Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Happy Mother's Day from LYGBC!!!! May all you Mommie's out there and all the Mommies you know be celebrated, pampered and overly appreciated for all of the time, hard work and dedication that we all put into our families day to day!! If your a Mommy your job never ends, there is no "clocking out" and we have many sleepless nights! Children are a blessing straight from God and regardless of the circumstances someone may have gone through you were given these blessings from God for a reason :)

Yay for us hard working Mommies who gave birth to and adopted our blessings!!! The world could not function without MOMMIES! We are the rock of the family and with out our adhesion within the family there would be no family... God Bless and may everyone enjoy this Mother's Day!!!!

These are the two reasons my heart beats, my lungs breathe, my tiredness is over ridden, my laziness was diminished, my selfishness was depleted, I have been given life and these are the two reasons why i do any and everything i do!!!!!!

My dreams have come true and there is nothing more i love that being a Mother to the best two loving children in the world!!!!!! No job could half compare to the job of being a MOTHER.
Thank you my Heavenly Father for breathing life into Adam's nostrils so that Eve could then be created from his rib as his help meet, while he was in his deep sleep, for seeing me fit as a Mother, for blessing me 10 fold with these two immaculate children, for giving me the unbelievable motivation beyond any obstacle to move mountains for our family and for providing such a perfect way of Christian life and word for us to follow and pass onto the children and for ensuring that we will be graciously blessed with a spot within your heavenly gates :)

Happy Mother's Day to AL Momma's out there!!! Take this day to honor yourself and all the Mothers around you!

Diva R and Z's Mommy- Kim


Dreamer13 said...

How precious!! I love the pics :) and you deserve a fabulous mothers' day! ENJOY!

Precious H said...

Lovely pictures and touching words! Have a great mother's day!

amber.hope said...

I was just wondering if you've ever used Aussie 3 min. miracle? and what are your thoughts about this product?

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you Karli and Precious :) Hope you both had a Blessed Mother's Day!

@Amber- No i have not used this Aussie Product but here is a link i think you should check out regarding that product. I personally wouldnt buy that product because its HEAVILY loaded with harmful ingredients... Check out the link.