Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection: 1st EVER Cornrows...

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection 

 I began doing Diva R’s hair a little over two years ago and I began with sectioned pony tails with usually ballies at the base and either braids or two strand twists into clips, ballies or beads. I tried to learn how to cornrow for years and I couldn’t grasp the technique I mean NO technique at all!! I watched numerous you tube videos, bookmarked many blogs and googled until I couldn’t Google any more. 

I came across many talented people that inspired me to learn more about taking care of my daughter’s hair and how to style it. XxPrettyma on YouTube  was the very first inspiration that really paved my curiosity into trying styles like she did on her daughters hair and I seen a lot of styles possible that I didn’t think were possible on finer type hair like Diva R’s (This is a must See set of videos if you haven't already :) . I searched more and came across Keep Me Curly and this is where I picked up a lot of my techniques, learned a lot of how to’s on corn rowing and designs, this is where I also first seen yarn braids  I found Bee Mine Products through Beads Braids and Beyond and we are in <3 with those products. I came across Curly Princess Hair Boutique and began hair sharing and participating in the world of children’s natural hair care making friends as I went. I then found KandyLandKurls and thanks to her and her helpful welcoming hand I kick started my blog and we built our present community from there  I learned how to cornrow from watching countless hours of videos online, asking countless questions everywhere, watching professionals and people I know braid hair and I discovered my own technique and just went with the flow.

 My finger technique isn’t easy to follow but it gets the job done I found that two and three strand twists were much easier than corn rowing and braiding using more than 3 strands. I was proud of my first set of cornrows It took much practice and I had even bought a  Manikin head previous to this because I was having such a hard time finding how to hold my fingers and Diva R just wasn’t having it being my guinea pig. I would say that the Manikin head was instrumental in my learning different types of styles and definitely corn rowing.  I was so picky I wouldn’t leave twisted up bad looking braids in her hair so I guess that explains why it took me 30 minutes to do one cornrow…lol
Now I am much faster and getting better…  still not pro yet but as we go I learn more and more.
What does everyone remember about when you first learned how to cornrow?
Diva R’s Mommy- Kim


amandak23k said...

You did such a good job!! I really like the parts and the side braids, so cute!! Does your daughter ever complain about sleeping with beads in her hair?

Lee F said...

In the summer of 2009 I was determined to learn how to braid. My first attempt looked horrible, I tried a couple more times and gave up. After a week or so I just decided to do it until I got it. I GOT IT! I watched my best friend braid her daughter's hair and learned that way. I braid under and she braids over. I've been braiding ever since and I actually find it relaxing (sometimes).
I like to experiment with different parts now.

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

@Amandak23k- Thanks alot :) That took forver it seemed to do lol i didnt want to begin with just the traditional straight backs since i have a girl :) Diva R doesnt complain at all with any types of beads i have had in her hair. Ive had her head covred in beads and they never bothered her one bit. She would complain if the beads would smack her in the eye though while she would be dancing or playing so i try to style her hair so that her hair doesnt come near her eyes :) She sleeps with a satin bonnet and on a satin pillow case so the beads pretty much stay in place.
@Lee- Wow your a fast learner :) You learned around the same time i did :) I am still learning as i go but its more like an art to me now than it was in the beginning i LOVE to experiment! Doing hair is my hobby for sure now :) My first cornrows were a mess! lol seriously ... Its always a learning process :)

DsMommy said...

Wow...those do look really good. I'm still in the process of learning and practicing. Its hard for me to get the technigue...I've always braided overhanded and every video I see they braid underhanded, so I hard for me to get.