Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ponytails With Cornrows Final Switch Up Style

This post is quite obvious and doesn't need much explanation. This is the third and final part to the several day style that Diva R has had in and it begun on Christmas Eve and ended days later with this being the final doo :)

I just re did the cornrows in the back and added some new flare to match her current outfit and whah-lah it was a simple under 10 minutes switch up.

I had also merged the pony tailed sections into bigger sections, so instead of having 16 pony tailed sections she now has 8. I had previously spritzed her hair down with some water and added moisturizer so the loose hanging hair isn't resulting from a braid out nor is it her normal curl spring-age its sort of an in between mixture of the two.

These butterfly ballies came from Meijer and the animal shaped beads came from Curly Princess Hair Boutique.

If you cant cornrow styles like these are perfect and are proof that there should be no reason ones child looks like a hot mess in public. All you need is simply pony tails or hair holders of some kind not even any skill or parting tool as asymmetrical parts are ultra cute and widely accepted as so and just as easy as it may sound you can just gather sections by hand and band em up.

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


Precious Henshaw said...

This looks cute! I love the pony holders!

LYGBC said...

Thank you Precious! We seem to be going crazy with the many different ballies we are always adding to our collection LOL I'm going to need a new storage house for hair stuff