Friday, May 6, 2011

Today's Curlee Style: PINK and Curlee, Plus a New Addition to Diva's Gear

PINK is all i have to say about this post :)

So lately i have been on a simple and quick binge and due to our busy play date schedule, appointments, errands and helping people out aside from my being a SAHM and Wife, i didn't really have much time for elaborate styles. 

So as usual her hair was washed with our BM Shamp and followed up by BOTH of our 2 new unveiled products.

I am seriously in LOVE with the product that aided in making Diva R's finger curls so shiny and fly away free!! This is a God send, pricey but a God send :)

No need for me to break down how i did this style but just for kicks, i simply parted a slanted part that sort of looked like a pacman mouth opening to the right but it was winder of course and one side turned out a little thicker than the other but this is what i was looking for so it turned out just adorable and cute it totally matched her PINK personality. Did i forget to mention that Diva R just LOVES PINK? If not it should be obvious *_* So this week she choose to wear all PINK and everything had to coordinate.

I chose to put the two sections into pig tails and i added a pony to each one and topped them off with
I <3 Jesus clips that i got from my FAV local beauty supply. Normally i don't use these types of clips to just slip INTO her hair but these ones are perfect for doing just that :) So i added them to the top bases of the pony tails and it was looking beyond girly and PINKALICIOUS i knew Diva R would LOVE it :)

I just slicked her baby hairs down with the Curly Butter and WOW and i impressed as to how they stayed down and no more of them broke free from the pig tails YAY!

So i then i opted for a new experiment and decided to use our NEW product responsible for this awesome shine and fly away removal to finger curl her curlees and see what happens...

You be the judge... Don't these look AMAZING??? Her curls are just bouncing with joy, health and are the shining recipe for luscious with a hint of a drenching spring waterfall :)

This style took 15 minutes tops and is one that i will definitely repeat, this was done before school and was thought of to compliment her cute and stylish dressy outfit and of course to go hand in hand with her girly love of PINK.
So the other day Diva R was outside playing with her new neighbor friends and we have all type of the sweetest toys BUT we didn't get her a bike yet and her friends of course had bikes and they always rode them while she trotted along on her Dora Trike.  I said Its time for an upgrade and i called all around for the bike i knew was the ONE. Only one store had it!!! So i FLEW to get it and it was the last one also, they sold like hot cakes.

Here is what we got Diva R and it is her very first big girl bike ever!!!
PINKALICIOUS at that!!! and it even has a baby carrier on it!  I cant even illustrate the happiness and pure excitement on Diva R's face and in her step when she came down from her nap and seen the bike!! she immediately said "Wow is this for me!!!! I have my very own bike now and i love it so much its PINKALICIOUS!!!!! WOW WOW WOW and it has a baby carrier and i get to ride it with my friends!" This is so awesome mom i love it so much thank you!! and she hugged me :) YAY for Diva getting her own bike so that she can ride without tagging along and being tickled PINK with validation because she deserves it and anything goes to keep our baby girl happy and up to date.

Now my baby girl has her own bike!

I had a nice long talk with the Diva :) Diva knows that if mommy needs to step inside for a minute play time stops and she comes in with me and then playtime resumes when we go back out together.

Diva R's Happy and Blessed Mommy- Kim


Shay said...

yay for first bikes! i love the lil dolly seat on the back!

Diva Locks said...

Her curls are amazing!

CurlyGirly B's Mommy said...

What were the products you used to create these adorable curls?

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you Ladies!!! The mystery product was the Mixed Chicks hair Silk for the shine :) U used the Bee Mine Curly Butter also! But no special tools were used to create the curls they are her natural curls that i just twirled with my fingers :)

CurlyGirly B's Mommy said...

I might have to try the hair silk. This style is so cute!!