Monday, April 23, 2012

Egg Tails Easter Hairstyle For Girls

This posting is coming a bit late i know but its better late than never :) ... We have been super busy and consumed with our soon to be welcoming of our Baby Boy G any day now as well as tons of other things! So since we didn't give the Egg Tails a whirl last year i decided to try them for the first time this year for Diva R's Easter Party at School. Before i started on the style i spent hours searching for some ideas and ways to keep the eggs from falling out of the tails and in the end i really liked how Princess Piggies created the Egg Tails with the webbed rubber banded effect veiling around each egg.

The element which i encountered that altered my initial idea of doing it that way was that my Divas hair is only about half as long in full curl mode so the webbing would take longer to do and i wanted to do 4 braids around it "entrapping" each egg so that they were wrapped like presents. But they kept sliding out so i opted for the basket look with the braided handle over top as this seemed to be the best way i could get them to stay put. I used the smallest plastic eggs that i could find in colors to match her shirt...

I began with pig tails and grabbed a random middle section of the pig tail and braided it to the end, i then had the whole back section of the pig tail to form the "basket" to hold the egg in place. I slid the first egg in and "molded" the loose hair around the egg the best i could with her hair being so thin and i rubber banded the hair together just below the egg and moved on to the second egg where i repeated the above steps. I ended her Egg Tails in finger curls. All in all this style was complete in 20 minutes.

I used Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner as the slicker on her freshly washed conditioned and partly air dried curls (which i will be discussing and reviewing soon)..

This turned out to be super cute and unique with a hint of fun and festiveness. Her friends at school (and parents) thought this was a cute and creative style and idea. She loves the compliments and her teachers always oogle her styles too :)  I kind of figured that the eggs wouldn't stay in her hair through school because her favorite daily activity is playing dress up at play time so i knew things would be going over her head.  This is exactly what happened but as always her amazing and thoughtful teachers put her pretties that may fall out in her cubby and it was to my surprise that even though the eggs fell out the form of the eggs were still in full effect and even as we were walking out with no eggs in people were stopping us with compliments so it turned out to be an additional blessing in disguise <3

Didn't think to take pictures though :/

Next year if we do this i will be opting for the webbed  encasing of the eggs and maybe Styrofoam or a hard egg shaped material like that since these smooth plastic ones wanted to just slide right out of my Divas hair.  I think that this may work alot better with getting less movement from the eggs on coarser type hair in this method i chose to do above but is still equally possible on any and all hair types <3. 

Here are some of the Diva's Blessed Easter Bows from Cute N Curly Bowtique!!!!!

Happy Easter <3 God Bless and remember who Easter is TRULY about!!! Not that Bunny either!

<3 Jesus <3

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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UHM said...

This is cute, I always wondered how well the eggs stayed in styles like this, sounds like the way you did it held them in place as well as they could be.