and review any type of product that could benefit our family and/or readers as well as the company, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor for any future giveaways or product promotions please send me an email and we will make accommodations and arrangements as alot of my readers have versatile interests and because of the diversity we are accepting of various types of services/products applicable and plan to present them in a professional honest manner.  Upon contact we will discuss the specific terms and details.

I will respond promptly to all email contacts.

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I will not take any type of copyright infringement lightly, all you have to do is email me and gain my written permission for consent purposes.

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