Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Way Back Wednesday Style Reflection

Baby Diva R!!!!

So i decided it was time to take it WAY back and this is my all time FAV pic of little baby Diva R!!!! Her outfit size was 0-3 months and i still have that outfit :)

She was not even 2 months old yet :) I could write a novel on this pic!

So as you can see she has had natural curlees from shortly after she was born because when she was born her hair was pencil straight and a few days later it was curlee!!!! YAY and look at her tiny little cute curlees they are so perfect formed and just angelic.

I was always asked if shes Hispanic, I've hear Asian mixed also and i was shocked because i couldn't see either of those mixtures in her :) Shes Half Caucasian American and Half Black American and from birth her Black American features sure were evident *_* This reminds me of a time where i met a fellow parent with a biracial child and her daughter was half Caucasian/Egyptian and black and  i must say WOW people who have Egyptian in them are amazingly exotic and BEAUTIFUL beyond words :) Just a gorgeous combination... Like no other I've ever seen.

AND yes that is baby hair lotion that you see above :/ It was the first ethnic hair product that i had bought and i was just picture purchasing and no one at the beauty supply had any knowledge what so ever and they couldn't speak english well either so needless to say i ended up buying the Kids Hair Lotion with the Pink Cap (don't recall name) but it was pasty and got sticky that's all i remember and it acted as a curl definer/gel until i got tired of the stickiness. It made her curlees pop and had a nice lotiony scent.  I used it hand in hand with water in a spritz bottle. Oh i just cant get over her lovely baby curlees <3

 Diva at 10 months old :) Her hair grew and grew, i have most of it up in a top pony tail that's a little puff but since her head is pointed upward you cant see it very well. This was the stage where her curls were trying to find themselves as i like to joke... Because they were seriously EVERYWHERE! I couldn't do anything with her hair at this point because all elastics pony's and what ever i would put in would unravel or slide right out. Her texture was SILKY and fine as my hair was/is. So because of my countless fails i would just put clippies in it, or let it do what it wanted with minimal product usage to tame her wild curls the best i could :)

This was when her crazy baby fro started forming :) It had its own divalicious attitude lol

I got her first hair cut a few months after this pic and it really started growing then :) I didn't use really any special products at this age because i cut the lotion out of her daily regime when she was 6 months.

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Kandy said...

Aww look at baby R, how sweet! I love seeing the pics of her as a baby it's so adorable!

Precious H said...

Aww cute pics!

TaylorH said...

this is so cute.. i love that little baby pic! my daughter hair was like that too and curled really early :)

Ps. I totally get the spanish looking thing with her ;) lol I can see it. not sure about the asian look tho lol

Anonymous said...

Aww, she is so tiny and adorable!

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

Thank you ladies for your kind words :) She is my little Diva :)