Monday, May 30, 2011

Announcing Our 4th Annual Hair Show!!! Diva G

Welcome welcome to our Hair Show!

This is a very close to home friend of Diva R's, Introducing Diva G!

For this Hair Show i thought it would be cool to showcase her LOVED hair style.
This is a style that i did for her and it was per her request from seeing Diva R's half hawk and half cornrow hairstyle...   (Click here to see Diva R's version :)

Hi Diva G!!

Diva G's Mommy wanted me to do Diva G's hair and give her advice on how to care for her daughter's naturally LONG and curly biracially Caucasian and African American blended hair :D  I must say that i feel silly because i forgot to take before pictures!!!! But i will next time for sure! Her hair is gorgeous, thick and long!!

Diva G wanted it done soo bad too so i re-created the style that she wanted because that's whats most important to me is that she is happy and has choice in the style she wears and accessories too, so it was really fun and i must say i love doing hair! Natural curlees need to be cherished and worn proudly!
So we jazzed her style up with some beads of her choice too, they were the regular size multi-translucent beads.

Needless to say she was cheesing ear to ear and loving it! The look on her face was priceless and Diva R was sure to compliment her right away saying "Your hair is beautiful!!" :P

Her hair was washed and conditioned with the Silk Element's products, and then moisturized with Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer the night before.  The following evening i removed the bands, spritzed some distilled water on while i was lightly finger detangling. I Then as i was going i added the Bee Mine Juicy Spritz of ours and her hair just LOVED this spritz! It serious helped to tame her hair throughout styling. I added dabs of Curly Butter here and there as i was cornrowing.  I seriously had to detangle the whole time i braided her hair for it being so thick and semi coarse yet semi soft and long. Her ends would get tangled so i had to keep spraying them so that they wouldn't knot up.

I must say that detangling was a slight time absorber, i am usually as quick as i can be when it comes to braiding kiddies hair because i know how they want to be up playing and doing something else but i am also OCD with lineage because sloppy lines mess up the whole style and that wouldn't ever fly coming from me *_* But she was so patient and sat and drew pictures, read books, watched TV and just went with the flow not a complaint in the world! Such a dear blessing!

Diva G is 7 years old, loves school, loves soccer, riding her bike, going to the park and much much more :) Shes a big sister too!

She usually wears two-three ponytails with two strand twists and or/braids. Her mom doesn't know how to cornrow yet but she will in due time :p Ive given her tips already and am happily helping  her along the way with her two daughters hair journeys so that she can properly care for her little ones hair :) I'm excited because i love sharing the wealth!

Not to mention Mommy E is a friend of mine :) It works out because Diva R and Diva G are friends too!

More to come in the future about Diva G and her styles.

She has such lovely curls :) Cant wait to feature her naturally flowing long curlees!!!

What do you think? and How long do you think this would this have taken you with LONG super tangle prone hair?

*Days later she is still rocking it!!!* YAY and Whippin her hair like Willow!!!!

Who wants to be featured next Monday???? Email me within!!!

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Kandy said...

Her hair reminds me so much of N, I have to detangle numerous times throughout braiding. N can never wear her hair out and loose, due to her hair tangling within seconds of being free. Braid out and twist outs is the only way her hair can be loose. Diva G may be N's hair twin? btw great job!

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

YES YES YES Kandy! Thats how it is with Diva G too! Thanks for your props :)