Friday, May 13, 2011

Simple and Quick Side Ponytail with Jazz

Here is a Simple and Quick cutesy girly style that is suitable for younger and older girls :)  Just used our regular products Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo and the Mixed Chicks Leave In followed by some Curls Lavish Moisturizer.

I first made two box braids in the front then I just "slicked" her hair back to the side with my hands and rubber banded, then pony-tailed the hair. 

I made one thick braid and secured it with a rubber band and then finger-coiled the remainder of hair.

I added a super cute bow that a friend of mine made for Diva R... Combed down her baby hairs, added small pony beads and a shell at the end of each box braid. Now these shells are new additions to our collection as of Easter :) We got these from Curly Princess Hair Boutique, and we have never used shells before but i have always wanted to try some and these are the cutest shells i have found! So we were excited to try em out :)

At first glance i was like wow how am i going to put these in her hair!?! But then i got the idea of using them as i did (pictured below) as the ending "bead"...

This was just a WONDERFUL idea if i do say so I just wrapped the hair at the end of the single braid around the shell just like i would a coordinating bead at the end. Then rubber banded it spiraling up as i went... There you have it, i was super proud of these and Amanda from Curly Princess Hair Boutique always has the coolest, unique, cutest, girliest,  different, one of a kind beads and accessories <3 These shells have a shiny pearl sheen to them and we got them in Pearl Multi Color. I just loaded them on the beader and slid them on just like beads would slide on via a beader. I think I'm in <3...

There is nothing much to demonstrate with this style, it is a simple and quick style that can be done in 10 minutes tops and with added accessories ANY pony tail can be transformed :) This is achievable in ALL hair types :)

Diva R's Mommy- Kim


Precious H said...

This is so cute! Loving the beads!

Curly Princess Hair Boutique said...

Love it!!!!!! Thanks for showing the shells. So many people have asked about the shells, now I can send them to your page to see. Its hard to tell someone in words sometimes & R hates the shells & willnt let me put them in her hair.

LoveYourGirlsBiracialCurls said...

No prob Amanda :)My pleasure, ive been asked alot also so i figured id share some pics :)

I have close detailed pics on my FB page of the shells on a beader as well FYI for anyone who would like to see :)

Thank you Precious!