Thursday, May 5, 2011

Here is an Updated Random Mommy Hair Moment...

So i decided to showcase another famous and one of the few styles i do on my hair per requests.  This will be simple and quick and its nothing special :)

I went with the braid out on my hair. My hair was Shampoo'd with the remadinder of the Organix Shea Butter Shamp that Diva R used to use before i stopped using it on her because of certain ingredients.  I used the Bee Mine Bee Lovely Conditioner (which i am in the process of reviewing also) and through many experiments with the Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer i decided to use this as my "holding and heavy moisturizing agent".  I applied this as i was braiding and it is a super holder and a deep moisturizer as well. It protects my already dried and color damaged hair greatly especially where i use rubberbands. This is mainly how i used it on Diva R also and it worked wonders on our ends.

So as you can see i wasnt aiming for perfection and i wasnt looking in the mirror when i did the over night braids. So i just grabbed sections of hair with my fingers and braided the individual sections as i went. This took all of 20 minutes and i rubber banded them off one by one.
Then to finish the braids i Spritzed the Juicy Spritz on them and over night they stayed.

The next early after noon i took the braids out while flipping my hair over my forehead while i was bending down and tousled my hair super close to the roots with both hands staying on my scalp the whole time. I do it this way so that im not fingering the nice crimpage out of cuteness and so i can simply break apart the sections from the braids near the root without disturbing the style :)

Here is the result :)

Obviously these are self-taken pics so bare with me :)

 The pic below was taken right after i lightly spritzed some Juicy Spritz on smoothing out the fly aways...

All in all this style turned out super cute and it lasted 3 days!!!! I switched up wearing the braid out each day. The first day i wore it with a head band, the second day i wore it in a loose side pony tail and the third day i put it in a higher off to the opposite side bunched up messy cute pony with a decorative hair holder :)... I didnt think to take pics of my switch ups :0

Just a glimpse of the mommy behind the scenes *_*

Diva R's Mommy-Kim

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Precious H said...

Gorgeous braid-out! It came out very defined, nice!