Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection

This is a square sectioned piggy back pony tails design with a half pony tail in the back.  This style really highlights her baby hairs that were nearly even at this time! It was done last November and classifies as a Simple and Quick style and it was a school doo also :) The goal for all school doo's was to keep her hair out of her face and away from potential cutting harm!

I split the ending hair from the pony tail in two pieces, i then braided the right piece of hair in a single braid. The the other grouping of hair i left un-braided and then braided those two together into one bigger braid and ended it in a ballie for a little added weight so her braid would curl up :)

Lets Jam Extra Hold Gel was my poison of choice back when.

No explanation needed for this style it is simple, cute and is achievable in 20 minutes!

What type of pony tail holders does everyone use?? Have you had any bad experiences with any?

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


amber.hope said...

I use the Goody ouchless assorted color/size elastics. But so far I only use the tiny ones, as my girls' hair is still somewhat thin. I use to use the walmart brand ones but I got tired of them not even lasting a day before breaking.

Brown Girls said...

she's a doll! and you have a cute blog too!

jianette said...

I like this. its like a fake cornrow for braid challeneged people like me lol. I think I will do this today :)