Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner

By popular request we decided that we would review Mixed Chicks line and we were definitely receptive to this because of all of the reviews i have read about its amazing curl defining abilities so lets see if we can get some major curl definition!.

I was aiming for the Deep Conditioner but the only store in my whole vicinity was sold out of only that one! So i picked up each and every bottle of the Mixed Chicks line that the beauty supply sold and read all of the ingredients thoroughly and right off bat we opted for the Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner because it had no ingredients in it hat Diva R would be allergic to! This was a blessing because nearly every product has at least one ingredient that is a no-no for Diva R.

Note to self: When purchasing Mixed Chicks it is CHEAPER to do so through them directly... This 10oz bottle costed me 19.99 and Mixed Chicks sells it direct for 16.99...
Scent: Like a baby powder-rose-shea butter scent

Consistency: Like a Hair Lotion/Regular Conditioner

Color: Yellow

Texture: Light, non oily, non greasy and it leaves a soft after feel... a mixture between a lotion and a conditioner

Our Review:

We have had this for nearly a month now and have used it consistently on Diva R's hair since we got it.  I started using this as a rinse out conditioner at first because for some reason i got tied up in the ingredients on the back and me just plain not reading the Leave In part on the front LOL. So the first set of pictures are of the MC Leave In conditioner being used as a rinse out.

This is totally the opposite result i expected to get seeing that i wasn't using it properly the first two times around. Which was a great surprise because her curls seriously got this jolt of energy and popped out into their little perfect ringlets with no finger curling!! You can see for yourself the definition. I'm all for the lovely results that occurred accidentally, this only concludes that this is a versatile product which incorporates it being able to be used as more than just a leave in.

Now lets move on to what it looked like after i began using it properly!

This is what her hair looked like after i used our regular shampoo and this Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner following.  The results speak for them selves and this above collage was taken on the third week into using the leave in regularly. I can say my preferred timing of using this is right when she gets out of the tub and her hair gets slightly dried but not much. It is easy to work through her curlee's without her hair being dry and tangled.

I applied the conditioner while i finger detangled her hair and it just sunk right in.  The scent is light and refreshing. Diva R liked this product and noticed that it was something out of the norm when i put in in for the first time. She said "Mommy i really like this one you put in my hair!".  Now she goes around singing "Mixed Chick's, I'm a Mixed Chick!" LOL May have to get her a Mixed Chicks Shirt :)

I use about a quarter size amount of the leave in per use and it covers the whole area i choose to use the leave in on. Now everyone knows by now that I suffer from Productjunkieism so we definitely have a past with many leave in conditioners so i feel i can speak from great knowledge :).  I have tried many brands and so when i discovered this leave in, regardless of some of its ingredients i decided it was worth a shot.  I bought this hand in hand with the Mixed Gloss and Shining Hair Silk

The collage below illustrates Diva R's hair before MC Leave In (on the left), and Diva R's hair with the Mixed Chicks Leave In AND Hair Silk (on the right).
Notice how dry her hair LOOKS on the left... This is her hair only shampoo'd nothing further. BEFORE the Mixed Chicks Leave In.  I must say aside from commenting on the effects of the hair Silk at this time, the Leave in sure did make her curls POP! You can see her lovely S shaped ringlet curlee's.
The picture on the right i will detail more at a later time :)

I must say that the only draw back on this product coming from my own personal opinion are a few of the ingredients listed. I am a seasoned PJ and i generally follow the hazard ratings of all ingredients so i can try and keep a healthy array of products on hand for our family :) 

From the very first trial period days of using this leave in i could see an immediate bounce when it was used. Current times still indicate this leave in as being effective and has since been added to our regime :) We now have a conditioner for Diva R.

We use this both on her wet and dry hair and use a wide tooth comb along side finger combing tousle and shes ready to go :) It makes a lovely conditioner for naturally flowing free curlee's.. I noticed Diva R's hair was well tamed through a long day of playing after we began using this.

Thank you Mixed Chicks for creating this unique line for us to review and for this we have a new addition into our hair care routine for Diva R :) Anxious to try the children's line for her next *_*

Diva R's Mommy-Kim


shaunagurl said...

I may have to try this..I was looking at the site and wondering if you used the leave in in your first pic or if you used the kids leave in?

Jordynn's Personal Stylist (aka mommy) said...

Diva R has some gorgeous ringlets! I'll have to go back to the Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner for LMJ's hair. Thank you for the review :)

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

I did use the Mixed Chicks Leave-In in Diva R's hair in the first pic :) We have yet to try the kids products yet :)

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you Jordynn's Personal Stylist :)