Monday, January 23, 2012

Pretty Brown Girl Collection Showcase Event


We were blessed with the opportunity to travel out to the Pretty Brown Girl's Show Case Event.  This was very anticipated and since we missed the first PBG event i promised myself we wouldn't miss the next.  Diva R was geeked about this for some time and began to count the days down for when we would be able to go.

I had the idea of getting some new shirts made with our blog name on it, for representational and promotional purposes so this is what i did and we got some shirts airbrushed. You can see the Diva's shirt above and mine was exactly the same except the colors were black and grey. I did a hair style for her which i will be detailing in a future post, special for this event and of course the beads coordinated with her shirt and boots.  

The venue that the showcase was held at was My Girly Party, which is a place that caters to Diva's and Princesses of all ages and they specialize in special custom parties.  This was our first time going to this place and didn't know what to expect.

We got there real early as i had no idea how long it would take to get there, so we hung out and surveyed the area.  As the time rolled around my Diva was beyond words with excitement and couldn't wait to go inside and meet new friends and play.  I wanted to be early so we could ensure that we found the place in a timely manner as well as guarantee us one of the 10 door prize packs.

When we walk in we seen nothing but a pure slice of girly heaven, Pretty Brown Girl Style! I snapped some random photos of the venue and PBG set up and they are as follows...

Here were the refreshments and  table set ups all in the beautifully coordinating pink and brown shades :) The Diva notices the cake first and foremost and insisted that she have a piece...

We in fact were the second ones there and my sweet Diva got the prize pack as she desired and to her surprise included was the awesomely girly and poofy PBG skirt and the PBG wristband! This made her day and little did she know the excitement didn't even fully begin yet!

Here are some close ups of the skirt and band that we took after we got home since i could barely get her to stay still for 2 seconds while we were at the show case :)

 The very next thing that Diva R noticed was the Pretty Brown Girl's Doll that was in its separate casing on display for everyone to see. This was a HUGE hit for all the little girls present and they all HAD to have one :) So since this was the premiere of the doll and we already had it planned to purchase it for her i pre-ordered her one which we are expecting in May. I must say that this was a hard gum drop for her to swallow as she really wanted to walk out with it that very day.


But i assured her it will be here right after her Birthday and she is fine with that and has begun to count those days down now...  I was so happy that we ordered that day because we got it for $37.00 even out the door and the quality of this doll makes that well worth it!  So throughout the event we spent time socializing, hanging out, meeting new people and I spent time spreading the word about proper natural hair care and styling for children with plugs to my blog and luckily i brought a good amount of business cards because i ran out at this event! It was a honor being recognized by fellow women with interest in natural hair with little Diva's with natural hair. There were men present as well who really took interest in the event as well as did they have questions regarding how i take care of my daughters hair and how we get through hair time.

I met people who were in need of advice, a stylist, information, and beyond. It was great to have met so many wonderful people of which i could relate too and the compliments my Diva got were never ending! This made her feel so special and along the way she met her a new friend that we will call Diva K and they played the whole time we were there :) They spent most of the time working the runway, dancing and playing games. She really enjoyed all of the little girls who were present and they all played so nicely together, it was priceless listening to them compliment each other on their hair and outfits!  

Here are some shots of my Diva working the stage! She wanted to take it home with us too <3


Here is Diva R and Diva K doing what they do best!  By the way i met myself a new friend too whom i will call Mommy K, she is Diva K's Mom and a very nice and cool lady! We meshed on so many levels and we had long conversations throughout our visit ranging from being mommy's, hair care, random-ness and we shared tips, product information and she even showed me how to do flat twists like she had did in her daughters hair. Not to mention we don't live that far from each other either so we arranged for some play dates for the girls to keep in touch as well. 

Here are some shots of some of the Diva's present including my sweet Diva on the far left, Diva K and the ORIGINAL Pretty Brown Girls themselves, the daughters of Corey and Sheri Crawley the PBG founders!!!!


This event was definitely one to remember and it was such a pleasure meeting Sheri and Corey as well as all the other lovely and friendly people that we met.  Pretty Brown Girl is on the map and it will be exciting to see the organization continue to grow and prosper.  To keep up to speed with future happening from Pretty Brown Girl make sure you "like" their FB fan page <3

My Girly Party is a cool place too! The owner and staff  were just so pleasant and welcoming! I must give a huge shout out to them for asking for me to put some of my cards on their desk! EEK I only wish i would have brought another stack with me at that point :)  My daughter just wanted to wear the princess dresses so bad and just loved everything about being there.  It was worth the drive too and we couldn't have asked for a better overall experience.

I did take videos too but You Tube has been reluctant in letting me upload them :( But when i do i will add them to the post...

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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