Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Curlee Style: Natural Curls!

                                                Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection J                            

This is our ever famous natural curls being proudly work at Diva R’s second birthday party J The picture quality isn’t that great but you get the idea J Her hair stayed this length FOREVER! And this was shortly before her color transformation. Her hair was near jet black from birth until 2 years old. Her hair began changing brown with red hues (like my natural color). So it has like a red shimmer in the sun.  Her hair was super fine in texture and still no styles would hold nor would any pretties stay in her hair at age 2.
I really didn’t have the knowledge then that I do now but her hair was as healthy then as it is now just longer.  Her hair had thinned out from being thick at 1 year old and stayed that way (even though current almost 4 year old times).   I didn’t use anything special in her hair other than the Curl Activator and Leave in Conditioner pictured below…

Needless to say these were not favored products in our experience and I’m soo glad we found Bee Mine… On top of that i just bought what i was advised to buy which was bad advice back then :)

Hope everyone is enjoying this weekly tribute to Diva R’s natural curls J

Next style will be for crazy hair day on the 10th!!!!! WE ARE soo EXCITED for this! This will be over the top and adorably unique so stay tuned!!!!

Diva R’s Mommy-Kim

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NitaLee said...

Im so Jealous lol. I had thick beautiful curls but when i was around 10 my mom started letting me do my own hair and that didnt do my little curls any good. But now im takin care of my hair and learnin alot from all these blogs.