Sunday, April 1, 2012

Angelic Soaps & Gifts by Dieshawn Holmes Peppermint ShampDoo Bar Review

Here is yet another product review on a sample i received from Naturally Flyy Detroit's Natural Hair Meet Up... This time around i am reviewing a Peppermint ShampDoo Bar from Angelic Soaps and Gifts by Dieshawn Holmes. Below is a picture of the actual sample that we received...

Right before we received this we tried our very first shampoo bar and need i remind myself how horrible that shampoo bar was and how ravaging on my daughters hair it was... So needless to say i was very skeptical about trying another one but after my friend tried hers on her daughters hair and LOVED it i decided id give in and try it.... Its natural, healthy and not filled with junk or stripping elements so i figured the worst that could happen would be that it just didn't work for us. The best thing that could happen would be that we just LOVE it <3 The sample we got was about 3 inches wide and a half inch thick or so.

My review is based off of several uses of the ShampDoo Bar, we used it from its fresh wholeness until it was gone.

Product Information

Cleanse and Rejuvenate your scalp and hair Doo with
Angelic Soaps and Gifts "ShampDoo Bar".
Designed and blended with a very Unique mixture of moisturizing and refreshing oils.

Peppermint essential oil - Antibacterial and Stimulant
Rosemary essential oil - Antibacterial and Antiseptic
Vegan Friendly / All natural

Our Review

Color: Beige/Tan
Scent: Hempish
Texture/Consistency: Solid like soap
Cost: $6.50 per full size bar

The first thing i noticed was that this ShampDoo bar is solid and characteristically like soap. The scent of this bar is hard to pin point but i got evident gusts of a hemp/herbal-ness and a bit of a mint scent. I really liked the scent before i even put it to use, the texture seemed of a nice nature for a shamp bar. I decided to use this exclusively as my Diva's shampoo for the period that it lasted.

Below are some shots of a few uses of this ShampDoo Bar in the before and after tenses in my daughters hair. I must say that this shamp bar seriously has a nice, easy and smooth application. It is easy to use in its whole form and suds moderately without the harmful sudsing agents normally present in shampoo's.

As you can see the suds are evident which i prefer because there is nothing worse than a shampoo that doesnt show that its present or in action when it needs to be cleaning. As i was applying it i could feel the moisture being added to her hair, as it was also added to my hands. I was astounded to be able to note these wonderous elements coming from a shampoo bar. As i rinsed it out of her hair i could visibly note the moisture left in her hair from the bar and not to mention how soft my hands were too <3 Her hair was squeaky clean for sure but NOT stripped of its natural oils, it actually maintained her natural oils very well after ever use of this bar...

Here is a pic of the ShampDoo Bar rinsed out of her hair completely... The sheen was very nice.

Here are more before/after pics from another use of this Peppermint ShampDoo Bar...

As time has passed between uses, my opinion on this shamp bar has not changed and in fact there were times where i just added a leave in conditioner following with no need for an extra moisturizer since her hair was so well moisturized after just the shamp bar alone. I was very shocked at the results we received from this shamp bar as i sure didnt expect such great findings. The going thought is that shamp bars work great only on coarser hair types but this in fact is NOT TRUE. I even found that this shamp bar worked wonderfully on my hair and it felt flow-ey and weightless with a nice amount of after-moisture present.
I must thank DieShawn for blessing us with this sample as it has done great by us and if i ever come across it again in person i will definitely grab some up so we can review for future tense and lavish in its results <3
God Bless and keep in mind that if one type of product fails you dont just knock the whole type of product in general as you may miss out on something miraculous... Keep trying, keep trying... In Yo Gabba Gabba's spirit <3
Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Jess said...

Great review! this sounds like a very nice product!

Jess said...

great review! this sounds like an amazing product! a must try!

melissar said...

peppermint shampoo sounds awesome