Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tangle Teezer Review W/Pictures

Here are the products and tools of choice that we used .
The wide toothed comb was for parting so i could apply the Bee Mine No Sulfur Growth Serum, since we have begun this growth adventure on Feb 5th we have applied it every other day and kept our washing conditioning and moisturizing routine the same so we will see what the future holds. Bee Mine has already given her growth results! So i have total faith that we will see more results:). I have the bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer on hand also.

Before we get into the Tangle Teezer review and pictures this picture below and the one following are examples of what Diva R's hair looks likes normally We have always finger detangled with help of our wide tooth comb at the ends going up if needed we also have a paddle brush that works just fine.

                                           This picture below begins our Tangle Teezer Review.
I washed conditioned and moisturized Diva R's hair like usual and used the Tangle Teezer for the first time on her hair after she woke the next morning i didn't re-spritz moisturizer or anything at this point i wanted to try it out on her hair when it was dry and pre-product applicated. as you can see the Tangle Teezer *Teezed* her curls out to where they became super full and just luscious and vibrant. Usually her ringlet curls are S- shaped and i can coil them with minimal effort. I loved the resulting softness and  fullness of Diva R's hair after using the Tangle Teezer and asked Diva R how she liked the brush and she said " I love it, its so soft and wanted me to keep brushing her hair!" I was stoked because usually she likes to play around when it comes to hair time so this was a great time for mommy and unlike combs and most brushes the tangle Teezer didn't get caught on a snarl or knot once and i put it to the test on numerous occasions and it seriously just "weaved" the knots out causing zero pain to Diva R and she would definitely tell me if something hurt because she has a tender scalp and always has so i have to be feather fingered as it is :)

Here are pictures further into our experimenting with the Tangle Teezer and our review is still the same as it was before this point. We had purchased this from Sally's for $9.50 and were really hoping to find a flower pot or a pink TT but we had to get the black instead since the craze is at its peak Tangle Teezers are scarce to come by so when i seen it i had to grab one of the two left regardless of which color :) We had to try the TT and see what all the hype was about. Glad i did because this brush has solves my having to persuade Diva R to let me brush her hair regularly and she is now excited to brush her hair and she even does it herself now with no fuss :) She LOVES to use it on my hair too and I can even say this is an amazing brush for my hair type as well it feels so soft and feels like my hair is getting a massage when brushed.  Were still searching for the flower pot though :) This time her hair didn't fluff out as it did before because this was right after it was washed conditioned moisturized lightly and air dried. In the top picture of the collage i brushed her hair down with the TT and in the bottom picture i brushed her hair out to see how it would look and
it REALLY poofed out then lol she had  a "half-fro" and it was adorable.

Here is the before shot of Diva R's wet hair and of course we had to compare the results of the dry to the wet using the TT. These are her natural curls just out of the bath. (Getting long!!!)

Here are the after shots of using the TT on her wet hair to detangle and brush. It nearly straightened her hair out as i brushed and i can definitely say i like the results of the TT better when its used on wet hair. Her curls just crept back into usual form quickly and  remained Tangle free. I put her Bee Mine Curly Butter on after wards and i tossled her hair slightly with my fingers and her hair remained soft the whole day through play and all.

I do have to say that at first the sound of the TT going through my daughters dry hair was kind of "crackling like" and it sort of stood out to me me until i began to use it and hold it in different ways i realized that's the sound of it working and its not damaging her hair at all. Its so gentle and you can watch each bristle "dance " around the Tangle releasing its hold.
In our opinion the Tangle Teezer was worth its price, meets its claims and exceeds our expectations.  It is a must that you wash your TT with warm water regularly because product could build up as with any other hair tools. The hype is understood. We <3 out Tangle Teezer and encourage everyone to buy one :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim

Next i will be posting a review on an awesome hair accessory and jewelry shop i had come across :) I haven't had much luck finding any online shops that make flowers the size i would like for Diva R's hair and Fatemeh'sOTW :)


Kandy said...

I LOVE the Tangle Teezer!!!

Tii said...

I've heard about the Tangle Teezer and want to try it. But I must say your review is the best that I've read. I love how you showed the pics and really let us see the results.